Toyota Matrix 2010 Price in Nigeria (June 2024)

Toyota first released the Matrix in 2002. This vehicle is a combination of the spirit and style of a sports car and the functionalities of a mini-SUV. With all of these, it adds to the affordability of a compact sedan.

The Toyota Matrix 2010 comes in four trim levels. Three of these trims come in front-wheel-drive (Base, XRS, and S) while one trim comes in all-wheel-drive. There are two engine options, the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, and the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. The former presents you with 158-horsepower while the latter comes with 132-horsepower.

How much does it cost to purchase a Toyota Matrix 2010 in Nigeria? This post will answer this question and several others.

Toyota Matrix 2010 Price in Nigeria

Toyota Matrix 2010 Price in Nigeria

Toyota carried out a complete redesign of the Matrix in 2009. Because of this, there are minimal differences between the Toyota Matrix 2010 and its predecessor. One of the key additions to the 2010 model is the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). It comes with integrated traction control and it is standard for all trim levels.

While the Toyota Matrix 2010 is a compact vehicle, it has sufficient cabin space for five passengers. It is quite roomy for a vehicle in its class. Several factors affect the price of this vehicle including the trim level, accessories, and added features.

That being said, how much does a Toyota Matrix 2010 cost in Nigeria? We have split the cost of this vehicle into two categories. Check them out below:

Toyota Matrix 2010 Price in Nigeria – Tokunbo

A tokunbo Toyota Matrix 2010 might be costlier than its Nigerian-used counterpart but it is worth every naira. The vehicles in this class hardly have any underlying condition because of the maintenance levels of their previous owners. Note that tokunbo vehicles are also known as foreign-used vehicles. You can purchase one from any of the online car marketplaces or a trusted car dealer in your vicinity. Here’s how much a tokunbo Toyota Matrix 2010 goes for in Nigeria:

  • Toyota Matrix 2010 (tokunbo): From N5.2 million

Toyota Matrix 2010 Price in Nigeria – Nigerian-used

A Nigerian-used Toyota Matrix 2010 will likely come with underlying conditions. This is why we always suggest that you go for a Tokunbo version if you can afford it. If you can’t, then make sure that you carry out a pre-purchase inspection procedure with the help of a trusted mechanic. Also, find out the history of the vehicle to avoid regretting the purchase in the near future. Here’s the cost of a Nigerian-used Toyota Matrix 2010:

  • Toyota Matrix 2010 (Nigerian-used): From N4 million


Common Problems with the Toyota Matrix 2010

Reviewers consider the Matrix to be one of the most practical small wagons ever. This vehicle shares many similarities with the Corolla. The Toyota Matrix 2010 offers 49.4 feet of flat cargo space that is covered in durable plastic. While this vehicle is pretty small, it is designed to accommodate tall drivers because of its headroom. This advantage also ensures easy entry and exit along with excellent visibility.

While this car is pretty useful with several laudable benefits, it has a few flaws. This section will reveal some of the common problems associated with the Toyota Matrix 2010.

Rear oxygen sensor issues

This is one of the commonest issues reported by owners of the Toyota Matrix 2010. Several factors contribute to the failure of the rear oxygen sensor. When this feature fails, your best option is to replace it.

Oil leaks

This challenge isn’t just common with the Toyota Matrix 2010, almost every car suffers the same fate ultimately. The problem is a result of broken hoses and wear and tear of different parts. The timing cover of the Toyota Matrix 2010 is also a contributor to the oil leaks experienced with this vehicle. Take your vehicle to the mechanic to help check the hoses and the timing cover. Replace broken parts to stop the leaks.

Water pump failure

Many owners of this vehicle have reported water pump failures. When this part of the vehicle fails, we suggest that you replace it instead of trying to repair it. How do you know that your water pump is failing? One of the main signs is leakage of a pinkish fluid on the passenger side of your engine. You may also notice a screeching or grinding noise. We suggest that you change the drive belt when replacing the water pump.

Wearing of rear brakes

You should service your Toyota Matrix 2010’s brakes regularly. Not doing this results in the rear brakes wearing permanently. Ask your mechanic to service the brakes at least once every year. Once the brakes wear, ensure that you replace them.

Faulty starter motor

When the starter motor becomes faulty, your vehicle struggles to start. It may produce a single click. If you notice this problem, first check the condition of your car battery. If the battery is working fine, then you need to change the starter motor.

Toyota Matrix 2010 Specifications

Checking the specifications of a car before purchase is very important. While many car owners neglect this, the information helps you figure out if you should purchase the vehicle. The specifications of a vehicle show you what the vehicle can do and its different features. That being said, here are the specifications of the Toyota Matrix 2010:

Front headroom41 “
Rear headroom39 “
Front shoulder room53 “
Rear shoulder room53 “
Front hip room52 “
Rear hip room44 “
Front legroom41.6 “
Rear legroom36.2 “
Luggage capacity19.8 Cu.Ft.
Maximum cargo capacity48.9 Cu.Ft.
Standard seating5

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