Vono Foam Price List (June 2024)

Vono Foam is a very foam company in Nigeria. This brand prides itself as the premier foam production company in Nigeria. Asides from foams and mattresses, Vono also produces several kinds of furniture.

How much do the different products from Vono Foam cost? We will answer this question and several others in this post. Let’s get started.

Vono Foam Price List

Prices of Vono Foam Products in Nigeria

Vono has a reputation for producing high-quality products. This has been instrumental to the brand’s rise to popularity on the market. Mattresses and foams from this company are used in homes, schools, hospitals, and other establishments. Also, they manufacture other pieces of furniture that are used in different parts of Nigeria.

Finding out the prices of these products might be quite tasking. As such, we decided to take a survey of the market on your behalf. After our survey, we have come up with a list of Vono Foam products and their prices. Check it out below:

Vono Foam Mattresses

  • Vono Comet: From ₦63,800
  • Vono Orthofirm 6×4.5×10 : From ₦122,500
  • Vono Orthofirm 6×4.5×8 : From ₦115,000
  • Vono Orthofirm 6×4.5×12 : From ₦131,800
  • Vono Orthofirm 6x6x10 : From ₦142,000
  • Vono Orthofirm 6x6x14 : From ₦168,800
  • Vono Restapaedic (ORTH0PEDIC) 6×4.5×10 : From ₦363,500
  • Vono Restapaedic (ORTH0PEDIC) 6×4.5×12 : From ₦382,200
  • Vono Restapaedic (ORTH0PEDIC) 6x6x8 : From ₦369,300
  • Vono Restapaedic (ORTH0PEDIC) 6x6x10 : From ₦390,000
  • Vono Restapaedic (ORTH0PEDIC) 6x6x12 : From ₦412,000
  • Vono Restapaedic (ORTH0PEDIC) 6x6x14 : From ₦428,500
  • Vono Sleepwell 6×4.5×10: From ₦104,300
  • Vono Sleepwell 6×4.5×12: From ₦114,800
  • Vono Sleepwell 6x6x8: From ₦111,600
  • Vono Sleepwell 6x6x10: From ₦121,300
  • Vono Sleepwell 6x6x12: From ₦133,400
  • Vono Sleepwell 6x6x14: From ₦142,100
  • Vono Venus 6×4.5×10: From ₦98,800
  • Vono Venus 6×4.5×12: From ₦107,000
  • Vono Venus 6x6x8: From ₦104,200
  • Vono Venus 6x6x10: From ₦115,000
  • Vono Venus 6x6x12: From ₦120,500
  • Vono Venus 6x6x14: From ₦137,000
  • Victoria Foam Mattress 4.5 x 6×10″: From ₦74,385

Vono Foam Pillows

  • Executive Quilted Fibre: From ₦4,936
  • Vono Bliss Memory Pillow: From ₦11,400
  • Vono Fibre Pillow: From ₦3,730
  • Vono Fluffy Fibre Pillow: From ₦3,200

Vono Foam Hospital Furniture

  • 3 x 6 Deluxe Hospital Bedframe: From ₦110,170
  • 3 x 6 Unique Hospital Bedframe: From ₦110,850
  • Hospital Bedside Cabinet: From ₦39,700
  • Hospital Drip Stand: From ₦25,000
  • Hospital Examination Bed: From ₦129,700
  • Hospital Overhead Table: From ₦68,000

Vono Foam Events and Leisure Furniture

  • Chrome Coated Banquet Chair: From ₦24,150
  • Cox Bench: From ₦97,885
  • Event Padded Chair: From ₦12,500
  • High Back Banquet Chair: From ₦17,583.57
  • Vono Beach Mat: From ₦9,000

Vono Foam Home Furniture

  • 3 Seater Classic Sofa (Leather): From ₦112,000
  • Arthur Sofa: From ₦1,000,000
  • Bishop Bed: From ₦345,500
  • Bluxone sofa: From ₦155,800.00
  • Bruno Sofa with Ottoman 5 Seaters: From ₦378,000
  • Cedar Sofa 7 Seater: From ₦726,000
  • Century Bed: From ₦119,846.22
  • Century Bedside MDF: From ₦20,029.41
  • Chaise Lounge: From ₦150,000
  • Chesterfield Sofa 7-Seater: From ₦920,000
  • Clara Nest of Stools: From ₦115,980
  • Classic Single Chair: From ₦80,000.00
  • Classic Sofa: From ₦465,582.09
  • Club Chair: From ₦101,086.04
  • Coffee Side Stool: From ₦39,460.05
  • Combo Nest of Stools: From ₦135,000
  • Cottage Baby Cot: From ₦121,000
  • Cross Stool: From ₦21,000
  • Deluxe Sofa 7Seater: From ₦594,822.46
  • DOLLY SOFA: From ₦600,000.00
  • Drum Stool From ₦45,000
  • Eco Robust Sofa: From ₦813,000
  • Elegant Dining Set: From ₦400,000
  • Emperor Bed: From ₦175,400


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mattress

Before you purchase a mattress, you must consider several factors. Here are some of these important factors:


There are different sizes of mattresses. The most common sizes include full, queen, twin, single, and king. You should make your choice depending on the amount of real estate you have. Also, you should consider the number of people sleeping on the mattress. If you are purchasing for a couple, then it must be larger than one for a single person or child.


How much comfort do you want to enjoy from using the mattress? There are different mattress comfort levels. They range from plush to firm, personalized to contour. It all depends on what you want. Most mattress companies like Vono Foam have color codes for different comfort levels. Ask questions so that you get the right level before purchasing.


One of the major influences on your sleep is temperature. The fabric covering the mattress and the kind of mattress will determine its temperature levels. If you reside in a warm region, you need a mattress that balances out the effect of the surrounding climate. This is the only way you will enjoy your sleep.

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