Office Chair Prices in Nigeria (March 2024)

Office chairs are also known as task chairs. These chairs are designed to make you comfortable during work hours regardless of how long you spend sitting. While purchasing one of these chairs might seem like a regular purchase, each of these products has a unique shape.

There are so many products on the market today, so you might find it a little difficult to pick out the best one. We have selected some of the best products on the market and will share them with you in this post. Also, we will show you the prices of these products as well as what to look out for when choosing office chairs.

Office Chair Prices in Nigeria

Office Chair Prices in Nigeria

Office chairs have changed so much over the last few years. These changes depend on the manufacturers, models, customization options, and adjustments. You should have a clear idea of the prices of office chairs before stepping into a store to pick one up. We understand that it might be difficult finding these prices by yourself, so we have gathered them in the list below:

  • 1.6 M Executive 233 Table and Reclining Chair: From N297,800
  • 2 Seater Reception Metal Bench – Black: From N50,800
  • 2-Seater Airport Metal Reception Bench Padded-Black: From N52,750
  • 2-Seater Reception Metal Bench-Grey: From N48,300
  • 2-Seater Reception(Airport) Metal Bench-Wine: From N42,700
  • 3 Seater Reception Bench-Partly Leather Red: From N61,180
  • 3 Seater Reception Bench-Partly Leather: From N74,800
  • 3 Seater Reception Metal Bench – Black: From N190,900
  • 3 Seater Reception Metal Bench – Blue: From N87,800
  • 3 Seater Reception Metal Bench – Wine: From N62,800
  • 3 Seater Reception Metal Bench-Grey: From N46,800
  • AARIA Executive Visitor Chair: From N84,500
  • Affordable Senior Executive Chair-107S: From N40,990
  • Affordable Victory Mesh Swivel Chair – Red: From N24,300
  • Affordable Victory Mesh Swivel Chair –Blue: From N24,300
  • Affordable Victory Mesh Swivel Chair: From N24,300
  • Affordable Visitor Chair -LK107C: From N44,500
  • Alexa Plastic Chair: From N9,711
  • Amber Visitor Chair: From N29,300
  • Atviet Swivel Chair: From N75,302
  • Balt Spine Align Executive Chair-Araam: From N159,800
  • Black Executive Swivel Chair-909A: From N74,800
  • 4 feet Office Desk + 107 swivel chair + 601 visitors chair5: From N111,832
  • Blaze Black & Chrome High Back Executive Office Chair-LK248A: From N52,000
  • Blaze Black Visitor’s Chair-LK248C: From N64,800
  • Breath Ergonomic Mesh & Fabric Chair-R (K9008H): From N83,320
  • Brown Leather Recliner Chair-G5:From N171,925
  • CALIPSO Managers Chair-H-R (EM9003H): From N92,575
  • Celine Plastic Chair: From N12,000
  • Chair With Writing Pad-Black: From N17,750
  • Chairman Office Chair: From N62,300
  • Champion Plastic Table: From N13,880
  • DE-Mighty Plastic Chair: From N6,500
  • Diplomat Office Chair: From N64,800
  • Diva Plastic Chair: From N12,515
  • Durable Senior Executive Chair-107S: From N48,590
  • Durable Victory Mesh Swivel Chair: From N24,300
  • Easy-XL-4L-Visitors Chair – Leather: From N34,800
  • Embrace Low Back Visitors Chair: From 33,800
  • Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – SK108: From N45,885
  • Ergonomic Mesh & Fabric Chair: From N103,330
  • Ergonomic Mesh Swivel Office Chair – Vigor-BP364R: From N28,750
  • Ergonomic Mesh Swivel Office Chair – Vigor-Sk224(EM423): From N24,300
  • Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – SK230-Black: From N54,708
  • Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – SK282: From N66,125
  • Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – SK290-Black: From N51,175
  • Ergonomic Mesh Manager Chair – SK309A: From N83,145
  • Ergonomic Mesh Visitor Chair – Victory-SK279C: From N26,200
  • Ergonomic Mesh Visitor Office Chair – Vigor-BP421: From N19,500
  • Executive Bonded Leather Swivel Chair-Pentagon: From N77,600
  • Executive High Back Office Chair: From N144,800
  • Flexi mesh H Ergonomic Mesh Computer Chair-ORG: From N143,750
  • High Back Executive Office Chair – 9926/9927: From N64,800
  • Black Blaze & Chrome High Back Executive Office Chair: From N64,300
  • High Back Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair: From N72,000
  • Java Medium Executive Visitors Chair: From N91,988
  • M2 Plastic Chair: From N7,525
  • Manager & Secretary Chair ELITE High back: From N54,700
  • Manager & Secretary Chair ELITE-Low-BC02: From N48,300
  • Manager Executive Swivel Chair: From N123,800
  • Mesh Swivel Chair: From N31,000
  • Mikey Plastic Chair: From N11,645
  • Mimi Plastic Chair: From N8,620
  • Money Penny Office Chair: From N48,800
  • NIFTY Mesh Swivel Chair-H-R (EM6019-H): From N73,000
  • Office Chair Swivel-Fabric – S51: From N38,500
  • Office Desk-4ft and 601 Leather Visitors Chair Combo: From N61,700
  • Office Fabric Chair Showbiz-S409:From N41,900
  • Office Fabric Chair-309: From N43,900
  • Breath Ergonomic Mesh & Fabric Chair-R (K9008H): From N83,317
  • Racing Rocker Gaming Chair SK2113: From N50,800
  • Racing Rocker Gaming Chair: From N51,800
  • Black Leather Recliner Chair-FF: From N171,925
  • Recliner Leather Chair: From N144,800
  • Secretary/Receptionist Chair – A14: From N33,000
  • Single Seater Reception Bench – Partly Cushioned: From N46,300
  • Sleeky Visitor Chair- EM114W: From N29,900
  • Soho Mesh Swivel Chair-Blue: From N96,542
  • Soho Visitors Chair –Blue: From N25,070
  • Stainless Steel Bench – Silver: From N72,600
  • Stainless Steel Bench with Leather Cushion-Black: From N79,800
  • Stout Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair – R – EM6061-Black: From N34,385
  • Valfrid Executive Chair: From N179,500
  • Visitor Chair PRSD-BC03: From N36,300
  • Visitor Chair SLEEK-SLK -601: From N23,500
  • Office Desk-4ft and 601 Leather Visitors Chair Combo: From N61,700
  • Visitor Fabric Chair-Em-ED03: From N31,050
  • White Executive Swivel Chair-909A: From N74,900
  • White House Visitors’ Chair: From N50,700
  • Winner GF Visitor Chair – Black-S16: From N14,300
  • Wood With Leather Padded Swivel Chair: From N59,700


Note that the prices of these products change frequently. We will be on the lookout for price changes and update this post when we notice any. Let’s discuss the factors to consider when choosing an office chair.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Office Chair

The market is filled with several kinds of office chairs, so it is difficult to pick one. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing office chairs:


The first thing that you should consider when choosing a task chair is the comfort of the chair. You are likely to be sitting on a chair for long periods. As such, you need a highly comfortable chair. Sit on the chair to check if it is the right height and has the right cushion for you.


No one wants to purchase an office chair today and shell out money for another chair to replace it in a few months. To avoid this situation, you need to pick a durable chair. Check for known brands and read customer reviews before making a purchase.


How much can you afford to spend on an office chair at the moment? Check the cost of the chair to be sure that you have enough to purchase it. Note that the cost of a chair is not directly proportional to its quality.

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