Prices of Ceiling Fans in Nigeria (June 2024)

When it comes to cooling the temperature in a room, a ceiling fan is arguably one of the most economical ways of going about it. Ceiling fans have widely gained popularity over the past two to three decades. This type of fan started as a cost-effective alternative to air conditioning to cool living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and other similar environments and has now grown into a must-have device in any building. The flexibility and relative dynamism ceiling fans bring have made them indispensable to the current markets.

Although this type of fan has very strong competition in standing fans, they still have their heavy market as lots of people prefer ceiling fans to standing fans. Apart from the stress of mounting and installing these types of fans, ceiling fans are relatively easy to use. Also, unlike standing fans, ceiling fans don’t consume much space. You rarely notice them because they are hung on the ceiling.

ceiling fan prices in nigeria

Ceiling fans come in different forms, sizes, designs, and brands and are mainly powered by electricity although the latest technologies have introduced ceiling fans that can be powered by alternative power sources like solar and batteries. The ceiling fan manufacturing industry has grown to provide exactly what customers need in terms of convenience, dynamism, and overall efficiency.

Nigerians appreciate convenience; this is one reason ceiling fans will not go out of stock any time soon. In fact, to date, ceiling fans remain among the most sought-after fans in the country. Almost every building boasts one in each of the rooms. Although they are rarely installed in a standard office these days, they remain a core part of a house. And the greatest part is that they are among the most affordable fans in the market.

How much do ceiling fans go for in the current market? This post takes a look at this and answers the question.

Prices of Ceiling Fans in Nigeria

The market for ceiling fans has always been on the rise over the past decades. This is largely due to the rate at which buildings are being erected daily in the country. This type of fan, due to convenience and the fact that they don’t consume so much space in homes, remains at the top of the chain in the fan industry.

Ceiling fans come in different sizes, types, and designs. They can be purchased directly from manufacturers or distributors across the country. For convenience, they can also be gotten in contemporary stores or via e-commerce. Let us take a look at the prices of some popular brands in 2018.

QASA Ceiling Fan Prices in Nigeria

  • Qasa Short Blade Ceiling Fan -24″:From N16, 000
  • Qasa Short Blade Ceiling Fan -36″:From N28, 000
  • 36 Inches Ceiling Fan: From N25,000
  • Qasa SOLAR 56 Inches AC/DC Ceiling Fan+Remote: From N28,750
  • Qasa 60” Ceiling Fan QCF-60 Inches: From N35,000
  • 62 inches ceiling fan: From N40,000

OX Ceiling Fan Prices in Nigeria

  • Ox 25″ Short Blade Imperial Ceiling Fan: From N20,000
  • Imperial 56 inches ceiling fan: From N30,000
  • 60 inches ceiling fan: From N35,000
  • 62 inches ceiling fan: From N37,000

ORL Ceiling Fan  Prices in Nigeria

  • 24 inches ceiling fan: From N18,600
  • 56 inches ceiling fan: From N25,000
  • 60 inches ceiling fan: From N37,000
  • 62 inches ceiling fan: From N49,900

Century Ceiling Fan Prices in Nigeria

  • Century 16″ Orbit Ceiling Fan With Wall Control: From N24,000
  • Century 24 Inches Short Blades Ceiling Fan HIGH SPEED: From N13,900
  • Century Ceiling Fan – Brown 60A: From N25,000
  • Century 56″ Ceiling Fan (brown): From N24,000
  • Century 60″ Ceiling Fan (brown): From N32,000

Panasonic Ceiling Fan Prices in Nigeria

  • 56 inches ceiling fan: From N70,500
  • 60 inches ceiling fan: From N75, 000
  • Panasonic Ceiling Fan (F-56xz2)-56inch 140cm 3 in a Carton: From N90, 000

Sonic Ceiling Fan Prices in Nigeria

  • Sonik Short Blade 24″ Ceiling Fan: From N14,500
  • Sonik Ceiling Fan Scf 112 – 1400MM – 56 Inches Blade: From N24,000
  • Sonik Ceiling Fan Scf 112 – 1400MM – 60 Inches Blade: From N28,000


It should be noted that the variation in prices is a result of certain factors which include currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase, and other similar factors. The number of inches is also factors that affect the prices. Generally, the higher the inches, the higher the prices.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are available in different types and the variety of brands available today only makes it difficult to go to the market and pick a random one. If you are considering getting a ceiling fan soon or anytime in the future, you must consider some important factors. These help you streamline your options and eventually pick the right one for you.  Some of these factors are stated below.

  • Consider the size of the fan: Ceiling fans are available in different sizes and the first thing to consider when buying a fan is the size. What determines this is the size of the room you are installing the ceiling fan. The bigger the room, the higher the inches you should go for.
  • Noise: Noise is one thing you want to avoid when it comes to fan operation. Consider ceiling fans that don’t make so much noise when in use.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Consider your budget
  • Consider the motor type
  • Consider the brand

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