UK Used Phones in Nigeria and Prices (2024)

One of the best ways to keep up to date with advancements in technology, while you save money on communication, is to buy UK used phones. The fact that these phones usually come neat and some are even nicely packed with little or no issues at all makes the phones a bargain.

Although some of these types of phones might not be a hundred percent as the brand-new version, they are usually almost perfect, especially for brands that are known for strong, reliable and durable phones like Samsung, HTC, iPhones, etc.

uk used phones in nigeria price

The main issue some of these phones have is unlocking. Thankfully, most of the UK used phones would have even been unlocked before they are placed for sale in the market. Having being unlocked, the phones can work with various network providers, as long as their technology is capable.

Prices of UK Used Phones in Nigeria

In this post, we will take a look at prices of UK used phones of popular brands in Nigeria today. It should be noted that most of these phones can be gotten in almost every part of the country. Note of warning though, e care to properly check basic features of the phone before you decide to buy as lots of counterfeits are also in stock today.

Prices of UK Used Apple iPhones in Nigeria

  • APPLE I PHONE X: From N200, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 8 Plus: From N150, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 8: From N105, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 7 Plus: From N100, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 7: From N75, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 6:From N38, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 6 PLUS: From N55, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 6S: From N58, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 6S PLUS: From N75, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 5S: From N40, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 5C: From N25, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 4: From N20, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 4S: From N28, 000
  • APPLE I PHONE 5: From N30, 000

Prices of UK Used Samsung Phones in Nigeria

  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S6: From N45, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE: From N60, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5: From N70,000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S7: From N58, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 EDGE: From N75, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S8: From N85, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 Plus: From N95, 000
  • SAMSUNG J7: From N40, 000
  • SAMSUNG J5: From N35, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S3: From N20, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S4: From N25, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S5: From N30, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2: From N35, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3: From N36, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4: From N45, 000

Prices of UK Used Blackberry Phones in Nigeria

  • BLACKBERRY DTEK 50: From N35, 000
  • BLACKBERRY BOLD 5 9900: From N10, 000
  • BLACKBERRY Z30: From N23, 000
  • BLACKBERRY LEAP: From N28, 000
  • BLACKBERRY PRIV: From N50, 000
  • BLACKBERRY Q10: From N25, 000
  • BLACKBERRY Z3 : From N35, 000
  • BLACKBERRY Q5: From N15, 000
  • BLACKBERRY Z10: From N45, 000

Prices of UK Used HTC Phones in Nigeria

  • HTC ONE M7: From N30, 000
  • HTC ONE M8: From N30, 000
  • HTC ONE M9: From N40, 000
  • HTC One M9 Plus: From N45, 000
  • HTC ONE M10: From N50, 000
  • HTC BUTTERFLY: From N25, 000

Prices of UK Used Sony Xperia Phones in Nigeria

  • SONY XPERIA Z1: From N25, 000
  • SONY XPERIA Z2: From N35, 000
  • SONY XPERIA Z3:  From N40, 000

Prices of UK Used Samsung Tablets in Nigeria

  • SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 10.1 inches: From N85, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 7.0 inches: From N60, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 7.0: From N40, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 3 10.1: From N50, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9: From N130, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10: From N190, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 4 7.0: From N45, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 4 10.1: From N55, 000
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S: From N85, 000

Prices of Used Tecno Phones in Nigeria

  • Tecno D9: From N14, 000
  • Tecno M6: From N16, 500
  • Tecno M7: From N20, 000
  • Tecno P5: From N25, 000
  • Tecno Phantom A+ : From N30, 000
  • Tecno Phantom A3: From N26, 000
  • Tecno Phantom P9 (pad): From N24, 000
  • Tecno Phantom 6+ – From N40, 000
  • Tecno Camon C7: From N35, 000
  • Tecno Camon C8: From N38, 000
  • Tecno Camon C9: From N36, 000

Prices of UK Used Apple iPads in Nigeria

  • APPLE I PAD 3: From N70, 000
  • APPLE I PAD MINI 3 : From N110, 000
  • APPLE I PAD MINI 4: From N135, 000
  • APPLE I PAD AIR : From N120, 000
  • APPLE I PAD AIR 2: From N135, 000


Things to Consider before Buying a UK used Phone

Phones are one of the most important devices in recent times. UK Used phones are seen as fair alternatives to brand-new phones. The problem isn’t at all where to buy the UK used phones, it is knowing the right type to buy.

There are various types and brands of phones today. They vary in features, sizes, inbuilt qualities, ease of use, to mention a few. The different types in the market today have only made it difficult to know the exact UK used phone to buy. To lessen your options and make it easier for you to select one, it is important to consider some factors. Some of these factors include;

  • Consider your budget.
  • Consider the ease of use of phone.
  • Consider phone condition
  • Consider the value of brand-new version
  • Know what people are saying about the phone – read reviews of the phone.
  • Consider basic features: The camera, battery, and other features.

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