Nylon Cutting & Sealing Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Nylons are very important in preserving foods and other items. The challenge is that you cannot just put the food in nylon if you want to achieve proper attractive packaging. Asides from this, leaving the nylon open means that the food will no longer be fresh.

Nylon cutting and sealing machines are very important in different industries. The question that begs an answer is “how much does a nylon cutting and sealing machine cost in Nigeria?” Read on to find out.

Nylon Cutting and Sealing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Nylon Cutting and Sealing Machines in Nigeria

There are different types of nylon cutting and sealing machines. From electric to manual, automatic to pneumatic, it all depends on which one best suits your purposes. These machines are also grouped according to their sizes. While some of them are 200 mm wide, others can be as wide as 1800 mm.

We have done a lot of background work checking the prices of these machines in Nigeria. After checking both online and offline markets, we have come up with a list of the most popular machines in this category. Our list also contains the prices of each of these machines. Check it out below:

  • 110V Food Home Electric Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine Sealer Vacuum Packer: ₦ 14,000 – ₦18,000
  • Battery Operated Handheld Mini Nylon Sealer/Re-sealer Machine: ₦ 1,500 – ₦ 2,500
  • Compact Portable Food Sealer Automatic Electric Snacks Bag Sealing Machine: ₦ 3,700 – ₦ 4,500
  • Electric Nylon Bag Sealer & Re-sealer Machine: ₦ 2,000 – ₦2,600
  • Electric Nylon Sealing Machine: ₦ 12,000 – ₦15,000
  • Food Nylon Sealer Machine: ₦900 – ₦ 1,000
  • High Quality Nylon Sealer + Cartridge Gas: ₦ 7,800 – ₦8,300
  • Impulse Nylon Sealer: ₦ 6,500 – ₦ 7,500
  • Mini Plastic Bag Sealer: ₦ 1,200 – ₦ 3,600
  • Multifunctional Vacuum Food Sealer Automatic Sealing Packer Packing Machine: ₦ 27,000 – ₦ 30,000
  • Nylon Sealing Machine: ₦ 5,600 – ₦ 8,500
  • Portable Household Anti Air & Water Erosion Electric Vacuum Packing Machine: ₦ 11,000 – ₦ 12,500
  • QASA Nylon Sealer QNS-3200HI: ₦ 9,000 – ₦10,000

Note that these prices may differ slightly when you want to make a purchase. The price difference may be a result of your location or the vendor that you patronize.

Why you should own a Nylon Cutting and Sealing Machine

Nylon cutting and sealing machines perform several functions. For example, if your run a sachet water company, this machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment you should own. It also comes in handy in food processing companies and for domestic use. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a nylon cutting and sealing machine.

Preserves fresh food

This is one of the most important uses of a nylon cutting and sealing machine. The machine helps to cut and seal the nylons used in preserving fresh food. You can then place such packages in the refrigerator or freezer depending on what it is. The packaging helps to keep the food fresh and protect it from contamination and insects.

Business purposes

If you are into the food processing or sachet water business, then a nylon sealing machine is a piece of essential equipment for you. With this machine, you can cut the nylon you will use in packaging your products. After putting the product in the package, you seal them up with the same machine. In the end, the machine is an investment for your business and you’d be making a lot of money from it.

Easy maintenance

Nylon sealing and cutting machines are very easy to maintain. They don’t need any special care when compared to their alternatives. However, we don’t advise that you try to fix it yourself when it develops a fault, except if you are skilled in this area. It is best to find a professional to help you out.

Factors to consider when choosing a Nylon Cutting and Sealing Machine

As we mentioned above, there are several machines in this category on the market. What this means is that choosing before purchase becomes incredibly difficult. We understand this predicament and have come up with a list of factors that you should check before purchase.


This is the most important of all the factors to watch out for. How much does the machine cost? Are you willing and able to spend that amount on a nylon sealing and cutting machine at the moment? Your answers to these questions will determine if you will invest in that machine or move on to another one.


What do you want to use the machine for? If you want to use it for business, what kind of business do you run? Your answers to these questions determine the kind of machine you will purchase. For example, if you need the sealing and cutting machine for home use, there is no need to purchase a large one. A small machine is perfect for your purposes. On the other hand, if you need it for business, then you must find a larger, more efficient machine.

Storage bags

The kind of nylon bags you want to cut and seal also determine the kind of machine to purchase. There are different nylon materials on the market used for different kinds of packaging. Your choice of machine will depend on the kind of nylon you predominantly need to seal. Check to see that the machine you purchase is compatible with the materials you use for packaging.

Features and controls

What kind of features does the machine possess? How is the machine controlled? These two questions tell you whether the machine will suit your purposes or not. The more features the machine possesses, the more expensive and efficient it will be. If you need the machine in your home alone, you don’t need to go for a complex machine.

New or used

Finally, you need to decide on whether you will purchase a new or used nylon cutting and sealing machine. We always advise that you purchase a new machine. The challenge is that they are costlier than used ones. However, you are sure of their history and efficiency. A used machine is less trustworthy and is likely to come with underlying faults.

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