How Much is Flight from Abuja to Lagos? (2024)

The importance of transportation in Nigeria today cannot be underestimated. While a whole lot of people have embraced the convenience, comfort, and stress-free system of transportation, some few people still have reservation about it which is built by the lack of proper maintenance and services experienced by airlines in the past. Thankfully, these issues have been largely resolved and air transportation has been a great advantage to lots of people, especially when it comes to moving in and out of Abuja.

Lagos is seen as the centre of business in the country which means the major business activities are done within the city. It is understandable why the airline from Abuja to Lagos is the busiest local airway in Abuja. Whether for business, vacation, or official purposes, there is usually a reason to visit Lagos from Abuja. While the past has seen road transportation as the most popular of all means of transportation from Abuja to Lagos, technology has made things easier with the introduction and smooth operation of air transportation. This means of transportation is not only faster and far less stressful, it is also more convenient and comfortable.

how much is flight from abuja to lagos

Gone are the days when flight tickets are so hard to come by and so difficult to purchase. Remember the days when tickets were only sold at the airport and you’d need to go to the airport early to book your flight without a guarantee you would get one and have no idea when the plane would take off? Those days are far over. Thanks to technology, you can now easily book a flight without even stepping out of your room. The various airlines available today afford you the opportunity to book your ticket and pay online. All the details about your flight including the time, seat number, and other basic information you need are also displayed to you right there and then.

With the issue of how and where to book for flight ticket settled, the question of how much a flight ticket costs from Abuja to Lagos now comes into play. Luckily, that is what this post covers. Various airlines have varying price tickets which is dependent on certain factors including the date and time of booking, date and time of flight, and some other basic factors.

In this post, we will consider the various prices of flight tickets from Abuja to Lagos for several airlines. We will also consider the estimated flight time from Abuja to Lagos and also take a glance at some nice places to visit in Lagos.

How Much is a Flight Ticket From Abuja to Lagos?

Prices of flights from Abuja to Lagos is one is one of the most talked about in recent times when it comes to local flight tickets. The flight ticket’s inconsistent price has not only drawn attention, it has also raised cause for alarm on some few occasions. Transportation by air is expensive, but the relative difference in ticket can be ridiculous.

There is no exact flight ticket price from Abuja to Lagos. It is possible for a flight ticket booked two hours ago to be more expensive than another booked a few minutes ago from the same airline. The weather, time of day, and some other basic factors play a crucial role in the variation of flight ticket prices from Abuja to Lagos. It should also be noted that the flight ticket price from Lagos to Abuja is not necessarily the same as the price of a flight ticket from Abuja to Lagos. Although they are usually around the same range, they are rarely exact figures.

Buying a flight ticket in Abuja is not difficult. With various airline options available at the airport today, there are a variety of options to choose from. Technology has made things much easier with the introduction of the Internet. You can easily book your flight online and see all the details you need including the time of flight, your seat number, duration of the trip, and other factors. Some websites even show you various airlines available at that particular time, indicating the prices of each. Airlines offer various packages and they vary slightly in prices across other airlines.

The major determinant of how cheap or expensive a flight ticket is is the time the ticket is booked. Usually, if tickets are booked earlier, there is a great tendency for the ticket will be cheaper. The earlier you book a ticket, the cheaper they go for. This means that you can get a one-way flight from Abuja to Lagos for as low as N89,000 and as high as N109, 000 depending on when you book the flight.

If you are wondering how much flight tickets from Abuja to Lagos cost, you are on the right page. In this post, we will take a look at the prices of flight tickets from Abuja to Lagos for various popular airlines. We will limit the prices to the economy option as it is the most booked flight today.

One-Way Ticket from Abuja to Lagos

  • Dana Airways: From N89, 000
  • Aero: From N91, 700
  • Med View Airline: From N91, 700
  • Arik Air: From N104, 550
  • Green Africa: From N101, 500
  • Air Peace: From N109, 300

Return Ticket from Abuja to Lagos

  • Dana Airways: From N89, 000
  • Aero: From N91, 700
  • Med View Airline: From N91, 700
  • Arik Air: From N104, 550
  • Green Africa: From N101, 500
  • Air Peace: From N109, 300


How long does it take to fly from Abuja to Lagos?

On average, flight from Abuja to Lagos is about 1 hour 15 minutes. While some airplanes from Abuja get to Lagos a few minutes before the calculated average flight time, some others arrive a few minutes later.

The calculated flying distance from Abuja to Lagos is about 536 Kilometres which equals about 333 Miles while the driving distance between these two cities is about 753 Kilometres.

Top Places to Visit in Lagos

  • Freedom Park: Freedom Park is one of the ancient Parks in Lagos. The park was basically constructed to maintain the rich history of Nigeria. Even if you are going to Lagos for a short while, a stroll to Freedom Park promises to be amazing.
  • Beaches: Lagos is not short of beaches. With Tarkwa Bay Beach, Elegushi Beach, Kuramo Beach, and Oniru Private Beach, to mention a few, always buzzing night and day, you can be sure that a visit to any of these locations will make your day…and night.
  • Ikeja Shopping Mall: ICM is one of the busiest shopping malls in Lagos. Deservedly so, the shopping mall offers you almost everything you need. It features cool relaxation spots and is the home of the loveliest eateries in town. Do not leave Lagos without a stop by the Ikeja Shopping Mall.

Other places to visit include…

  • National Theatre
  • Liam and Noel’s Book Club
  • GET arena
  • Nike Art Gallery
  • Lekki Conservation Centre
  • New Africa Shrine
  • Kalakuta Museum
  • Lekki Leisure Beach
  • Quilox

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