UNIZIK Postgraduate School Fees (2023)

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Akwa is one of the top-rated Federal Universities in Nigeria. Since the establishment, the school has experienced a remarkable growth in almost all areas and presently rates among the top seven best universities in eastern Nigeria.

With lots of well-trained lecturers, neatly sustained facilities, favourable learning atmosphere and organized academic calendar, UNIZIK looks to be among the top universities in Nigeria and Africa in few years.

unizik postgraduate school fees

UNIZIK Postgraduate School Fees

In this section, we will take a look at the tuition fees for Postgraduates in this prestigious institution in various faculties. Let’s get started

Review of School Fees

The table below shows the school fees schedule for UNIZIK postgraduate school. It shows the old charge and new charge for each category.

1Postgraduate fees (Non-Staff) One Cert MSc/PhDN113,200/N115,200N123,200/N125,200
2Postgraduate fees (Non-Staff) Two Cert MSc/PhDN115,200/N117,200N125,200/N127,200
3Postgraduate fees (Non-Staff) One Cert PGDN73,200N83,200
4Postgraduate fees (Non-Staff) Two Cert PGDN75,200N85,200
5Postgraduate fees (Staff) One Cert MSc/PhDN83,200/N85,200N93,200/N95,200
6Postgraduate fees (Staff) Two Cert MSc/PhDN85,200/N87,200N95,200/N97,200
7Postgraduate fees (Staff) One Cert PGDN53,200N63,200
8Postgraduate fees (Staff) Two Cert PGDN55,200N65,200
9aSubsequent PaymentsN90,000N110,000
10Logistics and Supply ChainN252,500N272,500
10aSubsequent yearsN120,000N140,000
11M. ClinicalN272,500N292,500
11aSubsequent yearsN130,000N150,000
12aSubsequent yearsN130,000N150,000

UNIZIK Postgraduate Acceptance Fee

Similar to new undergraduate students, new postgraduate students at UNIZIK are required to pay an acceptance fee. Kindly note that the acceptance fees are non-refundable. Paying this fee confirms that you accept the university’s admission offer. Currently, the acceptance fee for UNIZIK postgraduate students is fixed between N10,000 and N16,000 depending on your course of study and the stage of study.


How to Pay UNIZIK Postgraduate School Fees

As a student at UNIZIK, one of your concerns should be how to pay your school fees. The good news is that paying your school fees at this institution of learning is very easy. All you need to do is to visit the PG school official portal. Log in and follow the instructions to make your payment.

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