If you’re looking for information on the current cost of building materials in Nigeria, you’re just on the right page. Whether you’re looking to build a private property or you’re a quantity surveyor, construction engineer or another professional who simply wants to keep abreast of current prices of commonly used building materials in Nigeria, we’ve got you covered! The page will also be of immense help to those who are looking to get into the business of building material retail or supply and are conducting some market research.

We have tried our best to ensure that the figures and other details on this page are as accurate as possible. And we do our best to keep the page updated in line with market fluctuations. So, just read on to get all the information you need.

Because the list of building materials available in Nigeria is inexhaustible, we have decided to make things easier for you by posting links specifically to different materials. So, simply scroll through the list below to find the specific building material you need current price updates on, click on the link, and you’d gain access to the details you need.

prices of building materials in nigeria

Current Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria

Cement (50kg) - Dangotebag38003900
Cement (50kg) - Lafargebag36003700
Cement (50kg) - BUAbag36003700
9 inches (ordinary)N/A280300
9 inches (stone dustN/A330350
6 inches (ordinary)N/A250280
6 inches (stone dust)N/A290320
Granite (20 tons)trip180000200000
Sharp sand (20 tons)trip6000070000
Soft sand (20 tons)trip90000100000
Sharp sand filling (20 tons)trip5250060000
Laterite filling (20 tons)trip4800050000
Quarry dust filling (20 tons)trip130000140000
8mm diameterton445000460000
10 - 16mm diameterton440000450000
20 - 25mm diameterton440000450000
8mm diameterton425000440000
10 - 16mm diameterton420000440000
20 - 25mm diameterton420000440000
Binding wireroll1300020000
2 x 6length18002000
2 x 4length9001000
2 x 3length600750
1 x 12length25003500
3 x 4length13001500
2 x 2length500600
2 x 4length800900
2 x 3length450600
1 x 12length17001800
2 x 2length400600
3/4 x 4 x 8 (4mm thick)N/A870010000
1/2 x 4 x 8 (4mm thick)N/A75008000
White plywood boardN/A55005000
Marine plywood (low quality)N/A85009500
Marine plywood (high quality)N/A1550016000
MDF board 2400 x 1200 mmN/A1450016000
HDF board 2400 x 1200 mmN/A1750019000
Flush door - high qualityN/A5750065000
Flush door - low qualityN/A2850035000
Panel door - high qualityN/A7450080000
Panel door - low qualityN/A3750042000
Local steel door (900 x 2100mm)N/A5250057000
Turkish steel door (1500 x 2100mm)N/A201500225000
Chinese security door (1500 x 2100mm)N/A125000135000
Metal gate (locally made)N/A180000250000
Door Ironmongery
100 x 75mm hinges (local)N/A12002000
Mortice lockset (local)N/A71008000
Door closer (local)N/A1800020000
Harvey roof tilessq. mtr80009000
0.7 gauge long span aluminiumsq. mtr56006000
0.55 gauge long span aluminumsq. mtr42004500
Nigerite brick tilessq. mtr82508700
Bituminous roof feltsq. mtr41504300
Aluminum roofing sheetssq. mtrCLICK HERE
Stone coated roofingsq. mtrCLICK HERE
3mm thick 24 x 36pcs1550017000
3mm thick 36 x 36pcs1270014000
5mm thick 24 x 36pcs1970021000
5mm thick 36 x 36pcs2150023500
Water base (dunlop)gallon1050012000
150 x 150 wall tiles (Italian)sq. mtr35004200
150 x 150 wall tiles (China)sq. mtr31003900
250 x 150 wall tiles (Italian)sq. mtr49505500
250 x 150 wall tiles (China)sq.mtr28503500
300 x 300 wall tiles (China)sq. mtr50505500
450 x 450 vitrified tiles (local)sq. mtr57006500
Polished granite floor tiles (local)sq. mtr3530040000
Royal Palato marble tiles (local)sq. mtr1550017000
Quarry floor tiles (local)sq. mtr47505500
UPVC ceiling stripsbundle1500016500
POP preformed ceiling boardN/A62007500
POP cast in placesq. mtr1350015000
ORAC POP cornicesN/A1240014000
Accoustic suspended ceilingpkt80009500
Wall angle/hangerN/A750900
Wall screedsq. mtr11001500
Colored emulsion (Eagle)drum1175013500
Colored emulsion (Portland)drum2650030000
Colored emulsion (Berger)drum2800033500
Colored emulsion (Dulux)drum2900032000
White emulsion (Eagle)drum1130012000
White emuslion (Dulux)drum3490045500
Matt Paintdrum4800050000
Colored gloss oil paint low quality (Dulux)gal1130013000
Colored gloss oil paint high quality (Dulux)gal1260013500
Wood Finish
High quality (Eagle)gal950010500
White roller texture coating (Eagle)drum1340014500
Tyford complete WC setN/A4000047000
Armitage Shanks close couple WCN/A68500

