Prices of Water Bed in Nigeria (2024)

The importance of a sound sleep cannot be underestimated. Apart from the fact that your muscles feel more relaxed, you wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to go. However, sleeping becomes difficult on the wrong kind of mattress. People varying taste of different kinds of mattresses available today has only made it more difficult to pinpoint the exact favorite choice of mattress. A general choice though, is the water bed.

A water bed is simply a bed filled with water. Water beds are mostly used for therapeutic purposes and are recommended for general muscle relaxation. This kind of mattress gives you a sense of comfortable and upgrades your sleeping experience.

Prices of Water Bed in Nigeria

Water mattresses are available in two types: The hard side and the soft sided water beds. A hard sided water bed has wooden frames to support its sides just like a traditional bed while a soft sided bed has flossy fibers with no wooden frames. Other types of water beds include the free flow water bed, semi wave water bed and the waveless water bed.

Prices of water beds in Nigeria

Although water beds are not the most sought after kind of mattresses in Nigeria, they are beginning to create their own market. They are available in different types, sizes, designs and shapes. Here, we will take a look at the prices of the various waterbeds available in Nigeria.

  • Bed sore medical water mattress: This is one of the most easily usable water beds available in the market. The mattress is supported by the water and given the less weight status, it relives pressure. Price : From N60,000
  • Water Mattress for Water Cancer: This is an ideal design for a stroke patient, spinal cord injury and other bed ridden conditions. It has an overall length of 68″, Width is 32″ and height is 4″. It is excellent for people who want to have the convenience and comfort of a water mattress. Price: From N120,000

Other water beds available include

  • Hospital water bed mattress (Nature mattress) Price:  N60,000
  • European water bed for swimming pool. Price: From N30,000


Most air mattresses are not manufactured in Nigeria. The variation in prices is largely due to changes in currency exchange rate, tariff clearance rate, the place of purchase and the year of manufacture of the mattress.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Mattress

Water mattresses are delicate to buy. Although there are limited options available in the market, it is still very essential to pick the right one. The most expensive ones might not necessarily be the perfect one. When you are buying a water mattress, it is important to consider some basic factors. These factors help you streamline your options the more and pick the best mattress for you. Some of these factors include:

  • Talk to people who own waterbeds: You can talk to people who you know have used or are using waterbeds. if you can’t get that, you can also find reviews and ask question online. You can also visit waterbed stores around you to get better knowledge of the mattress.
  • Select your ideal level of firmness: this is the most essential aspect of choosing a water bed, Finding the right level of movement. The wave effects set the waterbed apart from a normal traditional bed. Determine the number of fiber layers, remember the more the layers the more the support. In determining the level of firmness, you should also try both hard and soft sided waterbeds.
  • Set enough space for your waterbed: You can do this by measuring your room and bed frame. Make sure there is enough space for your bed.
  • Durability: Upon getting to a Water bed outlet, check for the durability of anyone you want to buy. How long can it last? Within which year to which year can it last? Will it last for 10 years or more, or even less? You should check out for all these
  • Reinforced Corners: Most manufactures use layers of reinforcing at the four corners because the corners get pulled every time you change linens.
  • Try your bed out with your partner: Make sure you try your new bed together with your partner, since you both will sleep on it, you both need to be comfortable with the amount of support.

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