Best Broiler Feeds in Nigeria & Prices (June 2024)

Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative business ventures in Nigeria today. There are different aspects of poultry farming including broiler farming. Broilers are chickens that are eaten as food and get to table size between six and eight weeks.

With the right broiler feed, you can get your birds to table size faster than six weeks. For a feed to be the best for your broilers, it must contain the necessary nutrients that the birds need for development. In this post, we will discuss some of the best broiler feeds in Nigeria as well as their prices.

Best Broiler Feeds in Nigeria

Prices of the Best Broiler Feeds in Nigeria

There are two ways to get feeds for your broilers. You can either formulate your feed from mixing different ingredients or purchase ready-made feed. Finding the best ready-made feed can be difficult because of the amount of substandard feed on the market. After thorough research and checking through customer reviews, we have come up with a list of the best broiler feeds in Nigeria. Check the list below to find out these products and their prices:

  • Hybrid Broiler Super Starter |Mash | Crumble: From ₦7,250
  • Broiler Finisher Mash (Hybrid Brand) -25kg Bag: From ₦7,970
  • TopFeeds Starter Feed for Broiler Chicks (Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag: From ₦8,150
  • TopFeed Broiler Finisher Feed (Mash | Pellets) – 25kg Bag: From ₦8,150
  • Super Starter for Broiler Chicks (TopFeeds Brand | Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag: From ₦8,200
  • Broiler Starter (Top Feeds Brand) 25kg: From ₦8,300
  • Top Feeds Broiler Finisher (Mash | 25kg): From ₦8,300
  • Ultima Finisher Pellet for Broilers (Olam) 25kg Bag: From ₦8,975
  • Ultima Starter Pellet for Broilers (Olam) 25kg Bag: From ₦8,975
  • Ultima Super Starter Pellet for Broilers – 25kg Bag: From ₦9,125
  • Broiler Grower Feed (Hendrix Brand | 25kg): From ₦9,250
  • Broiler Grower Pellets | Hendrix Feeds | 25kg Bag: From ₦9,450


The prices of feeds are affected by several factors including government policies, prices of raw materials, and company policies. Due to the recent economic situation of the country, these prices fluctuate more than usual. You may also notice a little difference in price depending on your location and the vendor that you patronize.

Best Broiler Feeds in Nigeria

What is the best broiler feed in Nigeria? This is a very difficult question to answer considering the number of brands available. Before choosing feed for your birds, you must consider a few factors. Some of them include:

  • Nutrient content.
  • Age of the birds.
  • The health of the feed.
  • Brand name.
  • Brand reputation.

Based on these criteria, we have been able to come up with a few products that we consider the best in Nigeria today. We have discussed each of these products briefly below:

Vital Feed

Vital Feed is among the pioneer operators in the Nigerian livestock sector. This brand has been around for several years and has proven itself as a worthy competitor. Vital Feed is a product brand under Grand Cereals Limited. GCL is an integrated foods company, and it claims to be a manufacturer of superior agricultural products from local materials.

Vital Feed has made GLC one of the most popular manufacturers of animal feeds in Nigeria. This product contains all the nutrients that broilers need to develop properly, a balanced diet. Every single pellet is manufactured with the intention to provide your birds all the nutrients that they need. Finding Vital Feed is pretty easy since the company has depots scattered all over Nigeria as well as distributors.

Stellar Feeds

Stellar Feeds is also a very popular feed brand for broilers in Nigeria. Many poultry farmers love this product because it is very affordable and still provides birds with the necessary nutrients. This product is manufactured by Konet Mill Limited. Konet is one of the leading companies in the animal feed industry in Nigeria.

The company has a range of products for broilers and layers. Each of its products is designed to meet all the requirements for animal feed. Asides from manufacturing feed, Konet Mill also provides consultancy services. What this means is that you can get support and information regarding farm management, animal health, and feed issues from Konet. This company is a complete animal health outfit as it has under its employ farm management specialists, nutritionists, and veterinary doctors.

Animal Care Feeds

Just like Stellar Feeds, Animal Care Feeds also provides poultry feed and auxiliary services. So, when you purchase feed from this company, you become eligible to enjoy these extra services. These services include consultancy on farm management and animal feeding as well as animal health.

Just like all the other feed companies above, Animal Care Feeds is an indigenous animal feed company. This company has been on the scene for a while. Its products are manufactured following strict methods to attain the required animal feed standards. The company packages its products in different sizes including 25kg and 50kg bags.

Top Feeds

Our list of the best broiler feeds in Nigeria will be incomplete with the mention of Top Feeds. Top Feeds is a very popular animal feed brand under the umbrella of Premier Feed Mills. Premier Feed Mills is among the top producers of animal feeds in Nigeria. This company provides a complete range of products manufactured to meet all the animal feed requirements.

Premier Feed Mills began producing feed products in 2003. Over the years, the company has grown to become a leading force in animal feed production. The brand supplies all kinds of animal feeds including feeds for broilers. All the products from this company are tested and proven to be of high quality.

Just like the other companies on our list, Premier Feed Mills provides consultancy services to its customers. These services include farm management, animal health, and feed management services. There are different types of Top Feeds products for broilers including Broiler starter, concentrate, and finisher.

Ultima and Chikun Feeds by Olam Animal Feed Mill

Ultima and Chikun Feeds are both products of the popular Olam Animal Feed Mill. Olam Animal Feed Mill is one of the subsidiaries of Olam Groups. This company has invested in getting the required equipment to produce high-quality feed.

Both feeds are designed to meet the animal feed standards both nationally and internationally. They contain all the nutrients that the birds need to develop properly. You can also get day-old broilers from Olam. This company provides consultancy services as well to ensure that you have the best results on your farm.


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