Toyota Venza 2010 Price in Nigeria (April 2024)

The first generation of the Venza began with the release of this vehicle in 2009. One year later, the company releases the Toyota Venza 2010. This vehicle handles and rides like a car while it offers an SUV’s cargo space. Experts refer to it as being more utilitarian than a regular car while being lower and smaller than a traditional SUV.

Toyota built the Venza on the Camry platform but it is more contemporary and upscale. The vehicle is also more functional as it is loaded with an array of highly-evolved features along with fresh design ideas.

The only observable changes that the Toyota Venza 2010 presents can be found in the audio system. In the new audio system, you will find a USB port, iPod connectivity, and Bluetooth. That being said, let’s look at how much a Toyota Venza 2010 costs in Nigeria.

Toyota Venza 2010 Price in Nigeria

Toyota Venza 2010 Price in Nigeria

You can refer to a Venza as a mix of a car and SUV. This vehicle has a clever design interior, it is very tall and roomy, and handles hauling tasks considered to be traditional to SUVs. It is a great family car and is perfect for daily runarounds because of its spacious and comfy nature.

The Toyota Venza 2010 comes with two engine options, a 3.5-litre V6 or a 2.7-litre four-cylinder engine. Both engines present you with six-speed automatic transmission and you can pick either the front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive configurations.

How much does it cost to purchase a Toyota Venza 2010 in Nigeria? We have split the cost of this vehicle into two categories. Continue reading to find out.

Toyota Venza 2010 Price in Nigeria – Tokunbo

A tokunbo Toyota Venza 2010 presents you with little or no fixing upon purchase. While the vehicle may be costly initially, you save a lot on maintenance in the long run. You can purchase a tokunbo Toyota Venza 2010 from any of the online car marketplaces like Cars45, Jiji, and Carmart. Alternatively, you can purchase one on-site from the showroom of any car dealer in your location. Here’s how much you will need to purchase a tokunbo Toyota Venza 2010:

  • Toyota Venza 2010 (Tokunbo): From N9.5 million

Toyota Venza 2010 Price in Nigeria – Nigerian-used

A Nigerian-used Toyota Venza 2010 might cost less but may come with more concerns. If you can, we suggest that you choose a tokunbo version instead. However, if you are on a constrained budget and have to purchase a Nigerian-used Toyota Venza 2010, run a pre-purchase inspection first. How much does a Nigerian-used Toyota Venza 2010 cost?

  • Toyota Venza 2010 (Nigerian-used): From N7 million


Toyota Venza 2010 Quick Review

The Toyota Venza 2010 is a vehicle that makes a lot of sense because of its functionality and design. We have taken some time to study this vehicle and have come up with a brief review for you in this section.


Toyota presents the Venza as a design breakthrough with something completely new. However, when you look at it closer, all you see is another crossover vehicle with more carlike features. Many reviewers are confused with the design of the Toyota Venza 2010 because they can’t dub it a car, SUV, or crossover. It seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

There are only four trim levels of the Toyota Venza 2010 with two- or four-wheel-drive options and two engine options. This vehicle’s interior design isn’t as daring as one would expect for a vehicle dubbed a design breakthrough. Of course, Toyota didn’t make it boring so the company didn’t do a terrible design job. Overall, we think Toyota could have done more with the design of this vehicle.


You shouldn’t expect any excitement with the driving experience of the Toyota Venza 2010. If you are a frugal driver, you may consider the four-cylinder. However, if you drive with a full load, your best bet is the V6 engine.

Just so you know, you shouldn’t mention the Toyota Venza 2010 and off-roading in the same sentence. This vehicle was designed for smooth riding on a regular road. As such, you should enjoy responsive performance on a smooth road regardless of the engine type you choose.

The torque, towing capacity, and transmission of this vehicle all present amazing results. Reviewers consider the transmission to work smoothly and deliver great results. The Toyota Venza 2010 also presents great fuel economy compared to SUVs. This is similar to most crossovers that have better fuel economy than SUVs but are not as good as sedans. Overall, the Toyota Venza 2010 handles safely but presents very little excitement.


Reviewers consider the Toyota Venza 2010 to be a very useful vehicle because of the comfortable configuration for passengers and the ample cargo space. However, the cabin seems to be lacking in refinement even though it is spacious and very comfortable.

The Toyota Venza 2010 may look like a crossover but it doesn’t have the seating capacity of one. Traditional crossover vehicles have the option of a third seating row to seat 7 passengers. The Toyota Venza 2010 can only seat 5 passengers because the third row is missing. What it lacks in seating space, it makes up for in cargo space. It has more cargo space than other vehicles in the same class.

Toyota Venza 2010 Quick Specifications

Front headroom40 “
Rear headroom39 “
Front shoulder room60 “
Rear shoulder room59 “
Front hip room56 “
Rear hip room57 “
Front legroom40.2 “
Rear legroom39.1 “
Luggage capacity30.7 Cu.Ft.
Maximum cargo capacity70.1 Cu.Ft.
Standard seating5

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