Toyota Sienna 2005 Price in Nigeria (December 2023)

Toyota first release the Sienna in 1998. Since then, this family minivan has grown in popularity for several reasons. Some of these reasons include the spacious cabin, comfortable seats, number of seats, and many others. It just seems like everything is easy with the Sienna.

The Toyota Sienna 2005 comes with several features to make life more convenient for both the driver and passengers. It has power sliding doors, a rear-view camera, and a power rear liftgate. Experts reveal that the cargo space in this vehicle is more than what you have in the Sequoia.

More than anything else, the Toyota Sienna 2005 is easily one of the most affordable of all the Toyota products. How much does it cost to purchase a Toyota Sienna 2005 in Nigeria? This post will provide the answer to this question and several others.

Toyota Sienna 2005 Price in Nigeria

Toyota Sienna 2005 Price in Nigeria

The Toyota Sienna 2005 presents drivers with brisk acceleration, high performance, responsive handling, and a smooth ride on different terrains. It comes with a V6 engine equipped with 230 horsepower and a 5-speed automatic transmission. This engine delivers outstanding throttle response while providing top-notch fuel economy.

The Toyota Sienna 2005 is easily one of the best minivans you can purchase from the lot in its class. It is a new generation that features a different design from its predecessor. There are several minor upgrades in the equipment as well. How much does a Toyota Sienna 2005 cost in Nigeria? We have split the cost into two categories. Check them out below.

Toyota Sienna 2005 Price in Nigeria – Tokunbo

A tokunbo vehicle is worth spending on even though it is quite costly for several reasons. Firstly, it is the closest you have to a new car. Because you can never find a new Toyota Sienna 2005, your best bet is to purchase a tokunbo. Secondly, the cars in this category hardly come with underlying problems. This is because of the high level of maintenance that foreign users have. That being said, here’s how much it costs to own a Tokunbo Toyota Sienna 2005 in Nigeria:

  • Toyota Sienna 2005 (tokunbo): From N5.5 million

Toyota Sienna 2005 Price in Nigeria – Nigerian-used

A Nigerian-used vehicle might be cheaper but it is not as reliable. Most of them come with underlying problems, which may be the reason why the seller wants to dispose of them. As such, you should always carry out a pre-inspection procedure before purchase. Contact a trustworthy mechanic to handle the procedure on your behalf. With this out of the way, check out the cost of a Nigerian-used Toyota Sienna 2005 below:

  • Toyota Sienna 2005 (Nigerian-used): From N3 million


Brief Toyota Sienna 2005 Review

The Toyota Sienna 2005 is very easy to handle and comfortable. It is packed with several features and is very roomy and large. All of these features make life more convenient for the driver and passengers. From responsive handling to smooth riding and brisk acceleration, this vehicle is a pleasant companion for any driver. Let’s look at a few things about this vehicle that you should know:


It is no secret that Toyota manufactures its vehicles in trims. The Toyota Sienna 2005 comes in four trim levels including XLE, XLE Limited, LE, and CE. Each of these trim levels comes with a V6 engine equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission. The vehicles are also equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS), brake assist, and electronic brake-force distribution (EBD). All of these help a driver to stop the car faster and maintain more control of the vehicle.

You can choose between front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive options. All the trims come with a standard 60/40 Split and Stow third-row bench seat, power mirrors, windows, and door locks, sliding doors on either side. They also feature keyless entry, dual-zone air conditioning, 16-inch steel wheels, six speakers, and more. All the trims come with different additions with the XLE having the most features and being the most sophisticated of the lot.


The Toyota Sienna 2005 has very large dimensions. This translates to lots of space for both passengers and cargo. The seats in the second and third rows are foldable to allow for more cargo space when the need arises.

Getting into the car is very easy, same for stepping out. This makes it easy for fully-dressed passengers to get in and out of the vehicle without rumpling on their clothes. It is also perfect if you have to deal with toddlers.

The dashboard in front of the driver is pretty smooth and organic. All the seats in the car are also very comfortable to accommodate all kinds of body types. This vehicle also features a lot of storage space with two glove boxes and a large center console that can accommodate 12 CDs. Again, the different trim levels present slightly different interior designs with the XLE being the most outstanding.


The Toyota Sienna 2005 boasts responsive handling and a smooth ride. Experts consider the previous generation of the Sienna to be a little too soft. This version seems to strike the perfect balance between ride and handling. The powertrain is also very smooth and helps you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

One of the main advantages of the Toyota Sienna 2005 is that it drives well on different terrains. This vehicle also accelerates very quickly even on upward sloping terrains. Its 5-speed automatic transmission shifts smoothly making the car highly responsive. This car also presents you with very good fuel efficiency.

The braking of this vehicle is powerful and smooth. As mentioned earlier, it comes with a four-wheel ABS, EBD, and brake assist system. While the ABS prevents the brakes from locking in severe conditions, the EBD helps to distribute the braking force across the tires. This helps to achieve more stable, quicker stops. Brake assist comes in handy during emergency stopping situations by adding to the brake pressure. The vehicle comes with an array of safety features as well to ensure driver and passenger safety during rides.

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