Swift Unlimited Data Plans, Prices & Codes (June 2024)

The internet is the new oil as there is almost nothing that you cannot find and do on the internet. To access the internet, you need to connect to a wireless network or do it via a mobile device. What if you have access to both with unlimited data for a specific period? That’s the ultimate dream, especially for heavy data users.

The good news is that there are networks in Nigeria that offer unlimited data services for specific periods. One such network is Swift Nigeria. This company has been on the market for a while and has an array of data plans that its customers can enjoy. Of course, most of these plans have a fair usage policy so technically, they aren’t exactly unlimited. However, they are worth the price when you think of how much data you will enjoy.

Swift Unlimited Data Plans, Prices, and Codes

Swift Unlimited Data Plans, Prices & Codes

Swift Networks is a limited liability company that got its license to operate in Nigeria as far back as 2002. This company is known for its very fast data services as well as costly data plans. Recently, Swift reviewed its data plans and has come up with some amazing packages. Today, you have different categories of Swift data plans including Unlimited Data Plans. This section will show you the different data plans, prices, and their validity periods.

Swift Regular Data Plans

NameData CapsPriceValidity
SWIFT Unlimited WeeklyUnlimited (24 hours)NGN7,1507 days
SWIFT Unlimited SupremeUnlimited (24 hours)NGN27,50030 days

From the table above, you will realize that there are just two unlimited data plans from Swift. The first is the Unlimited Weekly which costs just N7,150 and is valid for just 7 days. Swift Unlimited Supreme is the second plan and it costs N27,500 with a validity period of 30 days. Note that both unlimited data plans don’t have any fair usage policy. As such, they are actually unlimited unlike what you have with the unlimited data plans from most of the mobile networks in Nigeria.

Swift Weekend Unlimited Data Plans

Swift Essential Weekend37GB (24hours with Free and Unlimited Browsing EVERY SUNDAY)NGN9,21030 days
Swift Club Weekend55GB (24hours with Free and Unlimited Browsing EVERY SATURDAY and SUNDAY)NGN13,30030 days

If you like to browse on weekends and consume more data during this period, then the plans above will suit you. They are the Weekend Unlimited Data Plans from Swift. Unlike the weekly and monthly plans, these data plans have a cap. Swift Essential Weekend costs N9,210 and gives you 37 GB of data to browse between Friday evening and Monday morning. This plan has a validity period of 30 days.

The second-weekend unlimited data plan from Swift is the Swift Club Weekend plan. It gives you access to 55 GB of data at N13,300 and allows you to browse within the same period. You can enjoy this plan for 30 days, just like the Essential Weekend plan. Note that for both plans, you enjoy free, unlimited browsing on Sundays. This is why Sundays are regarded as “cheat days” on Swift.

Swift WTTX Data Plans

Wttx Unlimited_5MbpsUnlimited (24hours)NGN720.021 day
Wttx Unlimited_6MbpsUnlimited (24hours)NGN25,60030 days
Wttx Unlimited_10MbpsUnlimited (24hours)NGN28,670.0030 days
Wttx Unlimited_15MbpsUnlimited (24hours)NGN32,00030 days
Wttx Unlimited_25MbpsUnlimited (24hours)NGN44,02030 days


Swift has a range of unlimited data plans known as the WTTX data plans. Unlike the plans that we have discussed above, the plans in this category have a fair usage policy. As you would have noticed from the table, the plans are different based on their internet speeds.

Actually, the WTTX data plans are 4G-based broadband wireless or Optical fibre plans for estates and homes. For you to set up the broadband or optical fibre costs N40,000. After making your payment, the company sends its engineers to set up the system in your home so that you receive signals from the designated mast.

The advantage of this package is that each subscriber has a unique installation number. As such, you can be identified when you have a complaint. Despite the speed of the network, this plan has a few cons. For example, there could be network downtimes and you will need the engineers to fix the problem. If they aren’t available, you wouldn’t have access to the internet until they arrive.

How to Subscribe to Swift Unlimited Data Plans

You would have noticed that we have not provided any subscription codes in this post yet. Wondering why? It is because Swift prefers that you don’t subscribe using codes. Instead, the company has created an array of methods to make subscriptions easy. We will show you the different ways to subscribe to Swift Unlimited Data Plans in this section.

Via the Swift Official Website

Take the steps below to subscribe via the Swift official website:

  • Type https://www.swiftng.com/ into the address bar of your web browser.
  • Click on “quick recharge.”
  • Type in your “customer ID number” then click on “Proceed.”
  • Click on “renew.”
  • Go to the “Account Renewal” page then select your preferred payment partner such as Mastercard and VISA.
  • Choose your payment period, accept the terms and conditions, and then click on “Next.”
  • Review your options and click “Process Payment.”
  • Type in your card details to complete your transaction. You should get a notification to tell you that the payment was successful.

Bank Transfers

In this case, you can make a transfer to Swift Networks’ bank account and then send the teller to customer care. Once they acknowledge the payment, they will activate the plan that you paid for.

GTB 737 USSD Code

If you bank with Guaranty Trust Bank, then you can subscribe to any of these plans using the USSD code. Here’s how to do it:

  • Dial *737*50*Amount*4#.
  • Type your subscriber ID then send.
  • Provide your PIN or the last four digits on your Mastercard.

Other methods

  • Jumia Pay.
  • QuickTeller
  • Swift app.
  • Pay arena
  • Mobile banking app.

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