Toyota Sienna 2003 Price in Nigeria (June 2024)

The Sienna first hit the market in 1998. Since then, it has gained so much popularity for its large cargo space, legroom, comfort, and handling. This post focuses on the Toyota Sienna 2003. What is special about this vehicle?

The Toyota Sienna 2003 is the fifth in the series of this vehicle. Experts say that this vehicle gives a strong argument against purchasing an SUV for several reasons. One of them is its excellent riding which owes to its powerful V6 engine. This vehicle also comes with a smooth-shifting automatic transmission. Its step-in height is far lower than what you get from an SUV making boarding and alighting a bit more comfortable.

That being said, how much does a Toyota Sienna 2003 cost in Nigeria? Continue reading as this post will provide you with the answers to this question and several others.

Toyota Sienna 2003 Price in Nigeria

Toyota Sienna 2003 Price in Nigeria

The Toyota Sienna 2003 has several standout characteristics. From its durability to the high-reliability scores and the quality of materials used in making the interior. Toyota put a lot of effort into crafting this vehicle. One could almost refer to this vehicle as to the perfect car because while it presents high-performance, it does so with outstanding fuel economy.

How much does it cost to own a Toyota Sienna 2003 in Nigeria? We have surveyed the market on your behalf and come up with the prices of this vehicle in two categories. Check them out below:

Toyota Sienna 2003 Price in Nigeria – Tokunbo

A tokunbo vehicle is the closest you will get to a new one in Nigeria. Since there is no way to get a new Toyota Sienna 2003 anywhere in the world, a Tokunbo version might be your best bet. The good news is that they scarcely come with underlying problems. You can purchase a Tokunbo Toyota Sienna 2003 from a trusted dealer or online via any of the car marketplaces like Jiji and Cars45. With this out of the way, here’s how much a tokunbo Toyota Sienna 2003 costs:

  • Toyota Sienna 2003 (tokunbo): From N4.8 million

Toyota Sienna 2003 Price in Nigeria – Nigerian-used

Nigerian-used vehicles are generally cheaper than their tokunbo counterparts. However, they may come with underlying problems. Because of this, you should never purchase a Nigerian-used vehicle without running a pre-purchase inspection. Get a trusted mechanic to help you run the procedure. You should also inquire about the car’s history before purchase. Note that you can purchase a Nigerian-used Toyota Sienna 2003 from the same sources as a tokunbo vehicle. Here’s how much you will spend to buy a Nigerian-used Toyota Sienna 2003:

  • Toyota Sienna 2003 (Nigerian-used): From N2 million


Common Problems with Toyota Sienna 2003

It is no secret that the Sienna is one of the best mid-range vehicles around in terms of longevity, durability, value for money, and reliability. This vehicle seems to tick all the boxes including having great fuel economy. Most families would love to have one for family outings and road trips. However, this vehicle is not without its challenges. This section will reveal some of the common problems with the Toyota Sienna 2003.

Sliding door issues

This vehicle comes with electric sliding doors and most owners have reported the doors developing faults after a while. According to some of the drivers, the doors may experience partial failure periodically. What this means is that they may open the doors manually while the buttons stop functioning.

What is the main culprit behind the failure of the electric sliding doors? Usually, the cable system that powers the doors wears out after a while. As a result, it causes damage to the latch motor that is behind the door’s sliding mechanism.

Usually, one of the doors begins to malfunction before the other. In this case, you should quickly take the vehicle for repairs. Ensure that the technicians check both doors to prevent the other door from malfunctioning.

Another culprit is circuit overload. When the circuit is overloaded, it may upset the fuse which prevents the doors from functioning as they should. You can fix this problem by replacing the affected parts.

Faulty oxygen sensor

Another very common fault with Toyota Sienna 2003 is a faulty oxygen sensor. This sensor helps to measure the ratio of oxygen to the exhaust gases in your car. When this part of your car develops a fault, it can affect your engine in several ways.

Usually, it affects how your engine functions especially in acceleration and combustion. It also causes the catalytic converter to fail. Because of this, the oxygen sensor should function optimally at all times.

Several reasons exist why your car’s oxygen sensor may be faulty. From burning of the engine coolant to contamination of oil and electrical issues. Whatever the case is, you should ensure that you take your car for frequent checkups and also observe the indicators on the dashboard. Doing this helps you to identify when the sensor becomes faulty and you can fix it promptly.

Oil leaks and pressure loss

This problem is very common with the Toyota Sienna 2003. Many drivers have complained of leaks while driving. If you are very observant, you may even notice that your indicator lights on the dashboard will come on.

Several causes of oil leaks and pressure loss exist. The chief of them is a defect in the oil hoses. Rodents have also proven to be strong culprits leading to oil leaks in car engines. If your oil hoses are damaged, ensure that you replace them promptly to stop the leaking.

Make sure that you inspect your oil line randomly at regular intervals. Also, protect your car from rodent attacks by running the engine regularly and moving it around frequently. Never leave food or other materials that can attract rodents inside or around your vehicle. Most importantly, ensure you take your car to the mechanic for frequent checks to ascertain if there are oil leaks and fix them.

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