Panasonic Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Panasonic is one of the largest manufacturing companies based in Japan. This company manufactures a variety of electronic household products including washing machines. Washing machines are used to wash clothes domestically and commercially. They help to make the process quicker, faster, and more efficient.

Panasonic has a variety of washing machine products on the market. How much do these products cost? We wrote this post to provide you with the answer to this question. Also, we will be sharing a few secrets about Panasonic washing machines in the latter part of this post.

Panasonic Washing Machine Prices in Nigeria

Prices of Panasonic Washing Machines in Nigeria

There is a wide variety of Panasonic washing machines on the market. From front loaders to top loaders, fully automatic to semi-automatic machines. If you are interested in a premium washing machine, then you should consider getting one from Panasonic.

We did a bit of research to find out the different Panasonic washing machines on the Nigerian market. At the same time, we created a list showing the names of the machines and their current prices. Check the list out below:

  • Panasonic Top Loading Washing Machine NA-F75V7: N166,000 – N185,000
  • Panasonic Top Loading Washing Machine NA-F75S7: N177,000 – N200,000
  • Panasonic 6.5kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, Blue: ₹ 6,425
  • Panasonic 7.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (NA-F72B8CRB, Grey): N98,800 – N110,000
  • Fully Automatic NA-855MC1W01 Panasonic Washing Machine, Grey: N113,700 – N130,000
  • Top Loading Panasonic 6.2 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, Violet: N51,600 – N70,000
  • Panasonic 7 Kg Top-loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine (NA-f70b7hrb, White): N120,800 – N155,000
  • Panasonic 8 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Load White, Grey (NA-w80g4hrb): N78,000 – N92,000
  • 7 Kg Semi-Automatic NA-W70L5ARB Panasonic Washing Machine, White and Blue: N54,900 – N66,000
  • 8 Kg Semi-Automatic NA-W80H2ARB Panasonic Washing Machine, White And Blue: N65,800 – N79,000
  • 7kg Fully Automatic Panasonic NA-F70BH9MRB Washing Machine: N142,800 – N166,000
  • Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRB 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine: N137,300 – N155,000
  • Panasonic NA-F80S8SRB 8 Kg Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine: N148,300 – N188,000
  • Panasonic NA-W10H5HRB 10.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine: N85,180 – N96,000
  • 5 Kg. Fully Automatic PANASONIC WASHING MACHINE, Grey: N93,300 – N105,000
  • Semi-Automatic Top Loading NA-W80H2ARB Panasonic Washing Machine, White: N68,600 – N74,550
  • 14 Kg Panasonic Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Modal NA-W140b, White: N98,900 – N115,000
  • 9 Kg Fully Automatic Panasonic Washing Machine: N126,300 – N146,000
  • 5kg Fully Automatic Panasonic NA-F65L9HRB Washing Machine, Light Grey: N82,400 – N100,000
  • Semi-Automatic Top Loading 14kg Panasonic Washing Machine, Silver: N99,000 – N112,000
  • Fully Automatic Top Loading NA-F62G7FRB Panasonic Washing Machine, 6.2 Kg: N82,500 – N92,500
  • Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine-NA 106MB2l01, Light Grey: N184,100 – N210,000

Please note that there is a possibility that these prices will change when you visit the market to purchase any of these machines. The price change may be a result of the vendor you patronize or your location. It could also be because of the current market factors at the time of purchase. Once we notice any changes in the prices of these products, we will update this article accordingly.

Some key washing technologies of Panasonic Washing Machines

What makes Panasonic washing machines special? The major factor is the kind of washing technologies that the company infuses into its machines. We will look at some of them in this section.

Active foam wash

This technology was born from years of hard work and research. When you start the machine, the drum rotates at maximum speed to dissolve the detergent in the water. After this, the machine directs a concentrated water shower to the loaded laundry. Doing this makes the foam penetrate deep into the garment to pluck any adamant dirt out.

Stain master

Panasonic equips its washing machines with the “Stain Master” technology to deal with stubborn stains. It doesn’t matter if it is soiled collars, oily stains, or ink stains, the machine is capable of handling them. The machine soaks then scrubs using a mix of warm and cold water. A very peculiar feature of this technology is that it makes use of sensors. This way, it can deal with different stains using different approaches.

Gentle hand wash

Certain fabrics require hand wash such as satin, lace, scarf, and lingerie. Panasonic understands this and has equipped its washing machines with the “Gentle Hand Wash” technology. With this technology, you no longer have to wash clothes by hand. Simply switch to the “Gentle Hand Wash Net” and the machine begins to wash the laundry gently.

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