Abuja to Enugu by Road: Bus Price & Other Details (2024)

Travelling by road is neither the easiest nor the most convenient means of transportation especially for long trips but stands as a reasonable alternative to a faster, sleeker, and more reliable transportation system in flight. Road transportation is relatively cheaper and is sometimes more flexible.

If you plan on travelling to Enugu from Abuja by road, it is very essential to note some of the basic information you’d need about the trip. With lots of emphasis placed on preparing for the main trip itself and getting a comfortable and registered bus to go with, people often tend to forget to do their background checks on the prices of the bus tickets. This not only leads to lots of people missing out on reasonable deals, but they often tend to spend more on the bus ticket.

abuja to enugu by road

Bus Ticket Prices from Abuja to Enugu

Technology has made everything easy. Booking a bus ticket from Abuja to Enugu is not difficult. Road transportation in Nigeria has been given a real lift in recent times. Booking a bus ticket from Abuja to Enugu is now as comfortable as ever. Gone are the days when you would need to visit the bus terminals or the transport company offices to book tickets for the trip, you can now easily book bus tickets wherever and whenever. In fact, you can be within the confines of your room and book a bus ticket to Jos provided you have access to the internet and a device you can connect to like your mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer.

With various bus companies offering various prices of bus tickets in recent times, it is essential to enquire about various prices of bus tickets for various bus companies to get the best possible deals. Let us now take a quick look at some popular road transport companies that shuffle between these countries. We will take a look at how much their bus tickets cost.

ABC Transport

  • Take off times: 07: 30 am
  • Price – From N25,750
  • Old Price: N5, 500 – N6, 500

GUO Transport

  • Take off times: 07:00 am
  • Price – From N28,500
  • Old Price: N3, 000 – N4, 000

God is Good Motors (GIGM)

  • Terminals: Utako
  • Take off times: 07:30 am
  • Price: From N31, 000
  • Old Price: N4, 500 – N6, 000

Other Buses at popular parks

  • Take-off times: n/a
  • Price: From N20, 000
  • Old Price: N2, 000 – N5, 500


It is usually difficult to estimate the exact bus fare from Abuja to Enugu. This is because the prices of tickets vary and are affected by some certain factors. Although the difference between these fares is usually dependent on the type of bus, the convenience and sitting arrangement of passengers in the bus, the bus company, and other packages already involved in the trip, they are not usually very significant, especially among well-known bus companies.

There are some factors that cause changes in the prices of bus tickets from Abuja to Enugu. Factors like prices of fuel at the period of travel, number of buses available, demand for bus tickets, and other similar factors can cause a swift increase or decrease in how much the bus tickets go for. For instance, bus tickets are usually more expensive during festive periods and vacations. During periods like Christmas and New Year, prices of buses skyrocket because a lot of people are on the move and the demand for bus tickets is very high.

How long Does it take to Get from Abuja to Enugu by Road?

The duration of the whole trip from Abuja to Enugu varies. The duration depends on the speed of the vehicle and the route. On the average, the trip is between 7 to 11 hours. This depends on the take-off terminal and the condition of the vehicle. Some vehicles get to Abuja a few minutes before the estimated time while others get there minutes later.

There are also different routes from Abuja to Enugu. While some of these routes are fast, some others can be slow. Note that the route and duration of the whole trip sometimes affect the eventual prices of tickets. Let us consider the estimated trip duration from Abuja to Enugu for various routes.

  • Duration from Abuja to Enugu via Abuja – Lokoja route: Estimated time – 7 hours 13 minutes
  • Duration from Abuja to Enugu via Makurdi – Jos route: Estimated time – 9 hours 18 minutes
  • Duration from Abuja to Enugu via A2: Estimated time – 9 hours 56 minutes

The fastest bus from Abuja to Enugu takes about 7 hours. However, some buses can even take up to 12 hours from Abuja to Enugu depending on the route, stopovers, condition of the vehicle, and bus driver.

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