UNIBEN Postgraduate School Fees (2024)

Situated in the heart of Benin, the University of Benin is a first generation tertiary institution founded in 1970. It began first as a Technical Institute before it attained the status of a full fledged university a year later. With present enrollment of more than 40,000 students, the University occupies a massive expanse of land at Ugbowo, where the main campus is located. It also has a second campus at Ekehuan which houses some departments in the faculty of Arts.

This massive enclave accommodates students seeking knowledge at different levels, from Diploma, Undergraduate, PostGraduate and Research Courses, and in various courses across several faculties. They are Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Management sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Sch. of Basic Med. Science, Faculty of Sch. of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Social Sciences.

The University also has a standard teaching hospital that caters for a large portion of the indigenous people and residents of Edo and neighboring states. Uniben, as it is fondly called definitely stands tall amongst other Universities in Nigeria and West Africa. It has maintained a top 10 position in rankings of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions by various bodies over the years. It is also notable for producing the first female Vice Chancellor in Nigeria, Grace Alele Williams, as far back as 1985.

uniben postgraduate school fees

The prominence of this institution is also evident in its pool of high-flying alumni. It has produced industry leaders and professionals and even individuals in high political positions including Emmanuel Uduaghan, Babatunde Fashola, Richard Mofe Damijo, James Ibori, Omoni Oboli, Victor Uwaifo, and several others. The University of Benin has a very strong Postgraduate institution, awarding PostGraduate Diplomas, Master’s Degrees and PhDs in various courses and disciplines.

Uniben Postgraduate School Fees

Just in case you’re looking to grab a postgraduate degree from the University and you don’t have an idea of the fees, you’ve stumbled on the right page. Here, you will find details of fees paid by PGD, Masters and PhD students at the University of Benin.

These fees will be categorized into PGD, Masters and PhD levels, and according to faculties.

UNIBEN – Postgraduate school fees for each Faculty

1PGS (ALL)FT  ₦100,000.00Approved
2MBAFT ₦200,000.00Approved
3M.Sc Mgt. ScienceFT ₦200,000.00₦150,000.00 Approved
4MBFFT ₦150,000.00₦200,000.00 approved
5Education M.EdFT ₦100,000.00Approved
6Engineering M.Sc, M.EngFT  ₦120,000.00Approved
7Law LLMFT  ₦120,000.00Approved
8EconomicsFT  ₦120,000.00₦150,000.00 Approved
9MPAFT  ₦120,000.00Approved
10M.sc Pol
M.sc PA
FT  ₦100,000.00Approved
11Nat. Res. Mgt. M.ScFT  ₦100,000.00Approved
12Environ. Mgt. M.ScFT  ₦120,000.00Approved
13Agriculture M. ScFT  ₦100,000.00Approved
14Life Sciences M.SCFT  ₦100,000.00Approved
15Pharmacy M.ScFT  ₦120,000.00Approved
16Physical Science M.ScFT  ₦120,000.00Approved
17Geo Physics M.ScFT  ₦100,000.00₦150,000.00 Approved
18MPH/MPHE/MHPMFT  ₦150,000.00Approved
19MiHDFT  ₦100,000.00Approved
20PGD Computer
PGD Eng.
FT  ₦100,000.00Approved
21Ph.D. (ALL)FT  ₦150,000.00Approved


UNIBEN Postgraduate School Fees FAQs

Are you a new postgraduate student at the University of Benin? Would you like to know about UNIBEN postgraduate school fees? In this section, we will provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions about UNIBEN postgraduate school fees.

How can I pay my UNIBEN postgraduate school fees?

To pay your school fees as a UNIBEN postgraduate school fees, you need to visit the university’s postgraduate portal and follow the instructions.

Are there any other fees to pay?

Yes, as a postgraduate student at UNIBEN, you will be required to pay some other fees asides from the tuition fees. Ensure that when you are making your payment, you don’t give money directly to any individual. Instead, follow the instructions on the portal.

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