UI DLC School Fees (2024)

Technology has made learning and education easier these days. Gone are the days when you need to be physically present in a classroom for several years to get a degree. These days, you can easily access various distant learning courses, linking up with classes and e-learnings provided you have access to the internet.

With Nigeria advancing in technology, the idea of distance learning has been embraced and gradually becoming the in-thing. What other universities can you rely on when it comes to this type of learning if not one of the best of all – University of Ibadan?

ui dlc school fees

The University of Ibadan is rated among the very best universities in Nigeria for all the right reasons. Apart from the fact that they are known to be pacesetters in various fonts, they are also known for their academic excellence. The University of Ibadan remains one of the most sought-after universities in the country. Despite her strict policy on admission, the university has one of the highest numbers of students when compared with the population of other institutions. The introduction of the Distance Learning Centre only makes the institution more popular, expanding their capacity and overall popularity within and outside the country.

University of Ibadan Distant Learning Centre School Fees

In terms of tuition fees, there are a lot of cheaper programs than distant learning. In fact, this program is among the most expensive in the school and that should be expected. Although the fees are on the high side, especially when compared with other undergraduate programs in the institution. The flexibility of distant learning programs has been praised all over the world and the UI DLC opens the opportunity for people who may not have the time for full-time university degrees. The program was established to groom people that don’t have so much time in and truth is, the program has since lived up to the expectation in various spheres.

Here, we will take a look at the tuition fees of the students in the Distant Learning centre as at 2023. We will consider how much students in various departments are supposed to pay and highlight if there are additional fees required. We will focus on school fees for returning students, although there are usually no real difference between the fees and fresh student’s except for acceptance fees, registration charges and other charges already included for fresh students.

UI DLC Masters Programme

The table below shows the school fees schedule for University of Ibadan Distance Learning Master’s students. Kindly note that these fees are mandatory and non-refundable, except when otherwise stated.

I.D Card150015001500
Course Materials150001500015000
Examination Fees200002000020000
U.I. Development Levy500050005000
Technology Fees100001000010000
Certificate Fees500050005000
Project Fees200002000020000
Practicum Fee200002000010000

UI DLC Diploma Courses School Fees

The table below shows the school fees schedule for UI DLC diploma studies:

Program Of Study New Student Full Fees (100level)Returning Student Full Fees for 200  levelReturning Student Full Fees for 300 level
Diploma in Industrial Relations & Trade Unionism50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in Librarianship50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in Adult Education and community Development50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in Human Kinetics and Health Education50,000   44,000   51,500
Professional Diploma in Educational Management50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in Teacher Educaton50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in School Media Programme50,000   44,000   51,500
Professional Diploma in HIV/AIDS/STI Education50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in Social Works50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma (Applied Yoruba)50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in History and Diplomatic Studies50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in Communication and Language Arts50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in Management Studies50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in Psychology50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in Statistics50,000   44,000   51,500
Diploma in Theatre Arts50,000   44,000   51,500


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