Short Nursing Courses in Nigeria & Prices (June 2024)

Nursing is one of the most important fields of study and work these days. In many countries today, there is a huge scarcity of nurses. This is why many people are switching to nursing so that they can migrate to other countries where their services are needed.

One way to become a nurse or improve your skill in the nursing profession is to take short nursing courses. These courses are designed to help nurses gather more knowledge in their niche or spread their tentacles into other niches. Through a short nursing course, you can learn a new nursing skill or pursue existing interests in your field. Overall, taking a short nursing course will help you make significant advancements in your career.

This brings us to the question, “what are the best short nursing courses in Nigeria?” In this post, we will discuss a few of these courses, their prices, and what you should expect from enrolling in any of them. Let’s dive straight in.

Short Nursing Courses in Nigeria & Prices

Short Nursing Courses in Nigeria & Prices

Nursing is a very important career. Nurses vary in their specialization, but they work with doctors, and other health practitioners to provide healthcare to patients and the rest of the community. That being said, what short courses are available for nurses in Nigeria? Of course, there are so many short nursing courses in Nigeria. We cannot mention all of them in this post, but we will share some details about a few of them with you below:

Nursing Management and Leadership Course

Training cost: N4,500

Course duration: 7 hours

Course mode: Online

During this course, you will be introduced to the basic knowledge of nursing management and leadership. It will also show you the general features of leadership as well as practical applications of different leadership theories in nursing management. The course will help you to make better leadership decisions as a nurse that you can apply in your work.

One of the interesting things about this course is that it is constantly updated. As such, after taking this course, you are assured that you have the latest information regarding nursing management and leadership in the world. This course will explain nursing management in clear detail using different schools of thought as examples to help you understand better.

By the time you are done with this course, you should know everything there is to know about nursing management and leadership.

Who should take this course?

  • Any person that seeks knowledge about nursing management and leadership.

This course is quite comprehensive and is spread over thirteen lectures with an additional thirteen lectures for advanced learning. In all, you will have access to twenty-six lectures before taking a test to review all that you have learned. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of participation.

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Complete Guide to Nursing School for Pre-Nursing Students

Training cost: N14,900

Course duration: 1 hour 17 minutes

Course mode: Online

Are you thinking about becoming a nurse? Then this course is perfect for you. It prepares you for nursing school and the nursing profession in general. It is not a secret that getting into nursing is quite daunting and it takes a lot to be accepted into nursing school. This course teaches you all that you need to know about getting into nursing school and building a nursing career.

Here are a few things this course is not:

  • It does not guarantee entrance into nursing school.
  • It does not guarantee that you will do well in your clinical.
  • It does not guarantee that you will succeed in the board exam.
  • It is not a course that you should watch just once if you want to be successful.

What do you expect to learn from this course? Here are a few pointers:

  • The steps you should follow to become a nurse.
  • What clinical are and how to avoid failing them.
  • The best way to study and excel in nursing school.
  • Soft skills that you need for time management, organization, and effective communication as a nurse.
  • How to avoid burnout while getting motivated and inspired in nursing school.
  • What nursing school is like in terms of labs, lectures, exams, and simulations.
  • Tips to help you stand out as a nursing applicant.
  • How to manage anxiety and stress in pre-nursing, while in nursing school, and after your studies.
  • How to meet deadlines and set personal goals during your studies.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone with a curiosity about becoming a nurse.
  • Those interested in switching to nursing from their current careers.
  • Pre-nursing students.

Check the course content below:

  • Course Introduction
    • Course introduction and preview
    • Getting the most out of this course
  • Choosing a nursing career
    • What Kind of Person is a Nurse? (Ch1)
    • Chapter 1 Quiz
    • What a Nursing Job is Like / Fear of Blood (Ch2)
    • Chapter 2 Quiz
    • Preview
    • Age / Career Change (Ch4)
    • Pay / Patient Ratios (Ch5)
    • Chapter 3-5 Quiz
    • Choosing Nursing – Section Assignment
  • All about nursing school
    • Choosing a Nursing School Made Easy (Ch6)
    • Cost / Financial Aid / Free Programs to Save Money (Ch7)
    • Applying / Nursing School Application Success (Ch8)
    • Chapter 6-8 Quiz
    • Overcoming Rejection and Failure / Best Pre-Nursing Jobs (Ch9)
    • School-Life Balance / Self-care / Avoiding Burnout (Ch10)
    • Chapter 9-10 Quiz
    • Nursing School – Section Assignment
  • Nursing program requirements
    • BLS/CPR (Ch11)
    • Vaccination Requirements (Ch12)
    • Nursing School Syllabus / Components (Ch13)
    • Chapter 11-13 Quiz
    • Textbooks and Supplies / How to Save on Them (Ch15)
    • Minimum Grade Requirements / Medication Calculation Test (Ch16)
    • Chapter 14-16 Quiz
    • Program Requirements – Section Assignment
  • NCLEX (Nursing Board Exam)
    • About the NCLEX (Ch17)
    • Studying for the NCLEX / Tips to Prepare and Be Successful (Ch18)
    • Chapter 17-18 Quiz
  • Next Steps
  • Bonus Content
    • Listening Better as a Nurse (Ch20)
    • Listening Quiz
    • Managing Stress / Breathing Technique (Ch22)
    • Better Time Management as a Nurse (Ch23)
    • Bonus Chapter 21-23 Quiz
    • Getting and Staying Organized (Ch24)
    • Setting Good Goals / SMART Goals (Ch25)
    • Writing Better – Essays, Personal Statement, Documentation (Ch26)
    • Bonus Chapter 24-26 Quiz
    • Resume/CV Tips to Stand Out and Save Time (Ch27)
    • Studying Tips / Alternate Methods (Ch28)
    • Dealing with Test Anxiety (Ch29)
    • Bonus Chapter 27-29 Quiz
  • Nursing Motivation and Inspiration (Bonus)
    • Finding a Nursing Role Model or Mentor (Ch30)
    • Getting Motivated and Inspired about Nursing (Ch31)
    • Final Assignment *Highly Encouraged that you Complete*
  • Supplemental Materials (PDFs)

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