University of Nigeria School Fees (2024)

You’d be forgiven to assume the University of Nigeria is located in the Federal Capital Territory. The name of the school not only shoulders the country’s educational identity; it also serves as a constant reminder of the standard of education in the nation. Appreciably, the University of Nigeria Nsukka carries this name with dignity, integrity and pride. They never cease to boast of the name and deservedly so, the school marks the face of the country in terms of education. Welcome again, to the University of the Nation: The University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

If you have always wanted an institution that combines dignity, pride and style with excellent academic records, University of Nigeria Nsukka should not only be on your list, it should be among the top three schools you include. If you have heard any amazing thing about the university, they are probably true. With UNN, the hype is real.  This University is one of the few universities in Nigeria no one has anything against. Starting from its standard facilities to its amazing learning style, this university truly radiates excellence from all over. Thanks to its reputation, excellence and outstanding academic history, University of Nigeria is one of the best tertiary institutions the country has ever had.

UNN is the first indigenous university in the country. Since its establishment in 1955, the institution has maintained a top academic standard, deservedly winning several awards for academic excellence. Till today, the school remains among the most respected institutions in the country. With the calibre of staff, both academic and non-academic, they recruit, you can only expect the school to produce top-class graduates. In fact, over half of the greats you know of passed through the four walls of this institution, even the world renowned Paul Omalu.

university of nigeria school fees

University of Nigeria School Fees

Although the University of Nigeria is not among the top 5 cheapest universities in the country, it still runs a relatively affordable school fees like most federal universities. Despite its low charges, UNN maintains a high educational standard and remains among the finest universities in Nigeria.

In this section, we will take a look at the school fees for each faculty, categorizing them according to their levels. It should be noted that the school fees reduce as students go higher in levels, just like most other state and federal universities.

The list below shows the school fees of UNN undergraduates in various faculties.

UNN School Fees Schedule 2023/2024 for Fresh Students

Social Sciences₦70,700.00
Public Admin₦70,700.00
Business Admin₦73,200.00
Environmental Sciences₦73,200.00
Vocational Technical Education₦70,700.00
Physical Sciences₦71,700.00
Biological Sciences₦71,700.00
Vet Medicine₦76,200.00
Health Science & Tech₦77,200.00

 UNN School Fees Schedule 2023/2024 for Returning Students

Social Sciences₦45,100.00₦40,000.00₦40,500.00
Public Admin₦45,100.00₦40,000.00₦40,500.00
Business Admin₦47,600.00₦42,500.00₦43,000.00
Environmental Sciences₦47,000.00₦42,000.00₦43,000.00
Vocational Technical Education₦45,100.00₦40,000.00₦40,500.00
Physical Sciences₦46,100.00₦41,000.00₦41,500.00
Biological Sciences₦46,100.00₦41,000.00₦41,500.00
Vet Medicine₦49,600.00₦45,500.00₦46,000.00
Health Science & Tech₦51,600.00₦46,500.00₦47,000.00

UNN Acceptance Fees 2023/2024

When the University of Nigeria, Nsukka offers a student provisional admission to study any course, the institution requires such student to pay an acceptance fee. This fee shows that the student has accepted to participate in the programme. Kindly note that the cost of this fee fluctuates depending on the academic year and the department under which the student will be studying. The current UNN acceptance fee for new students is between ₦10,000 and ₦30,000. Kindly note that this fee is non-refundable and mandatory for every new student.


University of Nigeria: Things You Should Know About the University

The University of Nigeria is a federal university located in Nsukka, Enugu State. This institution was the first full-fledged indigenous and autonomous in the country. The university is modelled purely upon the American Educational System. Although established in 1955, the institution didn’t start full educational operation till October 1960. UNN is the only tertiary institution that carries the name of the country.

As it stands, the university has 15 faculties and about 108 departments. The university runs various programmes including postgraduate programmes. Apart from the fact that tis university is rated among the top ten institutions in Nigeria, their excellence in academics makes them one of the most sought after universities in the country. According to JAMB, only few universities were picked more than UNN over the last decade.

The university boasts of top-class facilities and the environment is conducive for learning. Unlike some federal schools, UNN has a relatively stable academic calendar and rarely experiences a distortion in the flow of operation.

The University has four campuses – University of Nigeria Nusukka campus, University of Nigeria, Enugu campus, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku-Ozalla and University of Nigeria Aba campus. The Law Faculty of the University is the oldest and one of the finest in Nigeria till date having been established in 1960. UNN has not only contributed immensely in legal education in Nigeria, it has also produced notable alumni and top class professionals. Also, the university is the only school till date to have Electronics Engineering as an Independent Department in Nigeria.

The teaching hospital attached to the university (University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital) is presently located at Ituku-Ozalla, covering about 500 hectares. It also hosts the Faculty of Dentistry, Health Sciences and Technology. The Aba campus hosts the Institute of Nigerian Languages.

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