Hikvision Camera Prices in Nigeria (March 2023)

The importance of CCTV cameras cannot be overemphasized. With the demand for surveillance cameras on the rise today, many brands have now dived into the production of the cameras. While this comes as good news to many, it has also only made it difficult for one to pick a particular brand. One brand that has over time established itself as a leading camera brand is Hikvision. Apart from the fact that this brand has consistently delivered top-quality products, they have also marked themselves among the most reliable in the industry.

Hikvision Camera Prices in Nigeria

This post takes a look at common Hikvision cameras available in Nigeria today and how much they go for.

Hikvision Camera Prices in Nigeria Today

Hikvision cameras come in various types, sizes, and features. As expected, the more the features, the more expensive the cameras. Their products are readily available and can be gotten in almost all gadget stores in the country. Here are some of the very common Hikvision camera brands in Nigeria today and how much they go for.

  • Hikvision Panoramic Camera: N75, 000 – N250, 000
  • Hikvision Turbo Dome 720 MP Camera: N4, 000 – N17, 000
  • Hikvision Network Fish Eye CCTV Camera: N80, 000 – N110, 000
  • Hikvision Speed dome CCTV Camera: N130, 000 – N260, 000
  • Hikvision 1 MP CCTV combo pack: N80, 000 – N125, 000
  • Hikvision 4 MP Bullet CCTV Camera: N35, 000 – N50, 000
  • Hikvision Network Varifocal dome camera: N66, 000 – N105, 000
  • Hikvision 4 MP Network dome CCTV Camera: N30, 000 – N80, 000
  • Hikvision 2 MP Network dome CCTV Camera: N26, 000 – N65, 000
  • Hikvision 2 MP WDR fixed Network dome: N26, 000 – N35, 000
  • Hikvision 3 MP WDR Fixed Network Dome: N33, 000 – N40, 000


Hikvision is one of the most rated camera brands in the industry. The market knows, and it reflects in the prices of their products. They are one of those camera brands you will buy their products and get great value for your money, irrespective of the price. The great news is that Hikvision cameras, as already highlighted, are not overly expensive, especially when compared with other similar products. This is one of the main reasons why they are highly sought after in the country today.

The prices as listed above are gathered from various sources in the current market and are largely reliable. However it is advisable for potential buyers to confirm the prices of these products before they buy them. These prices could due to certain factors. These factors include currency exchange rate at the period of purchase, place and period of buy and other similar factors. It should be noted that the features the camera boast of also affects the price, so also does the pixel quality. It is also possible that the prices differ based on location. For instance, a Hikvision camera that costs N30, 000 in a place like Lagos may cost less in other states. Also, there are periods I the year when prices of gadgets like these go up. During festive period, for example, or towards the end of the year, one can expect a surge in the prices of these cameras.

What You Should Know About Hikvision

Hikvision is a Chinese company that was established in 2001. Since their establishment, the brand has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of ground-breaking CCTV solutions. The company manufactures a wide range of CCTV cameras and equipment, including IP cameras, management and analytics software, alarm systems, and many other innovative surveillance equipment.

Their IP cameras are particularly outstanding, drawing attention from various parts of the world.  They offer a range of smart IP camera that are loaded with amazing inbuilt analytics software. The brand’s constant commitment and desire to research and be the very best in the industry has made them standout in so many ways.

Hikvision Camera: What You Will Like About the Cameras

Variety – One great thing about Hikvision is that they provide their customers with a enormous volume of choice on a range of specs of their cameras, including image quality, camera design and even price. This makes it easier for you to narrow whatever kind of camera you are looking for down to your budget in the simplest possible way. Regardless of the type toy are looking for, you can be sure Hikvision has you covered.

Ease of Use – Most of Hikvision cameras are very easy to use. In fact, you do not need to be a tech expet to understand how to use the cameras. They come with manuals that are very easy to comprehend and apply.

Expandability – Hikvision camera systems are generally expandable, which is beneficial for the future. If you can only purchase a particular number of cameras at the start, there wil always be an option for you to include new cameras, should your purpose of buy require an expansion or require extra security.

Analytic Features – Most Hikvision cameras, especially the IP CCTV systems, feature inbuilt software that helps with analytics. This means that you would not have to plan for extra investment in analytics software when using the system.

Durable – Provided they are maintained well, you can use Hikvision camera systems for a very long time without diminish in overall quality and output. If durability is one factor you consider when selecting a camera system, then you wouldn’t have a problem Hikvision camera system. They are also easy to maintain.

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