Video Camera Prices in Nigeria (2024)

There was a time when only the rich had access to video cameras. They were so expensive that you’d have to spend a fortune to buy one. In those times, there were very limited types of video cameras, and it was generally easy to get one, so long you have your money. Although video cameras have hugely increased in value and importance these days, technology has made things relatively easier. However, with the various video camera options available today, it is quite more difficult now to pick a particular video camera.

The evolution of video cameras has been astonishing. From the days when boxes with light in a room were used to capture images through to the revelation of camcorders, the advancement has been remarkable. Away from the basic cameras, those wonderful moments with your family, friends, and loved ones can now be easily recorded, capturing both motion pictures and sounds.

video camera prices in nigeria

You don’t need to have all the money in the world to buy a video camera. Video cameras are available in different types. These types vary in shape, size, features, functionality, and price. There are now video cameras as big as you can imagine and ones so small that they’d fit perfectly in your pocket. Although there is a vast difference in the functionality of these video cameras, they all enable you to record those great moments and keep memories alive.

The most common type of video camera is the camcorder. The camcorder is a device used for recording videos. They are available in different sizes, designs, and memory capacities.  The camcorders can record for as long as the memory capacity permits. The latest camcorders are Wi-Fi and internet enabled. This means that you can record a video and post it directly on social media. You can also edit videos and add various effects to it.

The market has wonderfully embraced the advancement of video cameras. With lots of brands and types available today, lots of new models and designs are being pushed to the market every day. Video cameras are available in HD as well. Waterproof video cameras have also been introduced. This allows you to record videos underwater and capture those wonderful moments.

In this post, we will talk about the prices of various brands and types of video cameras available. We will also consider basic factors to note when buying one.

Prices of Video Cameras in Nigeria

Video cameras have become a huge part of the gadget market, and for lots of reasons, they are building up to be among the most sought-after gadgets in the industry. Although a lot of people buy this for professional use, some others own it for personal use. Either way, the market for video cameras remains on the rise.

Video cameras are available in different types and sizes. They vary in size, quality, features, functionality, and prices. The success of these video cameras in the market motivates manufacturers to produce more, with each product bettering the previous. The prices of these video cameras vary. The more professional video cameras are relatively more expensive than the ones designed for personal use. They are bigger, stronger, and boast more features. The prices are largely determined by the brand, quality, functionality, and features.

Video cameras can be obtained directly from various manufacturers or local distributors across the country. They are readily available and can be gotten in gadget stores all over the country. For convenience, they can also be easily purchased online with lots of e-commerce websites boasting of different types of video cameras.

Here, we will consider the prices of the most popular video cameras in Nigeria today.

Sony Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • FDR-AXI Digital 4K Camcorder: From N1,880,000
  • HXR-NX5 Professional Camcorder: From N1,937,000
  • HDR-CX405 Handy Camcorder: From N290,000
  • HDR-CX405 Handy Camcorder: From N290,000
  • PXW-X160 full HD Handheld camcorder: From N1,839,000
  • Action Camera (HDR-AS30V): From N95, 000
  • HXR-MC2500 Camcorder: From N720,000
  • HVR-Z5 professional HDV camcorder: From N1,348,000
  • Sony PXW-Z150 4K XDCAM: From N3,290,000
  • FDR-AX43 UHD 4K Handycam Camcorder: From N720,000
  • MHS-FS2 Bloggie Duo Camcorder: From N53,000

Canon Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • LEGRIA HF R706 camcorder: From N299, 000
  • LEGRIA HF R606 Camcorder: From N199, 000
  • LEGRIA HF R806 Camcorder: From N399,000
  • VIXIA HF R10 Camcorder:From N135, 000
  • XA11 compact HD Camcorder: From N899,000
  • XA30 Professional Camcorder: From N795,000
  • XA10 pro camcorder: From N869,800
  • XF205 HD professional camcorder: From N1,270,000

Panasonic Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • HC-MDH2 AVCHD Shoulder Mount Camcorder: From N1,350,000
  • HC-V180 Camcorder: From N245,000
  • AG-AC30 Full HD Camcorder: From N1,700,000
  • Professional HC-PV100 HD Digital Video Camcorder: From N900,000
  • HC V160 camcorder: From N130, 000
  • HC-X1000 DCI Camcorder: From N1,380,000

Boblov Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria

  • LEBAIQI ORDRO Camcorder 4K 60fps Ultra HD: From N339,600
  • Ordro M3 Digital Video Camera WiFi Camcorder Portable Video: From N259,580
  • Ordro HDV-V17 2.7K Portable Digital Camcorder + 64gb SD Card: From N117,200
  • Ordro HDR-AX10 4K Video Camcorder + 64GB SD Card: From N169,000
  • Ordro HD DV, Style: Standard + Microphone: From N429,630
  • Ordro HDR-AX10 4K Digital Video Camera WiFi Camcorder DV: From N204,820


Things to Consider Before Buying a Video Camera

For whatever reason you are buying a video camera, it is always essential to know what exactly you are looking for. The various choices available in the market today have made it more difficult to pick some random video camera. Here, we will consider some factors to put in mind when buying a video camera. These tips will help you streamline your options and eventually pick the best video camera for you.

  • Consider the Size: Size matters. Depending on whether you want the video camera for professional or personal use, you should pick a size that suits your purpose of purchase. If you want the video camera for personal use, a compact one should do.
  • Memory Capacity: Video cameras vary in memory capacity. Wholesome allows extra external memory card slot, some are restricted to internal memory storage.
  • Consider the Lens Quality: Lens quality varies. You should consider the type and quality of the lens that works with the video camera before you purchase one.
  • Budget: How much you have to spare for a video camera is what determines eventually. Cameras have various classes and are available in different qualities.

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