Sony Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria (March 2024)

Any product that carries the name “Sony” is bound to be top-quality. Sony has established itself as a force to reckon with in whichever industry they dive into. They have made their mark in the electron and gadget market and have built trust in the hearts of many. Hence, the quality that accompanies their Video cameras wouldn’t come as a surprise. They are rated among the high-flying brands in the video camera industry and are among the most sought-after in the market today.

Sony Video Cameras Prices in Nigeria

Here, we will take a look at the various video cameras available in Nigeria today and how much they go for in the current market.

Sony Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria Revealed

Sony video cameras are available in different models, and they vary in size, specs, designs, and features. The prices these cameras go for depend on the quality of their overall output, the quality of the images, and other similar factors. Here are the prices of the types and models of Sony video cameras available in the Nigerian market today.

  • Sony FDR-AX43 UHD 4K Handycam Camcorder– From N850,000
  • Sony FDR-AX53 4K Ultra HD Handycam Camcorder –From N999,000
  • Sony FDR-AX700 4K Camcorder– From N1.39 million
  • Sony HDRPJ410/BE HD Handycam – From N399,000
  • Sony HXR-MC88 Compact Full HD Camcorder – From N1.39 million
  • Sony HXR-NX200 4K Professional PAL Camcorder – From N3.59 million
  • Sony PXW-Z190 XDCAM Camcorder – From N3.99 million
  • Sony PXW-Z280 Compact 4K XDCAM Camcorder – From N5,300,000
  • Sony PXW-Z90 4K HDR XDCAM – From N3,500,000
  • Sony Hdr-pj380e Hd Handycam Camcorder – From N400,000
  • Sony NEX-VG20 Interchangeable Lens HD Handycam Camcorder – From N670,000
  • Sony PXW-Z190 4K 3-CMOS 1/3″ Sensor XDCAM Camcorder – From N5 million


The prices above are largely reliable as they were gathered from various sources in the current market at the time of the post. However, due to the inconsistency in the prices of gadgets in recent times, it is essential for potential buyers to confirm the prices before buying as there could be a change in the prices. We wouldn’t expect any change in prices to be very significant though.

Sony video cameras are available for purchase directly from the manufacturer or local distributors across the country. For ease, they can also be bought from popular online stores and electronic gadget stores. Please note that the variation in prices is as a result of certain factors including the place and time of purchase. In most cases, Sony products are cheaper when purchased directly from brand distributors and tend to be more expensive during festive periods.

Things You Will Like About Sony Video Cameras

  • Top-Notch Video and Quality: If there is one thing Sony has proven over and over again, it is the video camera’s outstanding image output. It is one reason they are firmly rated among the very best in the market. Although not all video cameras boast the same quality, they all excel in their various categories. You can sure expect absolute value for the money you are spending on the video cameras. This means you should expect maximum value for your money, regardless of the type you are going for. It is however important to understand that the various types vary in quality level.
  • Easy to Use: Generally, video cameras are relatively easy to operate. If you are used to using one, you wouldn’t need to spend hours reading the manual before you can use it. Sony video cameras are even way easier to use. They are designed in a way that the gadget would be easy to carry and use conveniently. They also have tabs that can easily be accessed and used.
  • Durability: If durability is one factor you strongly consider when purchasing a video camera, then you are safe with Sony. This means you can be sure you can use the video camera, regardless of the model you are buying, for so many years without having any issues, provided they are maintained properly.

 Things You May Not Like About Sony Video Cameras

Not putting it lightly, Sony products are generally expensive, especially when compared with other brands. Hence, it wouldn’t come as a surprise for one to see this as part of what you might not totally like about Sony video cameras, especially when you compare it with other video camera brands in the market. While they may not be the most expensive in the market, they are also not the cheapest, although you are most likely to get value for your money.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Video Camera

With various types of video cameras available in the market today, it has become increasingly difficult to pick a specific type or model, especially if you don’t know what you want. To limit your options, you need to consider the resolution you are looking for. There are two main levels of HD resolution – the standard HD 720p and the full HD 1080p. You need to be sure of the type you want. If you are looking to use the video camera for commercial purposes and you want a very great view, then you should go for the 1080p Full HD. If you are getting the camera for home and personal use, you can settle for the standard HD.

You should also consider the image stabilization of the video camera. Image stabilization usually helps reduce the tendency of the video to go blurry. Consider other features including the automatic adjustment features, the ease of use, etc.

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