Prices of Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria (March 2024)

The rate and manner in which Toyota has ruled the automobile market are staggering. Aside from the fact that they are known for building strong, durable, reliable, and absolutely fashionable automobiles, their consistency in designing and bringing up new features has undoubtedly made them one of the best automobile companies in history. Mostly known for constantly maintaining and improving on a particular brand for a long time, their Toyota RAV4 only confirms their steady delivery of excellent and wonderfully designed vehicles.

prices of toyota rav4 in nigeria

Toyota RAV4 simply gives you everything you might need from a crossover vehicle. From its stylish interior to its enviable exterior, this Toyota model oozes excellence from all over. Just like most other Toyota brands, RAV4 has been embraced with open arms in the market since its release over 24 years ago. While its latest models command attention and respect, what has stunned car lovers the most is the absolute consistency and improvement made for each model released. RAV4 is one of the oldest Toyota models still in the market today. Nigerians love consistency matched with creativity, one reason why they remain lovers of RAV4 to date.

Like other Toyota models, spare parts of this classy crossover SUV are easily accessible and affordable, thanks to its consistency and exploitation in the automobile market. The latest model is mouth-watering; one cannot get enough of its plush interior and exquisite design. There is only one thing involved here; with RAV4, you can never go wrong.

Let us take a look at the Prices of various models of Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria.

Brand New Toyota Rav4 Price in Nigeria (2018)

When the automobile market accepts a vehicle with open arms, you can only expect a consistent production of the vehicle. That is exactly the situation with RAV4; since the launch of its first model in 1994, the market has consistently craved more of the model, challenging the brand to constantly come up with new models every year. Toyota never runs out of ideas with every year inspiring an improved model of the previous year.

With the production of the Toyota RAV4 still on, brand-new versions of the latest model can be purchased directly from manufacturers or international distributors across the globe. It should be noted that there is no fixed price for the brand new latest model of RAV4 due to certain factors that include inconsistent currency exchange rates, clearance, and customs tariffs among other factors.

The 2018 model of RAV4 can be purchased for anything from 30 million naira depending on the factors already discussed above.

Prices of Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Toyota RAV4 In Nigeria

Nothing beats a brand new “tear rubber” vehicle; definitely not in quality, neatness, freshness, or overall performance. Nigeria has a very large market for foreign used automobiles. In fact, the nation stands tall as one of the countries with the highest number of sales of foreign used cars in Africa. This is largely because most Nigerians see little difference between brand-new cars and their foreign-used versions. Why buy a brand new car when you can enjoy the same quality and general efficiency in the foreign used version which you even get for a cheaper price?

Give to the durability, efficiency, and rugged nature of the RAV4; most Nigerians have opted to get the foreign-used version of the car which serves the same purpose and almost the same quality as the brand-new versions. With its ruggedness, a neat foreign used RAV4 is almost as good as the brand new model, provided the engines and other important parts of the SUV are functioning at the highest level.

Here, we will take a look at the prices of various models of Toyota RAV4, focusing on models from 2005 to date. It should be noted that the variation in these prices is a result of some basic factors including the currency exchange rate at the time of purchase, clearance and custom tariff, the year of production of the vehicle, and other similar factors.

The list below shows the current prices of foreign-used (tokunbo) RAV4 in Nigeria in 2021

  • Toyota RAV4 2005 : From 5 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2008: From 6.5 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2009:  From 6.5 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2012: From 8 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2013: From 11 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2017: From 15 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2018 – From 17 million naira

Prices of Locally Used Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria

Locally used cars are generally known to be cheaper than foreign-used versions. Understandably so, there is depreciation in terms of quality, freshness, and sometimes, general efficiency; not in all cases though. RAV4, like some other Toyota crossovers or jeeps, has a record of being very durable and maintains great efficiency for a long time, thanks to their energetic and well-built engines. Buying a fairly used Toyota RAV4 would not be a bad idea.

It is essential to consider some basic factors which include the neatness, the strength of the engine, the general efficiency of the vehicle, and the physical and operational on-road conditions of the vehicle among other factors. The eventual prices of various models of the car also depend on the factors already mentioned above. While you would not have to contend with an inconsistency in currency exchange rate or custom clearance charges, you might only be faced with a battle of identifying one with perfect or almost perfect on-road operation.

The list below shows the current prices of locally used RAV4 in Nigeria.

  • Toyota RAV4 2005: From 2.5 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2008: From 3.5 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2009: From 3.8 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2012: From 4.85 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2013: From 8 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2017: From 12 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2018 – From 14 million naira


Toyota RAV4: Things You Should Know About The Vehicle

Originating in the latter half of the 1990s, the Toyota RAV4 was one of the first entries in the small crossover SUV market. It has since then dominated its automobile group in the market, forging a class of its own. Today’s RAV4 is considerably larger than that pint-sized original, but the core appeal of versatility, good fuel economy, and favorable on-road manners are firmly intact.

The Toyota RAV4 comes in four trim levels: LE, XLE, SE, Limited, and Platinum trim levels. All have a 2.5-liter four-cylinder that produces 176 horsepower and 172 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed automatic is standard, and buyers can choose either front- or all-wheel drive. With an EPA-estimated 25-26 mpg in combined driving, the RAV4 is as fuel-efficient as its competitors.

Toyota RAV4 gets just about everything right. Its roomy cabin boasts more cargo room than most rivals and provides ample seating space for adults both front and rear. The overall interior design is classy and modern looking. The Entune system provides useful smartphone app integration, although the touch-screen’s virtual buttons can sometimes be fastidious to use. There is no engine upgrade available, but the RAV4’s 2.5-liter four is refined and adequately powerful.


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