Prices of Baby Rockers in Nigeria (2024)

One tradition that parents learn automatically is the act of rocking. A lot of times, your baby will need to be rocked to sleep, to be calm, and to stop crying. Babies naturally respond well to being rocked. They enjoy it, and it makes them feel safe, happy, and relaxed. Parents have come to this understanding and whether consciously or unconsciously, they become real time rockers. The question now remains, how long can a parent rock their little ones for?

While it is difficult for parents to rock their babies for a long time carrying him or her, there are dependable baby rockers out there that can do it for you. The introduction of baby rockers has not only helped babies sleep better and enjoy better overall calmness, it has also reduced Parents’ stress of carrying babies and rocking them whenever they cry or need to sleep.

prices of baby rockers in nigeria

You can imagine the joy on your face when you see your baby bouncing in its rocker. You will cherish the moment when you see your baby happily bouncing with a beautiful smile on his or her face. That is the joy a baby rocker brings. Baby rockers are versatile and are not very expensive. Little ones feel comfortable in them and generally relax them.  You will fall in love with this baby product in no time when you get used to its functions and see its advantages. Although this equipment might not be the most demanded or the most popular baby product, it is one of the baby equipment with the most advantages and will make life easier for parents. The equipment easily keeps your little one occupied while you do other chores you have been postponing for a while.

The baby equipment market in Nigeria has grown to appreciate baby rockers more. The rate of demand for these products has drastically increased over the last decade, and you can expect the market to grow bigger. As it stands, a baby rocker should be one of the core equipment to be on the top of your list for your little one.

Prices of Baby Rockers in Nigeria

Baby Rockers are becoming one of the top in-demand baby products in Nigeria today. They are available in baby equipment stores all over the country.

Here, we will take a look at the prices of various baby walkers available in the market today.

  • Fisher-Price Baby Swing: From N95,000
  • Graco Baby Swing: From N125,500
  • Fisher-Price Baby Rocker: From N25,000
  • Universal Baby Rocker with Vibrator: From N20,000
  • Chico Baby Swing: From N99, 490
  • Intex Baby Bouncing Castle: From N95,000
  • Mastela Baby Bouncer: From N60,000


Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Rocker

The market for baby rockers is growing, and you can be sure to see various types. They vary in size, shape, designs, materials they are made of, and quality. They have been designed for several specific purposes, and it is important to buy a rocker that suits your needs. It is not enough to get a random baby rocker because the safety of your child might at one point or the other depend on it.

The various types of baby rockers available today have made it difficult for parents to just pick a rocker and expect it to suit their needs. Baby workers vary in functionality; while some are designed for infants, some are built to suit older babies. Also, some rockers are designed specifically for males, some for females while some others are unisex.

Here are some basic factors to consider when buying a baby rocker for your little one.

  • Safety: No matter the baby product you are buying, the first question to ask is, how safe is the product? Baby rockers, just like most other baby equipment, are prone to accidents and should be carefully selected. Baby rockers with pads underneath are always advisable. This prevents the rocker from accidentally slipping, especially on a tiled floor.
  • Seat: After checking the safety of the rocker, the next thing on your mind should be your baby’s comfort. There is no point in buying a rocker that your baby wouldn’t be comfortable in. Check how soft and padded the seat of the rocker is and also check how easily washable it is. Go for rockers with extra seat foam with easily washable material.
  • Weight: Baby rockers come along with specified weight limits or capacities. You should choose a rocker that has a higher weight limit, so your baby can use it for longer. You should also consider how easy the rocker is to move from one place to the other. Rockers with too much weight might not be easy to move from one place to the other.
  • Canopy: You may want to take your baby in the baby rocker outside the house to get some fresh air. When the weather isn’t too nice, the canopy shields the baby from the sun. Getting a rocker with a canopy is always an advantage.

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