Peugeot 301 Price in Nigeria (2024)

While Peugeot may no longer be the almighty automobile brand they once were in this part of the world, they still maintain their touch of class and stylishness. To date, the brand remains a household name in the world of fantastic and strong automobiles and Peugeot 301 once again confirms that.

Peugeot 301 price in Nigeria

The Peugeot 301 is a compact automobile that has engrossed people’s attention over the years. Apart from the fact that the vehicle boasts a significant body and design, both interior and exterior, its functionality, efficacy, and overall smooth handling make it a great value for money.

Brand new Peugeot 301 price in Nigeria

Although the Peugeot 301 does not rate among the leading compacts in Nigeria, especially in terms of demand rate and market value, it stands among the very best in its category. Since the new generation sedan was introduced into the automobile in 2012, it has notably improved in almost all spheres. Its exceptional features and high-tech gadgets rate it among the top current compact vehicles.

While the Peugeot 301 is not the most expensive vehicle in the market, it is also not the cheapest. Considering the quality of the vehicle, the functionality, and the general operation, you would not have so much to complain about how much it goes for. The latest models of Peugeot 301 can be gotten for anything from N10 million, depending on the trim and place of purchase.

 Prices of Foreign Used (Tokunbo or Belgium) Peugeot 301 in Nigeria

Since most vehicle lovers prefer foreign-used sedans to brand-new versions largely because they are more pocket-friendly, the availability of foreign-used Tokunbo Peugeot 301 has significantly increased. We have computed the prices foreign used versions of the Peugeot 301 go for based on the market today

Foreign used Peugeot 301

  • 2012 – 2014: From N4 million
  • 2018 – 2019: From N5 million

The market for foreign used vehicles has grown in recent times and it is easy to see why. They are easier to get, relatively and significantly cheaper, and yet, with all things being equal, they maintain related functionality and overall operation as brand-new versions. They may not be as shiny, smooth, and spotless as the brand-new versions, but they have as much high productivity.

 Prices of locally used Peugeot 301 in Nigeria

Locally used Peugeot 301 are, like many other Peugeot vehicles, sufficiently available in the automobile market across the country. Although these cars are generally not as popular as vehicles of some other brands like Toyota and Honda, they have fairly appreciable second-hand value.

The list below shows the latest prices of locally used Peugeot 301 in Nigeria.

  • 2012 – 2014: From N1.65 million
  • 2015 –2016: From N3.8 million
  • 2017 –2018: From N3.9 million


As seen above, prices of locally used Peugeot 301 vary. The final price the used vehicle goes for depends on some factors including the model which is determined by the year of production, physical and mechanical condition of the car, fuel mileage, and several other related factors. Some automobile brands have built a strong reputation for manufacturing durable and reliable vehicles; one of which Peugeot rates.

Peugeot 301: Things you should know about the vehicle

The Peugeot 301 is a compact sedan, produced by the French automobile brand Peugeot. It was officially announced in mid-2012, with an official presentation that took place at the Paris Motor Show later in the year. The 301 was built in Spain and has been manufactured in China since November 2013, and in Nigeria since 2014.

The Peugeot 301 features a standard 2,655 mm wheelbase and measures 4, 442 mm in length stretches, 1, 748mm in width and 1, 446mm in height. It also features a kerb weight from 1, 055 to 1, 165 kg. The compact sedan is available in 3 core options for transmission which include a standard 6-speed automatic, 4-speed automatic, and 5-speed manual gearbox. The car is also equipped with a line-up of powertrains which consists of a 1.6 VTi 114 bhp petrol, a 1.2 81bhp pure tech, and a 3-cylinder 1.2L VTi petrol engine. For diesel options available, the vehicle is offered a 1.6 99 bhp blue and a 1.6 91 bhp HDi unit.

The lovely compact vehicle is relatively easy to handle and smooth to maneuver in tight corners. It is equipped with one of the greatest expansion in engine technology from Peugeot who are known for their lead role in automotive technologies. Its 1.2L pure tech engines can run with the performance and power of a 1.6L unit while it significantly offers much lesser fuel efficiency, which is a plus for lovers of Peugeot. This helps to further improve the acceleration, lower gas emissions, and greatly reduce fuel consumption.

The Peugeot 301 boasts safety impressive safety features including Anti-lock brakes, Brake Force Distribution, and Emergency Brake assist. This dynamic safety means that you can effortlessly halt the vehicle in various conditions without any problem. It also makes the sedan easy to drive. There are automatic hazard lights that turn on if you apply the brake very hard. The Peugeot 301 has notably received appreciable awards including the Car-of-the-Year Awards on several occasions. It was assembled in a plant of Peugeot located in the northern part of Nigeria – Kaduna. Also, the sedan comes available in a four-door saloon version which is a front-engine model and is driven by a front-wheel-drive-layout.

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