Complete standing shower setN/A3000035000
Wash hand basin (small with 2 taps)N/A1520017000
Wash hand basin (big with 2 taps)N/A1900021500
Toilet roll holderN/A52006000
Vanity worktopN/A110000120000
Bath tub with 1 tapN/A4750052000
Bath tub with 2 tapsN/A5500060000
Bath tub with telephone showerN/A6590071000
Ariston water heater (small)N/A3500039000
Ariston water heater (big)N/A4800055000
150mm diameter UPVC pipe (3m)N/A75005000
100mm diameter UPVC pipeN/A55002700
75mm diameter UPVC pipeN/A42001800
50mm diameter UPVC pipeN/A27001400
100mm diameter tigre bendN/A550700
100mm diameter tigre 45 degree bendN/A550700
100mm diameter tigre teeN/A850900
75mm diameter tigre bendN/A500650
75mm diameter tigre teeN/A500700
75mm diameter tigre socketN/A420600
50mm diameter tigre bendN/A220350
50mm diameter tigre teeN/A300500
50mm diameter tigre socketN/A250400
32mm diameter tigre elbowN/A320400
32mm diameter tigre teeN/A320400
32mm diameter copper pipelength150008000
32mm diameter copper teeN/A1000900
32mm diameter copper elbowN/A600700
Automatic switchN/A85009500
100mm diameter fulbora drainN/A55005000
1hp pumping machineN/A1750019000
25mm diameter non-return valveN/A16501800
1000L surface GeePee tankN/A3750045000
1200L surface GeePee tankN/A4500050000
1500L surface GeePee tankN/A5500060000
2000L surface GeePee tankN/A7000080000
5000L surface GeePee tankN/A11000125000
6mm single core cable (G,R,Y)coil/1003000036500
4mm single core cable (G,R,Y)coil/1002500030000
2.5mm single core cable (G,R,Y)coil/1001500019500
1.5mm single core cable (G,R,Y)coil/1001050013000
1 gang 1-way switchN/A8001000
1 gang 2-way switchN/A21003000
2 gang 2 way switchN/A35003950
3 gang 1 way switchN/A37004350
5A socketN/A11001400
13A socketN/A15002050
DP switchN/A45005500
Chandelier light fittingsN/A3500039000
Bulk-headed light fittingsN/A45006000
4 x 18W light fittingsN/A950012000
1 x 36W energy saving lights (high grade)N/A1700019500
1 x 36W energy saving lights (ordinary)N/A60008000
20mm PVC dignity pipebundle1100013000
25mm PVC dignity pipebundle1200017000
6 x 6 cooker unitN/A65008000
Distribution board (D12)N/A5500065000
100A TP & N switchN/A3500040000
100A changeover switchN/A6700075000
16mm x 4 armoured cablemtr37005000
50mm x 4 armoured cablemtr78008500
60mm thick paving stone (grey)sq. mtr40004500
60mm thick paving stone (white)sq. mtr48005300
80mm thick paving stone (grey)sq. mtr49005500
80mm thick paving stone (white)sq. mtr54005900
500mm long precast concrete road kerbsN/A18002500

LAST UPDATED: July 12, 2021, with prices obtainable in Lagos, Nigeria.

Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria

The building material markets are among the biggest markets in Nigeria. In fact, structures are being erected every day. Personal houses, malls, churches, halls, mosques, office buildings, and other building projects are being embarked on every moment. The building materials market is a big one and it remains among the most patronized.

With various building materials available in the market, we take a detailed look at most of the most indispensable materials required for a building project and how much they cost in the current market.

It should be noted that the list above contains products that are manufactured both in Nigeria and outside the country. These materials are readily available all over the country. The variation in prices of these materials is as a result of certain factors which include currency exchange rate for materials that are imported, place and period of purchase, brand and other related factors.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Building Materials in Nigeria

It’s worth noting that prices of building materials vary based on a number of factors, which we’ll be looking at right away.

Product quality

It goes without saying that a high quality building material would be more expensive than a low quality one. Sometimes, the price difference could be as high as multiples of 3 or even more. And sadly, here in Nigeria, many low-quality products are widely sold because most Nigerians care less about quality. Rather, they play the cost-cutting card and choose products that cost the least prices.

The most important thing to note, however, is that high quality products provide long term value and peace of mind. And they can even be more cost effective in the long haul. Imagine that you have to make a choice between a US-made kitchen sink that costs N45,000 (for example) and a China-made model that looks almost like it and has the same features but costs N15,000. If you go for the cheaper option, you might have spent more than N50,000 on subsequent repair and replacement over the next 15 years, while the high-quality option keeps serving you for decades without any need for repair.


Some brands command higher prices than others, not necessarily because their products are all that better than others, but because they have established a reputation for quality over the years. That’s why you’d see Nigerians opting for Elephant Cement rather than a cheaper brand. It’s not always about popularity; sometimes it just because the brand has been widely perceived as being synonymous with high quality.


This is one factor that beats the imagination of many Nigerians, but interestingly, there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it. From the earliest days of this country, products generally sell at higher prices in some locations than in others. For example, a 9-inch building block can go for N120 per piece in places like Ekiti and Yola, yet the same product would sell for as much as N180 or even N200 per piece in places like Lagos and Abuja.

This explains why some consumers in these high-cost locations prefer to purchase certain building materials from neighboring states, where these products sell for much cheaper.

The current cost of building materials in Nigeria