UNILAG Part Time School Fees (2023)

The University of Lagos offers one of the most flexible part time programmes in the country. With lots of people rallying to combine work and study, University of Lagos, like some federal universities in the country, have come up with an easily accessible and flexible degree programme. Part time programmes not only afford you the opportunity to do other things while running a degree, it also opens you to a flexible lifestyle. Since part time classes hold during weekends and some evenings on weekday, the programmes perfectly suits working class who intend on getting a university undergraduate or postgraduate degree

The University of Lagos is widely regarded as one of the best Universities in Nigeria. The Institution boasts of top class facilities and a remarkable learning culture. It is also one of the three most picked institutions in Nigeria, according to JAMB. They remain one of the institutions with the highest number of professors and oozes excellence from all over. The school’s aim to be and remain the best university in Nigeria has seen them achieve lots of excellent academic heights and still expect lots more.

unilag part time school fees

University of Lagos offers part time programs for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Although there only a few courses with part time option in the undergraduate degree, there are a lot more part time courses available in postgraduate degrees.

As expected, tuition fee for this programme is more expensive than for full time programmes. This is largely because the programme takes longer period to complete, mostly one to two years more than full time programs.

In this piece, we will take a look at how much part time students in University of Lagos pay as school fees. We will consider both the undergraduate and postgraduate part time programmes. It should be noted that only few courses run part time programmes for undergraduate degrees. Most of these courses are in Faculty of Education and Faculty of Administration.

University of Lagos Part-time School Fees (Undergraduate)

University of Lagos is one of the few Federal universities in Nigeria that offers part time options for some few undergraduate degrees. Classes are held during weekends (and some in the evening of workdays) for flexibility and convenience. The BSc program last for about 5 to 6 years depending on the course of study. Some of the available courses for this programme include;

  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Economics
  • Biology Education
  • Physics Education
  • Chemistry Education

The school fees also vary with courses. Tuitions are paid per year and the average school fees is about N140, 000. It should be noted that the fees cover some course materials that will give be given to Fresh Students. Instalment payments are not allowed as the institution only allows for one payment.

University of Lagos Postgraduate Part Time School Fees


  • A English: N120, 000


  • Sc Banking and Finance (2 Sessions): N150,000
  • Masters in Business Administration |2 Sessions: N450,000. This excludes departmental dues: N3, 000
  • Sc Industrial and Labour Relations (MILR)|2 Sessions|N112,500
  • Sc Industrial and Labour Relations (IRPM) – N112, 000 PER SESSION
  • Sc Development Finance – N600, 000. The first instalment is N330, 000.
  • Sc Risk Management and Insurance (MRM) – N200, 000


  • Sc Public Health| Community Health|2 Sessions|N150,000; excluding departmental dues between N15, 000 – N20, 000
  • Masters In Public Health – 2 sessions – N150, 000


  • Ed Educational Administration & Planning |Educational Administration|3 Semesters|N150,000
  • Ed Comparative Education |Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N150,000.00
  • Ed Measurement and Evaluation |Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N150,000
  • Ed Sociology |Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N60,000.00
  • PGD Guidance n counselling – N150, 000
  • PGD Education M.Ed. Sandwich – N70, 000
  • Ed Education Sandwich – N70, 000


  • Sc Project Management |Building| 2 Sessions |N150,000.00
  • Masters of Facility Management – N150, 000


  • Masters of Process Engineering (MPE)|2 Sessions|N150, 000
  • Chemical Engineering N150, 000
  • PGD Chemical Engineering N150,000
  • PGD MET & MAT Engineering|2 Sessions|N75,000.00


  • Masters Degree in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies|4 Semesters|N90,000
  • Master of Law (LLM)|2 Semesters|N150,000


  • Sc Economics |4 Semesters|N150, 000
  • PGD Economics |3 Semesters|N90, 000
  • Sc Geographic Information Systems| 2 Sessions| N120, 000; Course Materials: N45, 000
  • Sc Transport Management and Planning | 3 Semesters| N120, 000
  • PGD Transport Management and Planning | 2 Semesters| N120, 000
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA) |2 Semesters| N112, 000
  • Master in Managerial Psychology | 4 Semesters| N150, 000


  • Masters in Environmental Management |4 Semesters|N120,000.00
  • PGD Environmental Management |2 Semesters|N60,000.00
  • Sc Information Technology |2 Sessions|N225,000. It excludes Departmental dues: N7, 000
  • PGD Computer Science|3 Semesters|N150,000
  • PGD Mathematics|3 Semesters|N75,000.00
  • PGD Statistics |3 Semesters|N75,000.00
  • Sc GEOSCIENCE -N150, 000

It should be noted that not all courses have options of full time and part time. Some of the courses are strictly full time and are not included on the list. The list above shows the part time school fees for postgraduate courses.

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