OLED TV Prices in Nigeria (April 2024)

The gadget market today boasts of various types of televisions. While some have been in existence for ages, modern high-tech televisions have been introduced in recent times. The days when there were just one or two types of televisions are long gone. Thanks to technology, people now have various types of televisions to choose from. These televisions vary in screen type, functionality mode and differ in some additional features. While some of these TVs have made their way into the heart of the market, some types are still relatively new and mark a new generation of high-tech TVs; one of which is the OLED.

Organic Light Emitting Diodes, popularly called OLED, is gradually becoming the in-thing in the TV market all over the world. What is so amazing about this type of TV is that it brings together technology and the natural world. Some even refer to this TV tech as the next level of television in the world. As it stands, they are graded among the best types of TV available.

oled tv prices in nigeria

When an OLED TV is turned on, it gives this very fast response time compared to other basic types of TVs. This is largely due to the fast electric current passing through carbon. The current proms massive quick time response which in turn makes the TV highly responsive and efficient.

OLED TVs are the lightest and most flexible TVs available. IN fact, the TVs can be manufactured to be just some very few millimetres thick, which make them astonishingly light and flexible. Although they are still a long way off dominating the market, their excellent and unique display quality is paving a way for them among the very best TVs in the world. OLED TVs are getting more popular in other parts of the world and it is a matter of time before they step their mark in the market in Nigeria.

Just like other types of TV, OLED TVs are available in various sizes and designs. Although many TV brands have dived into the manufacture of OLED TVs, LG remain the most dominant in this part of the world.

With varying prices of televisions these days, it is essential to consider the prices of OLED TVs in the current market. In this post, we will take a look at prices of various OLED TVs available in Nigeria.

Prices of OLED TVs in Nigeria

OLED TVs have a huge tendency of dominating the market in few years from now.  They scarcity and relatively unpopular state at the moment can be drawn down to their prices in the market. They are among the most expensive televisions in the market today and with their quality of display and other additional features, they most likely won’t come as low as other basic TVs available today.

In Nigeria, LG dominates the market of OLED TVs. While Samsung and Sony are seen as their closest competitors, LG TVs seem to be the main brand in the OLED market in Nigeria as it stands. OLED TVs are not cheap. In fact, they are arguable on top of the expensive TVs list. If you are a fan of high picture quality and overall fast functionality, then you should dream of OLED TVs.

OLED TVs are not as readily available as other types of TV. They can be gotten in selective stores across the country.  They can be gotten directly from the manufacturers and some major distributors across the country. For instance, LG OLED TVs can be gotten from LG stores across the country but might not be available in contemporary stores. This also applies to other popular brands like Sony, Samsung, etc.

Here are some of the available OLED TVs in Nigeria.

LG OLED TVs & Prices in Nigeria

  • 55 inches OLED TV (flat): From N690,000
  • 55 inches curved OLED TV: From N800,000
  • 65 inches smart OLED TV: From N1,540,000
  • 77 inches Signature OLED TV: From N4,600,000
  • 88 inches Signature OLED TV: From N19,870,000


Although there are other OLED TVs available, these are some of the few OLED TVs we can guarantee are in Nigeria for purchase at the moment. However, other OLED TVs can be gotten outside the country and will be about the same price range as those listed above.

The variation in prices listed above is affected by some factors which include place and period the TV is purchased, currency exchange rate at the time of purchase and other similar factors.

Things You Will Like About OLED TVs

  • The picture motion quality is outstanding.
  • OLED TVs are highly responsive
  • They boast of great features that are user-friendly.

Things You May Not Like About OLED TVs

  • The display has a limited lifetime and if not maintained properly, they may not last as long as other types of TV.
  • They are expensive; although they are worth every penny.

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