School Fees of Private Universities in Nigeria (2024)

Gone are the days when people see students of private universities as inferior and on low academic class compared to students of Federal or state universities. Private universities in Nigeria have not only stepped up their games academically, they are gradually taking over from even the best Federal universities. It is no luck; the hard work these private institutions have put into their development is evident in every way; from the calibre of teaching and non-teaching staff they recruit to the general level and style of teaching and training their students, you can only but admire these schools.

Although there are still few of these schools living at the shadows of expected level of academic and overall standard of academics, most of the modern day universities in this category have earned praise from all over the world, and deservedly so. These schools have been structured to function in a way as to enhance students’ academic performances with standard training equipment and top notch learning environment.

Unlike Federal and State Universities, one can be rest assured of a smooth running of academic calendar without fear of internal or general strike. This has been a core factor in the development of Private Universities. Few decades back, Private Universities were not regarded as top Universities and most of the students were seen as opportunist, it was either they were not “good enough for Federal Universities” or they were just too rich to waste their time. Those times, no Private universities were among the top 30 Higher Institutions in Nigeria. These believes and mind sets have been quenched though with at least two Private Universities featuring in the top 10 universities in Nigeria according to the lasts list released by the NUC. Private Universities are no a dream for most Nigerian students, although the fees are still a constant issue they have to deal with.

No doubt, the most controversial issue as regards Private Universities till date is the amount students pay as tuition fees and registration. While some will argue that these fees are worth it based on the level of education and general life in and around the universities, some till believe the fees are outrageous and should be reduced. Irrespective of diverse opinions though, Private Universities are on the rise and could in little or no time, erase the memories of Federal and state universities in Nigeria.

school fees of private universities in nigeria

List Of Private Universities In Nigeria and their tuition fees

Below is a list that contains some of the top Private Universities in Nigeria and their school fees:

Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (School Fees)

Check below for the school fees for different courses at this prestigious Nigerian private university:


  • Tuition: N1,000,000
  • Some additional fees make the school fees rise to: N1,500,000

Medicine and Surgery

  • Tuition: N1,250,000
  • Some additional fees make the school fees rise to: N1,753,000


  • Tuition: N1,250,000
  • Some additional fees make the school fees rise to: N1,752,750

Health Sciences and Agriculture

  • Tuition: N902,750

Benson Idahosa, Benin City (School fees)

While we may not be able to provide you with a detailed list showing the different courses and their school fees at this university, we have provided the current tuition fees. Kindly note that there may be additional fees. To find out, visit the university’s official website or student portal.

  • Tuition fees: N500,000

Covenant University, Ota (School fees)

Below is the average tuition fees for students of Covenant University. There are some other fees that are dependent on the course of study and level.

  • Tuition fees: N432,000

Caleb University, Lagos (School fees)

Here’s how much you are likely to pay as school fees at Caleb University:

  • Tuition fees: N505,000

Crescent University Abeokuta, Ogun State (School fees)

Below is the average tuition fee at Crescent University Abeokuta:

  • Tuition fees: N480,000

Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji (School fees)

Here’s how much you are likely to pay as school fees at JABU:

  • Tuition fees: N506,000

Lead City University, Ibadan (School fees)

This is the current tuition fees at Lead City University:

  • Tuition fees: N550,500

Other Private Universities in Nigeria and their School Fees include:

Novena University Delta State (School fees)

  • Tuition fees: N400,000

Obong University Nigeria, Obong Ntak (School fees)

  • Tuition fees: N190,000

Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu – Osun state (School fees)

  • Tuition fees: N164,000 Naira

Rhema University (School fees)

  • Tuition fees: N350,000

Veritas university, Abuja (School fees)

  • Tuition fees: N450,000

Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo (School fees)

The tuition fees along with other charges at Ajayi Crowther University are listed below:

  • Acceptance: N50,000
  • Faculty of Humanities: N500,000
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences: N507,000
  • Faculty of Social and Management sciences: N492,000

Igbinedion University, Okada (School fees)

The tuition fees at Igbinedion University generally range from N540,000 to N3 million. Kindly note that students at this institution are to be responsible for their feeding. Here is a list of fees at this university:

  • Medicine: N3million
  • Pharmacy: N610,000
  • Law: N610,000
  • Engineering: N610,000
  • Accommodation: N100,000
  • Other charges: N110,000

Crawford University, Igbesa (School fees)

The school fees at this institution are between N480,000 and N600,000.

Redeemer’s University (School fees)

Here is a breakdown of the school fees at the Redeemer’s University by department:

  • Humanities – N553,000
  • Law – N813,000
  • Management Sciences – N595,000
  • Natural Science – N593,000,

Note that this institution does not provide feeding. However, students have access to accommodation facilities.

Caritas University, Amorji-Nike, Enugu State (School fees)

Below is a breakdown of the school fees at Caritas University Enugu:

Management and Social Sciences

  • 1st Year – N248,000.
  • 2nd Year – N398,000.
  • 3rd Year – N398,000.
  • 4th Year – N398,000.

Faculty of Engineering

All Engineering courses offered.

  • 1 Year – N298,000 (annually)
  • 2 Year – N450,000
  • 3 Year – N450,000
  • 4 Year – N450,000
  • 5 Year – N450,000

Department of Natural Sciences

  • 1st Year – N248,000
  • 2nd Year – N398,000
  • 3rd Year – N398,000
  • 4th Year – N398,000

Environmental Studies

  • 1st Year – N248,000
  • 2nd Year – N398,000
  • 3rd Year – N398,000
  • 4th Year – N398,000

Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin (School fees)

  • Tuition fees: N487,000

Paul University, Awka (School fees)

  • Tuition fees: N300, 000

Wellspring University, Benin, Edo state (School fees)

  • Tuition fees: N213,750

McPherson University, Abeokuta (School fees)

  • Tuition fees: N491, 000

Fountain University, Osogbo (School fees)

  • Tuition fees: N341, 500

Achievers University, Owo School Fees

Here is a breakdown of the school fees at Achievers University, Owo:

Medical Lab science and Nursing Science

  • 100 – 200 level: N500,000
  • 300 – 400 level: N550,000
  • 500 level: N650,000

Natural and Applied Sciences

  • 100 – 200 level: N400,000
  • 300 – 400 level: N500,000

Social and Management Sciences

  • 100 – 200 level: N400,000
  • 300 – 400 level: N500,000

College of Law (New)

  • 100 Level: N700, 000

Other fees at Achievers University include:

  • Registration fee per session: N10,000
  • Accommodation per session: N45,000 – N80,000 (The cost depends on the number of bed spaces per room)
  • Development Levy per session: N20,000
  • Vocational Training fee per session (100L and 200L): N20,000

American University of Nigeria, Yola School Fees

The school fees at the American University of Nigeria is between N1,590,000 and N3,000,000 per session when you convert the fees to Nigerian currency. This is because the fees are usually paid in dollars.


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