Tizeti Data Plans, Prices & Codes (February 2023)

The internet is one of the most important resources today, if not the most important. You need access to the internet as a student, researcher, business owner, corporate official, or whatever job you do. There are several ways to get access to the internet today including through Wi-Fi, mobile data, LAN, etc.

The market is filled with several internet service providers. One such provider in Nigeria is Tizeti. This brand isn’t exactly popular but has several data offerings that are quite affordable and competitive. What is Tizeti? How much do their data plans cost and how do you activate them? Continue reading this post to find out the answers to these questions and several others.

Tizeti Data Plans, Prices, and Codes

Tizeti Data Plans, Prices & Codes

Wondering what Tizeti is? It is a technology communications company that is leveraging the huge wireless capacity of Wi-Fi and the current costs of solar panels. The company is doing this to create a network that will offer unlimited internet services that are customer-friendly and have disruptive services.

What are the different data plans that Tizeti offers? How much do these data plans cost and how can one access them? We have done the homework on your behalf and put the details together below.


Wifi.com.ng from Tizetu is a special package that leverages the huge wireless capacity of Wi-Fi. It promises Nigerian customers to access to customer-friendly internet services at very affordable rates. The internet plans in this category are all unlimited. In addition, you can connect as many devices as you like after spending a short period setting the package up. There are different packages under wifi.com.ng and we will look at them below.

Residential Unlimited (N12,500)

This plan costs N12,500 per month and here is what you enjoy from this plan:

  • Unlimited data
  • 3mbps of browsing speed.

You will also need to pay a one-time fee of N47,000 for the setup of the package.

Residential Pro (N75,000)

This plan costs N75,000 and has a validity period of 6 months. Just like the Residential Unlimited plan, you need to pay a one-time fee of N47,000 to set up the package. Here is what you enjoy from subscribing to this plan:

  • Unlimited data for six months
  • 3mbps of browsing speed.
  • 1 month free.

Residential Yearly (N150,000)

This plan costs N150,000 and it is valid for a whole year. It also requires you to pay a one-time fee of N47,000 to set up the package. Here’s what you get from your subscription:

  • Unlimited data for 12 months
  • 3mbps of browsing speed.
  • 2 months free.

Contact Us

If you are not satisfied with any of the packages above, you can reach out to Tizeti for this special package. The idea with the “Contact Us” package is that the company can create a custom plan for you. Unlike the other packages where you pay a one-time setup fee, the setup fee here depends on what you want. Regardless, you get to enjoy the following:

  • Unlimited data for the period covering the validity of the plan.
  • 3mbps of browsing speed.
  • Competitive discount.

Tizeti Express Wi-Fi

This is another category of data plan from Tizeti. It is a fast and affordable Wi-Fi service designed for public use. Express Wi-Fi focuses on areas where people come together to work such as cafes, public outdoor spaces, and markets. You can connect to Express Wi-Fi once you have a wireless-capable device that can receive an OTP SMS. This means that you can connect using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The plans under Express Wi-Fi are very affordable and cost between N50 for 100 MB and N2,000 for 10 GB. Along with this, you can access Facebook Flex and Free basics on these plans. This offers you access to several impactful local services such as educational tools, business tools, health resources, and lots more. Check out the different Express Wi-Fi plans below:

Data OfferCostValidity period
100 MBN50One day
750 MBN250One week
5 GBN1,000One month
300 MBN100One day
1.5 GBN500One week
10 GBN2,000One month
2.5 GBN500One day
3 GBN750One week
50 GBN8,000One month


From the table above, you will agree that the data plans are very affordable. Very few mobile data providers have plans that can compare to these in terms of affordability.

Tizeti WifiCall

WifiCall from Tizeti is a plan that allows users to make unlimited calls to any person from any location. You can download the app from Google Play or the Apple store. It is pretty easy to create an account as well as the process is free.

Why should you consider Tizeti WifiCall? There are so many reasons to consider signing up for the Tizeti WifiCall solution. First, you get unlimited crystal clear calls to family members, friends, business partners, and customers. Second, the service has a global reach so you get to save on roaming costs when you travel from your home country. The third reason is that reloading your account is very easy. You can achieve this through your bank card.

How much does it cost to enjoy WifiCall? There are different plans under this category and you can choose any based on your personal or business needs. check out the plans below:


This plan is completely free to set up and it offers you the following:

  • Allows ONE user.
  • Pay As You Go.
  • Unique Business Number.

Basic Unlimited

This plan costs N6,000 to set up. Below is what you get from the Basic Unlimited plan:

  • Allows ONE user
  • 12k Per sec
  • Unique Business Number

Note that a fair usage policy applies to this plan.

Business Plan

This plan costs N25,000 and comes with N15,000 free airtime. Here’s what you get from this plan:

  • Add up to 3 users
  • 12k per sec
  • Unique Business Number
  • Allocate Credit to Sub Users
  • Call Recording Up to 7 Days
  • Call History data
  • Default IVR (Interactive Voice Res)

Call Center Solutions

If you don’t like any of the solutions above, you can consider the Call Center Solutions package. It is a custom package from the company and offers you the following:

  • Add 2 users or more
  • 12k per sec
  • Unique Business Number
  • Allocate credit to sub-users
  • Call recording up to 30 Days
  • Call History data
  • Wallboard with Call Queues
  • Custom IVR (Interactive Voice Res)
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • CRM Integration

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