Toyota Camry 2007 Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Toyota Camry has been among the best selling cars in Nigeria for a while now, with the most sought after being the Camry 2007 model. 2007 marked the beginning of another astonishing series of Camry vehicles popularly called ‘Camry muscle’.

The series entered the fray when the largely successful Camry 2005/06 model needed to be revamped. With every new Camry much improved than previous versions, expectations for the new Muscle ’07 model were high, and of course, did not disappoint.

toyota camry 2007 price in nigeria

If you want to know more about Toyota Camry 2007, then this piece is just for you. In this post, we will take a look at features of the Toyota Camry Muscle 2007 and also consider how much it goes for in the current market.

Prices of Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria (Tokunbo)

Nigerians have embraced foreign used cars over the years and are still very much in the automobile market for this Camry model. Although it is gradually running out in the market as models that are more recent are in demand, Toyota Camry 2007 model is still a big deal in the automobile world. They can be purchased from various car dealers in Nigeria or imported directly from outside the country.

On average, foreign used Toyota Camry 2007 model can be purchased anything from N4.2 million. It should be noted that the variation in the prices is as a result of certain factors. These factors include the currency exchange rate at the time of purchase, custom clearance fees and other basic tariffs, the condition of the car and other basic factors.

Prices of Locally Used Toyota Camry 2007 in Nigeria

The prices of locally cars are generally dependent on the condition of the vehicles. The fuel mileage, neatness, overall condition of the engine and other core specs are some of the factors that affect the eventual prices of these kinds of vehicles. Locally used Toyota Camry 2007 are readily available in the automobile market and can be purchased anything from N2.65 million.

It is fair to think some of these locally used cars might have significant issues, whether mechanical or electrical, but not always. In fact, most of the time, these vehicles have little difference when compared to foreign used cars and given the ruggedness and durability of Toyota Camry 2002 model, you can expect a smooth deal.


Things You Should Know About Toyota Camry 2007

Toyota Camry no doubt rates among the very best when it comes to fuel economy, mid-side vehicle operation, comfortably ride and lovely handling. However, prior to the introduction of the Toyota Muscle in 2007, the question had been raised about how boring the vehicle looked. Toyota needed to address that sphere, and you bet they did in one of the most legendary of fashions.

In response to people’s demand for a more exciting and classier vehicle, Toyota created more Camry 2007 models (LE, SE, LE V-6, SE V-6, and XLE V-6, plus a new hybrid). Interestingly, the distinctions between these models are obvious and amazing.

The models range from the astonishingly designed CE to the almost-luxury XLE. In between the models are the LE, a compact step up from the parent CE, and the SE, a sportier version of the model. Also, there is the outstanding Hybrid model which boasts a combination of electric motor engine fitted with a new unceasingly variable transmission.

The front-end design is fresh, with lovely sharp points, curving cut-lines and interesting surface planes. The hood gently dips across the middle, pushing visual bulk out over the gallant front guards. The grille garbs a Toyota logo prominently above the coolly slanted, horizontal slats. The one-piece façade blends all the various elements into an even aero-look that is some steps away from the generic Toyota Camry look.

Like most other Toyota automobiles, the 2007 Toyota Camry has the energy and class of Toyota. Unlike preceding models, Camry 2007 boasts more powerful and livelier engines with new transmissions. The interior is thoroughly remodelled, and the body is quite commanding.

Things you will like about the Toyota Camry 2007

  • Lovely Interior: If a vehicle interior is one of the core factors you appreciate in a vehicle, then you will surely be happy with this sedan. The Toyota Camry model is simply adorable and features gauges that are easy to read and suitably placed instrument controls.
  • Strong Engine Performance: Regardless of the trim you go for, you can expect powerful engines.
  • Comfort: The seats are coolly padded with nice materials and you can be certain of lovely comfort while driving.
  • Great Handling: This family sedan is balance on the road and the handling is steady. Even the sport version is firm and balance on the road.
  • Durability: Toyota vehicles are generally durable. The spare parts are readily available and are easy to fix.

Things you may not like about the Toyota Camry 2007

  • This Toyota Camry model is quite pricey when compared to some other vehicles in its category.


It is easy to see why the world has fallen so much in love with Toyota. While the affordability, ease of maintenance and fuel economy of their vehicles have earned so much praise over the years, their vehicle’s functionality, ruggedness, and reliability rate them among the most dependable in recent times. In fact, they now rank tops as the most sought after automobile brand in Nigeria, with one of their vehicles – the Toyota Camry – rating among the most purchased automobile in the last ten years.

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