Wall Fan Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

The fan is more than a simple appliance that one uses to circulate air and cool a room. This cooling appliance is regarded as one of the to-haves in houses. Seen as a cheap alternative to air conditioning AC, fans can improve ventilation in a room and can also help lower the temperature of a room. While ceiling fans and wall fans have gained ground in the market over the years, wall fans have also in their ways become people’s darling.

For all the right reasons, wall fans are becoming prominent in the market. Although they might not be the most popular and most sought-after type of fans in this part of the world, wall fans are widely regarded as one of the very best types of fans around. Wall fans serve as the best alternatives to houses that cannot allow the installation of ceiling fans, either because of the structure or strength of the ceiling. Wall fans are mounted on a wall. They combine the dynamism of standing fans with the operation of standing fans.

wall fan prices in nigeria

In situations where space is limited, wall fans are usually the best. Unlike standing fans, all you do is mount it on any available space on the wall, thus leaving the remaining parts of the room free. Compared to ceiling fans, wall fans are easier to install and relatively stress-free to maintain. They can be installed in a few minutes.

Wall fans are of various types with various modes of operation; some oscillate and some others are unidirectional. They are available in different designs, types, colours, and qualities, hence they vary in price.

In this post, we will take a look at the prices of various brands of wall fans available in Nigeria today. We will also consider some factors to note when buying one.

Prices of Wall Fans in Nigeria

Wall fans will probably rank among the least when it comes to fan-type popularity. They are not the most sought-after but are proud to stand among the best and most flexible. They are suitable for houses, halls, and other similar environments.

Just like standing and ceiling fans, wall fans are available in different sizes, designs, and classes and vary in quality, durability, and efficiency. While some popular brands have ruled this market over the years, some new-generation companies are beginning to make waves with unique high-tech designs.

Wall fans can be purchased directly from manufacturers or distributors across the country. For convenience, they can also be gotten in contemporary stores or via e-commerce. Let us take a look at the prices of some popular brands in 2018.

ORL Wall Fans & Prices in Nigeria

  • 16 inches wall fan: From N29,000
  • 18 inches wall fan: From N30,000
  • 18 inches Industrial wall fan: From N76,000
  • 20 inches Industrial wall fan: From N85,000
  • 26 inches Industrial wall fan: From N91,500

Ox Wall Fans & Prices in Nigeria

  • 18 inches wall fan: From N25,000
  • Ox Modern Industrial Wall Mounted Fan -18 Inches: From N50,000
  • 20 inches Industrial wall fan: From N78,500
  • 26 inches wall fan: From N30,000
  • Ox Modern Industrial Wall Mounted Fan -26 Inches: From N85,000

Other Wall Fan Brands and Prices in Nigeria

  • Century 16 inches wall fan: From N15,000
  • QASA 16 inches (orbit) wall fan: From N36,000
  • Panasonic wall fan: From N40,000
  • Lontor 16 inches wall fan: From N45,000
  • STC 16 inches wall fan: From N20,000
  • Qlink 18 inches wall fan: From N11,700


Wall fans are among the most expensive types of fans. On average, they are more expensive than ceiling fans and can be more expensive than standing fans depending on the brand, size, and other features.

The variation in the prices listed above is a result of certain factors which include the period and place of purchase, currency exchange rate, and other similar factors. This means that a 16-inch wall fan might cost N8,000 in other parts of Niger and cost N10, 000 in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt. Similarly, a 20-inch wall fan might cost N15,000 in other months and cost double in December.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wall Fan 

  • Brand: When it comes to wall fans, brand matters. Some brands have built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products while some are still not proven. Although the popularity of a brand doesn’t always guarantee quality, it is better to be in safe hands.
  • Noise: Noise is another factor to consider. Wall fans tend to generate noise that may disturb your sleep. It is always better to check and enquire about how noisy the wall fan you intend to buy is before purchasing it.
  • Consider the Size: Wall fans vary in inches. The size of the wall fan you pick should hugely depend on the size of the room. The bigger the room, the larger the inches of wall fan you should get.

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