5 Cheapest Airlines in Nigeria (October 2023)

Air transportation is regarded as the fastest and largely, the most convenient means of transportation in Nigeria today. It is also seen as the safest, hence, the most preferred means of transportation by a mile. While there are loads of advantages that come with air transportation, the main issue with it is how much it goes for. This mode of transportation is largely the most expensive, thereby restricting a fraction of people from accessing it.

In this post, we will be considering the 5 cheapest Airlines in Nigeria. We will consider this based on their process on and off-peak period.

cheapest airlines in nigeria

Cheapest Airlines in Nigeria

The airline industry has boomed in Nigeria over the past decade. With a lot of people now preferring to travel by air, many airlines have been birthed, breeding significant competition in the industry. Some airlines have found a way to stand among the most sought after though, with significantly affordable airline tickets. These airlines, although might not necessarily be the very best, are largely comfortable, stress-free and easily accessible.

Here, we will take a look at five of the cheapest airlines currently running in Nigeria. The list is compiled based on their average prices of tickets during peak and of peak periods. Peak periods usually see a surge in prices of air tickets due to the huge demand at the time. This period might not be the best time to estimate how cheap or expensive a flight ticket. Hence, the combination of the off-peak period and the slight-peak period.

See below the 5 cheapest Airlines in Nigeria today.

1. Dana Air

Dana Air rates among the cheapest Airlines in Nigeria today. The Nigeria-based air company, which is owned by a group of Indians, is one of the most popular and oldest airlines that is still operational today. While it might have lost its grip as the very best airline in Nigeria, as they once were rated, they still remain among the highest rated in the industry.

Dana Air have lost their license more than once in recent times largely due to safety reasons, although they have since solved the issues and are fully operational to the best standards. Dana Air is currently among the cheapest in airlines in Nigeria. During off-peak seasons, their tickets go as low as N20, 000 within the country.

As it stands, Dana Air routes include airports in Port Harcourt, Owerri, Abuja, Lagos and a few other cities in Nigeria. You can get a ticket for as low as N21, 000 for an economy ticket from Abuja to Lagos during off-peak, although expect it to be way more for a one-way trip during busy periods.

2. Air Peace

It is astonishing to see how Air peace has done since they slid into the industry in 2013. Apart from the fact that they currently rate as one of the most popular airlines in Nigeria, they are among the most sought after. They have earned positive reviews for their operations and willingness to make their customers as comfortable as possible.

Despite their premium status, Air Peace run as one of the cheapest airlines in the country. With their very affordable air ticket fees and top-class safety measures and controls, it is easy to see why they are rated among the very best today. They currently maintain their status among the cheapest without compromising top-class operation and safety.

Air Peace is a private company that flies to and from major cities in Nigeria, which include Lagos, Owerri, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Sokoto, Kaduna, Calabar, Benin, Uyo and have also extended their trade to Kano in recent times. They are among the airlines tipped to go international, and specifically, outside the continent soon, with Dubai being their flagship international terminus.

As it stands, you can get an Air Peace airline ticket for as low and N22, 000 during off-peak periods to your local destination. To get this offer though, you are expected to have booked your ticket to the destination a few weeks before the proposed date as you can expect a hike in price if you are to book a few days or hours to the day.

3. Arik Air

Arik Air is another standout airline that is currently operational in Nigeria. With their main competitors being Air Peace and the fast-rising Max Air, the airline has decided to maintain a competitive air ticket price. Founded by Arumemi Ikhide in the early years of the past decade, the airline has come a long way in building a lasting reputation as one of the most rated and appreciated.

With no damaging record over the years, Arik can easily rate among the best. They fly back and forth major cities including Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Asaba, and some other states. Their flight tickets are largely affordable and with less than N23, 000 you can book a flight to a local destination during off-peak periods.

4. Medview

Medview is one of the few airlines that run international routes in Nigeria. Their routes include London, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, among others. Their air tickets for local trips can go as low as N24, 000 during off-peak periods although they surge expressly to higher amounts during busy seasons.

5. Max Air

Max Air is one of the country’s leading airlines. The airline operates domestic, regional and international flight networks. While they are not necessarily the cheapest airline in Nigeria, they are among the top five most affordable. You can book a local flight ticket for less than N26, 000.

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