Prices of Baby Wardrobes in Nigeria (2024)

The introduction of a new baby into a family is always a fantastic gift and is regarded as one of the best rewards a family can get. However, with this amazing addition comes a huge responsibility. Parents expect the house to be a little messy, with little pieces of clothes, diapers, baby creams, and ointments here and there. While some parents have dealt with this disorganized state with ease, others still find it difficult to get a grip on keeping the house tidy and well-organized. The invention of baby wardrobes has, to a large extent, helped parents with babies keep their houses tidy.

Baby wardrobes are not just supposed to stuff all those tiny, colourful, happy-looking clothes of your little ones; pants and all, they should be fun too. As a rule, everything you should get for your little one should scream “fun” Most babies are, by default, untidy. You need to get the right baby wardrobes to keep them in check.

prices of baby wardrobe in nigeria

Nigerian parents are always going to embrace a device that makes their lives easier in all senses, especially when it concerns their little ones. Little wonder baby wardrobes boldly stand as one of the most sought-after baby products because it is on top of every parent’s list when expecting a newborn. Deservedly so, baby wardrobes bring that sense of organization to the house. The various compartments the wardrobe features enable parents to pack different baby stuff in each compartment.

Prices of Baby Wardrobes in Nigeria

The demand for baby wardrobes is constantly on the rise these days and are readily available in almost every baby product store in Nigeria. They can also be purchased from online stores or directly from the manufacturers.

Baby wardrobes hugely vary in process. While some are relatively expensive, some others can be gotten at incredibly lower rates. This variation in prices is largely due to quality differences and functionality.

Let us take a look at the prices of some of the most popular brands of baby wardrobes in Nigeria in 2023.

  • Disney Character Wardrobe: From N70,000
  • Universal Baby Wardrobe: From N30,000
  • Universal 5-step Baby Wardrobe: From N69,000
  • Universal Plastic Wardrobe (4 steps; small): From N20,000
  • Avantix 4-Drawer Baby Wardrobe: From N45,000
  • Mama Love Baby Wardrobe (mobile): From N13,500
  • 4 Tier Baby Wardrobe (Medium): From N36,000
  • Mothercare 4-in-1 baby Wardrobe: From N95,000
  • Sweet Home Drawer: From N20,000


Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Wardrobe

Baby wardrobes are one of the most in-demand baby products today. Their market remains on the rise with new designs introduced daily. While some come in the form of detachable plastics, others come in the form of a mobile wardrobe that can be set and dismantled when not in use. When it comes to baby wardrobes, there is no “the one”. Most of these are designed for particular purposes and parents should consider some basic factors before deciding to go with one.

Baby wardrobes come in different sizes, styles, designs, and materials. Some are small, some are big and some are just in between. Some are mobile, and some few others are not. While some are built to withstand heat and are highly durable, others are less strong, fragile, and built to be used for a short while.

Here, we will take a look at some basic factors to consider when choosing a wardrobe for your little ones.

  • Weight: This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a wardrobe for your baby. It is essential to consider the strength of the wardrobe. Some wardrobes are built to accommodate just a few pieces of baby wear while some others can accommodate as much as possible. If you plan on adding more materials to the baby wears you want to keep in the wardrobe, you should consider stronger wardrobes; any plastic baby wardrobe will suffice.
  • Ease of Use: No doubt, some baby wardrobes are easier to set up, use and pack than others. Parents should always consider a wardrobe that is quite easy to set up. Although some wardrobes are already set even before buying them, some others require parents to set them up themselves. Also, depending on how long you are using the wardrobe, you might consider how easy it is to pack after use.
  • Number of Compartments: Depending on the items you intend to keep in the wardrobe, it makes sense to consider the number of compartments the wardrobe has. Some wardrobes feature up to 5 to 6 compartments, some 3 to 4, while some might have just 2 compartments. Considering the number and kinds of items you intend to keep in the wardrobe will help you choose the type of wardrobe to get for your little one.

Other basic factors to consider when buying a wardrobe for your baby include the ease of maintenance, storage capacity, size, mobility, and other similar factors.

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