Toyota Picnic Prices in Nigeria (2024)

When it comes to vehicle class, reliability, and outstanding performance, it is impossible to ignore one of the very best brands of them all – Toyota. Apart from the fact that this brand has developed a reputation for engineering road-friendly vehicles, they have over the years rated among the most trusted vehicle brands in Africa. With a lot of sparkling features their vehicles boast, there is one certain model that stands out in various areas – the Toyota Picnic.

Toyota Picnic prices in Nigeria

In this post, we will take a look at some of the basic features of this compact MPV. We will also consider the Prices of various models in Nigeria today.

Brand new Toyota Picnic prices in Nigeria

Toyota Picnic was among Toyota’s best inventions in the compact MPV class in terms of brands. A definition, of a standard mid-range mini Van, Picnic gives you a feel between the very expensive MPVs and the not-too-expensive ones. Judging by its remarkable features and breath-taking characteristics though, you would not expect anything less from this road-friendly vehicle.

Unfortunately, Toyota stopped the production of this minivan in 2009 and has since then seen its brand new version run out of stock.

Prices of Used Toyota Picnic in Nigeria

Let us take a look at the average prices of various models of foreign-used and locally-used Toyota Picnic in Nigeria. Due to the wide range of options available, we will focus on models from 2000 to date.

Price of Foreign Used Toyota Picnic in Nigeria

  • 2004 – 2009: From N5.3 million

Price of Locally Used Toyota Picnic in Nigeria

  • 2004 – 2009: From N2.3 Million

It should be noted that models before 2005 are far cheaper and can be easily gotten as well.

With brand new Toyota Picnic no longer available in the market, the only options are either getting a foreign used, which might even be a tad difficult to purchase, or settling for locally used ones. Used Toyota Picnic may not be as shiny as the brand new counterpart, but they still stylishly maintain that efficiency and ruggedness. The fact that Toyota is known for durable and reliable vehicles means you should not have a problem going for a neatly used Picnic.

Prices of used Toyota Picnic, whether foreign-used or locally used, vary due because of certain factors, which include the year of production, the condition of the vehicle, fuel mileage, and other similar factors.


Toyota Picnic: Things you will like about the car 

  • Top-class Safety Features: If safety is one solid point you consider when selecting a minivan to purchase, then you can be comfortable with Toyota Picnic. The latest versions of this minivan (before it was discontinued) boast almost every safety feature you desire for driving safety to a very large extent.
  • Amazing Efficiency: Efficiency is one thing Toyota rarely disappoints in and they showed that again with the picnic. Regardless of the model, Toyota Picnic gets an easy A in terms of reliability and overall efficiency.
  • Handling: While on the road, you will feel comfortable driving this minivan. The vehicle boasts easy handling, which is a plus, especially considering its size. The vehicle also has an implausible ability to absorb shock, which means you will be able to enjoy your ride without feeling the effect of potholes and other road deficiencies. You get proper front visibility, thanks to large enough side mirrors that are able to make up for the dense rear pillars.

Toyota Picnic: Things You May Not Like About the Car

Interior Materials: While the interior section of this vehicle absolutely has a lot of space, the materials seem rather low quality, they are prone to wear and tear easily, and there is a high tendency that you might be spending on replacements of some interior parts sooner rather than later.

Fuel Mileage: While this is a common disadvantage when it comes to most minivans, Toyota Picnic is rather low on the rank here when compared to other minivans in its category.

Toyota Picnic: Some Things You Need to Know

The Toyota Picnic is a minivan automobile that does almost everything you desire is a classic MPV. This vehicle not only rates among the best Toyota MPVs of its time, but it is still one of the most sold minivans in Nigeria at a particular point.  It combines beauty and efficiency in the premium of fashion and truly deserves all the accolades that have so far come its way.

The Picnic acts as steady as most other Toyota minivans with no complaints about disturbing noises. The hard coils are dimensioned for 600 quid of cargo, which is fundamentally not so bad for a van as spacious as it is. The brakes are smooth and reliable in all forms: either at full occupancy with parcels and passengers delaying reliably, the brake will wear on hand or foot above average. People especially love diesel although it is not the most fuel economy in its category. The interior materials are also not the best as they are of low quality, making them prone to be replaced on several occasions. The handling though is one of the top points here and one will appreciate this feature. Despite its size, the vehicle is easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

The Toyota Picnic used the platform of the Avensis series predecessor Toyota Carina. It is relatively big, although not as big as some other minivans in its class. As a standard, the vehicle was built with a typical high-van Body and was initially delivered as a five-seater, with other models donning seven-seater. With a wheelbase of 2.73 meters well in the luggage compartment, there is still enough space to mount as a piece of optional equipment with two additional seaters. This way, the vehicle could easily accommodate up to seven passengers with ease, although passengers in the rearmost seat might not enjoy as much room leg as those in the middle. The rearmost seat is an option though, as you can easily convert it to more cargo space.

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