Toyota Camry 2008 Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Every great thing you have heard about Toyota Camry 2008 is probably true. Toyota made a staggering statement when they released the Camry muscle 2007 model and needed to build on that. Fans craved for more and, like always, the brand delivered in an emphatic fashion. The introduction of the Toyota 2008 model confirmed the continual creativity, dynamism and Toyota’s desire to give their fans the very best.

Let us take a more in-depth look at the Toyota Camry 2008 and how much it goes for in Nigeria today. We will consider the prices of foreign used and locally used versions.

toyota camry 2008 price in nigeria

Price of Toyota Camry 2008 in Nigeria — Tokunbo (Foreign Used)

Foreign used (Tokunbo) Toyota Camry 2008 presently costs anything from N4 million depending on the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase.

Although there is nothing as special as a brand-new car, neither in quality nor freshness, used versions of these vehicles, whether locally used or foreign used, sometimes serve as great alternatives. With a brand new Toyota 2008 model way out of stock, the best available bet remains the foreign used version of the model. The fact that Toyota is known for durable and reliable vehicles means you should not have a problem going for a used Camry 2008.

Africa rates among the biggest markets for foreign used vehicles and that does not look like changing anytime soon. Used vehicles are relatively cheaper and maintain almost the same efficiency as brand new, especially for reliable brands like Toyota. Prices of foreign used Camry 2008 vary due to some certain factors, which include the condition of the vehicle, the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase, fuel mileage, and other similar factors.

Prices of Locally Used Toyota Camry 2008 in Nigeria

A neat locally used Toyota Camry 2008 model can be purchased for anything from N2.5 million.

Like all other vehicles, prices of locally used Toyota Camry 2008 are affected by various factors including the condition of the vehicle and how neat the used vehicle is. Sometimes, the place of purchase also affects the eventual price the vehicle goes for.

Toyota Camry 2008 has become a familiar darling of the road and in recent times and its demand has significantly improved in the local automobile market. While Foreign used cars are generally seen to be more reliable than locally used versions, the latter offers a cheaper and less stressful option.


Toyota Camry 2008 Overview

It is almost impossible to talk about vehicle brands without Toyota being the first name on everyone’s lips. Apart from the fact that the automobile brand has developed a status for manufacturing astounding vehicles, they have continuously rated among the most reliable vehicle brands in Africa. With many dazzling and road-friendly automobiles to their names, one particular family sedan stands out in almost all areas – the Toyota Camry.

It will take you less than 20 minutes cruising in the Camry 2008 to understand why it is nicknamed ‘muscle’ and why it rates among Toyota’s most standout sedans. Whether behind the wheels or in any of the passenger’s seat, the ambiance and sensation in this vehicle are outstanding.

Let us take a more in-depth look at the Toyota Camry 2008, considering its core features and specs.

Toyota Camry 2008: What You Should Know About the Vehicle

While various sedan brands have come and gone, the Toyota Camry remains a popular choice in the automobile market over the last decade. It is not perfect, of course, but the Camry 2008 model not only rates among the best Toyota Camry models of all time, but it also boasts among the most successful Toyota products to date. It boasts features every car lover loves to see: It is spacious, comfy, solid on the road and easy to drive.

The sedan comes as a midsize four-door sedan available in four trim levels –The base, LE, SE, and XLE. The base Camry formally called the CE, features a four-cylinder engine, while the other three higher trims offer options between the four-cylinder and bigger V6.

All the trims feature a standard 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that rates 158 horsepower and 161 pound-feet of torque.

Toyota Camry 2008: Things You Will Like About The Car

Top-notch Safety Features: Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a vehicle and the Camry 2008 did not disappoint in this area. All the trims boast amazing safety features that guarantee largely guarantees safety. The vehicle comes with front-seat side airbags, full-length side curtain airbags, and a driver knee airbag to further guarantee safety during a crash.

Smooth Performance: As heavy as this vehicle is, you can hardly pick a vehicle that is more efficient in terms of performance in its category. It ensures a lovely ride with a close-to-silent engine on the road.

Lovely Design: If you love the Camry 2008 model, you will love this even more. This model adds a touch of class and elegance to an already strong design. The interior is amazing and comfortable. A sweet blend of efficiency and beauty!

Toyota Camry 2008: Things You May Not Like About The Vehicle

While there are lots of impressive features here, the Toyota Camry 2008 is not as fuel efficient as some other vehicles in its category. Given its strong design and rugged performance, you should not expect anything less from the ‘muscle 2008’.

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