Prices of Baby Car Seats in Nigeria (June 2024)

One of the most delicate situations parents face is traveling with their babies in a car. Apart from the fact that it is always inconvenient for the mother, the situation is unsafe for the little one, and parents are warned against such; except the baby is safely placed in a baby car seat at the back seat of the car.

The importance of baby car seats cannot be overemphasized, especially for parents who move a lot from one place to the other. Situations will arise where parents will have to transport their little ones in a car, and you wouldn’t expect baby walkers or baby strollers to suffice in these cases. You will want to restrict the movement of your little one in the car as much as possible and, in a very comfortable and easy way. A baby car seat helps with this and even more.

The introduction of baby car seats has helped a lot of Nigerian parents focus more on their driving while their little ones are comfortably sitting at the back of the car. They are rest assured of the comfort and more importantly, safety of the baby. Baby seats are designed to prevent babies from falling off the seat of the car whenever there is a sudden change in speed or direction of the car.

prices of baby car seats in nigeria

Like most other baby products, the importance of a baby car seat is acknowledged in Nigeria and remains one of the most sought-after baby products in recent times. These baby seats come in different sizes, designs, styles, and colours and are regarded as one of the most important baby products today, especially for mobile parents.

Prices of Baby Car Seats in Nigeria

Nigeria has been a large market for baby car seats since their introduction. Different types of baby car seats are available all over the country. They can be gotten in online and contemporary stores. These products can also be gotten directly from manufacturers or local distributors in Nigeria.

Here, we will take a look at the prices of various baby walkers available in the market today.

  • LMV Baby Car Seat: From N64,000
  • Chicco 2-in-1 Belt-positioning booster Baby Car Seat: From N154,000
  • Graco Baby Car Seat: From N60,000
  • Universal Portable Baby Car Seat: From N30,000
  • Universal Baby Car Seat: From N50,000
  • Disney Baby Car Seat: From N85,000
  • Bravo Baby Car Seat: From N85,000
  • Graceland Baby Car Seat: From N55,000
  • Happy Baby Car Seat: From N17,820
  • Evenflo Everykid 4 in 1 Car Seat. 0-10years.: From N255,000


Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Car Seat

Baby Car seats are one of the most delicate baby products to purchase. Choosing safe baby car seats is one of the most important tasks that parents have. There are thousands of baby seats in the market today. They vary in sizes, designs, shapes, and of course quality. The various types available has only made it more difficult for parents to decide on which to pick.

It is important for parents to know the type of baby car seats that suits their need and perfectly fit into their reason for purchase. Here, we will consider some factors to consider before buying a baby car seat.

  • Comfort: As much as you want to keep your baby safe, you also have to consider their comfort. In fact, that should be the first thing you should consider when buying a baby car seat. It is always advisable to go for a baby car seat with plenty of head support to give your little one a better and more comfortable ride.
  • Ease of Installation: There are various baby car seats available with different installation process, hence, different installation difficulties. There are basically two ways you can install the units: using a seatbelt or using the LATCH system. While both ways are effective, most parents find it difficult in the unit using the seat belt. Before buying a seatbelt, always test how fast and easy you can install the seat.
  • Escape Roof: babies become nimble with their fingers at a very young age. If care is not taken, they can escape the car seat and that might be very catastrophic. To protect your little one, go for a baby car seat that has two-piece clip. This will make it difficult for the baby to undo the seat belt.
  • Easy Adjustment: You will need to adjust the harness and headrest as your baby grows. Better baby car seats allow you to easily adjust the straps and harness height from the front. It is always advisable to go for seats with a single-hand belt adjustment with quick-release buckles.
  • Age of the Child: The age of your baby should be another basic factor to consider when buying a baby car seat. If your child is under 6 months old, you should go for a seat with a rear facing restraint. If your child is between 6 moths to 3 years, it is always better to go for a rear facing seat or forward facing restraint.

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