Toyota Camry 2020 Price in Nigeria (June 2024)

Toyota vehicles are tested and trusted and from experience, we know that they are reliable, dependable, and worth every Naira spent. There are several product lines from this company including the Camry. Since its introduction in 1982, the Camry has proven to be a vehicle worth spending on.

There are several generations of the Camry but this post will focus on the Camry 2020. This vehicle ranges from the regular family sedan to a TRD sports sedan and a hypermiling commuter. What you get depends on the trim that you purchase.

How much does a Toyota Camry 2020 cost in Nigeria? What are the common problems of this vehicle? Continue reading to find out.

Toyota Camry 2020 Price in Nigeria


Toyota Camry 2020 Price in Nigeria

Knowing the cost of a vehicle before purchase allows you to figure out if you can afford that vehicle or not. We understand this need and have helped to survey the market for the price of the Toyota Camry 2020 on your behalf. Check below to find out the price of this vehicle.

Toyota Camry 2020 Price in Nigeria – Tokunbo

A tokunbo Toyota Camry 2020 is the closest you with get to a new one in Nigeria currently. In fact, you cannot find a new version of this car anywhere in the world as the company has halted the production of this generation. Tokunbo vehicles are also known as foreign-used cars and their name explains their origin. These cars have been used by foreign owners before importation into the country. They come almost perfect and seldom have any issues to fix. Because of this, they are costlier than Nigerian-used vehicles. With that out of the way, check the price of a Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2020 below:

  • Toyota Camry 2020 (tokunbo): From N20 million

Toyota Camry 2020 Price in Nigeria – Nigerian-used

A Nigerian-used vehicle doesn’t cost as much as a tokunbo car. However, it comes with more concerns because of the poor maintenance culture in this part of the world. If you have to purchase a Nigerian-used Toyota Camry 2020, ensure that you go with a mechanic and find out its history. Check the price of a Nigerian-used Toyota Camry 2020 below:

  • Toyota Camry 2020 (Nigerian-used): From N17.8 million

Note that there are only very few Nigerian-used versions of the Toyota Camry 2020 available in Nigeria.


Common Problems with the Toyota Camry 2020

The Toyota Camry has a very long history, especially in Africa and the United States. While we thought Toyota has done it all with previous versions, the company surpassed all expectations with the Toyota Camry 2020. Despite being an amazing vehicle, there have been a few complaints from users. This section will show you some of the common problems with the Toyota Camry 2020.

Electrical system

The electrical system of a vehicle is one of its most important aspects. This system ensures that you can enjoy the infotainment system, air conditioning, and several other day-to-day functions of the vehicle.

Several reviews of this car have revealed that the remote app and Wi-Fi stopped working just two weeks after purchase. Others have complained about the rear speakers making rattling sounds and the general infotainment system malfunctioning occasionally.

Battery drain

Another aspect of this vehicle that has raised eyebrows is the battery. It seems that there are aspects of this vehicle that affect the life and performance of the battery. Sometimes, users are already looking to change the car’s battery within the first year meanwhile, underlying issues are causing the drain.

Here’s a complaint submitted by one user regarding this issue:

I bought what I thought was my dream car, a 2020 Toyota Camry 06/01/20. Today is the 3rd time I have taken it in to the dealership to have the 2nd battery replaced- I took it in two weeks ago, the dealership said everything was fine- they forced the battery to fail, said they replaced it and this morning after the car sitting for one day without being driven and it was dead again! I am so disappointed in this car.”

While Toyota hasn’t taken responsibility for the battery drain, it claims that there are several causes for the drain. Some of them include temperature, storage, parasitic drains, and battery loads.

Engine issues

It is no secret that a car’s engine is its most important component. Painfully, the Toyota Camry 2020 has a few engine problems that you should know about. According to one owner, “the car smells like coolant when exiting after driving. Cannot find a visible leak, but overflow reservoir is empty after 3,000 miles.”

This issue became so pronounced that Toyota had to issue a recall. It is said that some of the castings in the engine are porous. This porosity has resulted in some cracks that have led to the coolant seeping out. The challenge with this is that it can be a lot more serious since there is the risk of a fire as well.

Toyota Camry 2020 Vehicle Dimensions


  • EPA Classification: Midsize Cars
  • Weight Information
  • Base Curb Weight (lbs): 3472

Interior Dimensions

  • Passenger Capacity: 5
  • Front Hip Room (in): 55.4
  • Front Leg Room (in): 42.1
  • Second Shoulder Room (in): 55.7
  • Passenger Volume (ft³): 99.9
  • Second Head Room (in): 37.6
  • Front Shoulder Room (in): 57.7
  • Second Hip Room (in): 54.6
  • Front Head Room (in): 38.3
  • Second Leg Room (in): 38

Exterior Dimensions

  • Wheelbase (in): 111.2
  • Track Width, Rear (in): 63.2
  • Height, Overall (in): 56.9
  • Length, Overall (in): 192.1
  • Min Ground Clearance (in): 5.7
  • Track Width, Front (in): 63
  • Width, Max w/o mirrors (in): 72.4

Cargo Area Dimensions

  • Trunk Volume (ft³): 15.1

Toyota Camry 2020 Fuel Economy

Fuel Tank

  • Fuel Tank Capacity, Approx (gal): 13.2


  • Fuel Economy Est-Combined (MPG): 52
  • EPA Fuel Economy Est – City (MPG): 51
  • EPA Fuel Economy Est – Hwy (MPG): 53

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