Warri-Itakpe Train Schedule & Ticket Prices (June 2024)

Traveling by train in Nigeria has always been an adventure. Recently, I had the chance to experience the Warri-Itakpe train service. This journey wasn’t just a trip from one city to another; it was a glimpse into the evolving world of train travel in Nigeria.

The Warri-Itakpe route, a relatively new addition to the country’s railway system, offers a unique travel experience with its modern facilities and efficient service.

Warri-Itakpe Train Schedule (Mondays to Sundays)

warri itakpe train schedule

1. Warri – Itakpe Trip (WITS 01): Full Schedule

  • Departure from Ujevwu station Warri, at 8.00 am
  • Stop-over & take-off at Agbarho by 8.16 am – 8.21 am
  • Stop-over & take-off at Okpara by 8.31 am – 8.34 am
  • Stop-over & take-off at Abraka by 8.55 am – 9.00 am
  • Stop-over & take-off at Agbor by 9.30 am – 9.35 am
  • Stop-over & take-off at Igbanke by 9.55 am – 9.58 am
  • Stop-over & take-off at Ekehen by 10.20 am – 10.23 am
  • Stop-over & take-off at Uromi by 10.47 am – 10.52 am
  • Stop-over & take-off at Aghenebode by 11.20 am – 11.23 am
  • Stop-over & take-off at Itogbo by 11.46 am – 11.48 am
  • Stop-over & take-off at Ajaokuta by 12.14 pm – 12.19 pm
  • Final stop at Itakpe by 1.07 pm

warri itakpe train trip

2. Itakpe – Warri Trip (WITS 02): Full Schedule

  • Departure from Itakpe by 2.00 pm
  • Stop-over & take-off at Ajaokuta by 2.48 pm – 2.53 pm
  • Stop-over & take-off at Itogbo by 3.19 pm – 3.21 pm
  • Stop-over & take-off at Aghenebode by 3.44 pm – 3.47 pm
  • Stop-over & take-off at Uromi by 4.15 pm – 4.20 pm
  • Stop-over & take-off at Ekehen by 4.44 pm – 4.47 pm
  • Stop-over & take-off at Igbanke by 5.13 pm – 5.16 pm
  • Stop-over & take-off at Agbor by 5.32 pm – 5.37 pm
  • Stop-over & take-off at Abraka by 6.07 pm – 6.12 pm
  • Stop-over & take-off at Okpara by 6.32 pm – 6.35 pm
  • Stop-over & take-off at Agbarho by 6.46 pm – 6.51 pm
  • Final stop at Ujevwu station Warri at 7.07 pm

itakpe to warri train

Warri-Itakpe Train – Ticket Prices

  • Warri to Itakpe (Business): N9,000
  • Warri to Itakpe (Regular): N5,000 (adults)
  • Warri to Itakpe (Regular): N2,000 (children)
  • Warri to Uromi (Business): N5,500
  • Warri to Uromi (Regular): N2,500 (adults)
  • Warri to Uromi (Regular): N1,500 (children)

One of the aspects I appreciate about the Warri-Itakpe train service is its affordability. You’d agree with me that the ticket prices are reasonable, making train travel accessible to a broad spectrum of passengers.

The pricing varies depending on the class of service you choose, but even the higher-tier tickets are competitively priced compared to other modes of transportation offering similar comfort levels.

Facilities on the Warri-Itakpe Train

The facilities on the Warri-Itakpe train are what truly set it apart. The coaches are modern and well-maintained, providing a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

From my observation, each coach is air-conditioned, which is a blessing in the often-hot climate of Nigeria. The seats are spacious and comfortable, with enough legroom to stretch out during the journey.

warri itakpe train schedule price

For those like me who need to stay connected, the train offers power outlets at each seat, allowing passengers to charge their devices. The presence of clean and hygienic restrooms is another plus. I was also pleasantly surprised by the onboard dining car, which serves a variety of snacks and meals, catering to different tastes.

An aspect that stood out for me was the sleeper section in certain coaches. This feature is ideal for longer journeys, providing passengers with private compartments where they can relax and sleep.

Other Things You Should Know

When traveling on the Warri-Itakpe train, it’s important to arrive at the station a bit early to navigate through the check-in process smoothly. The train service is known for its punctuality, so it’s crucial to be on time.

Also, while the train offers a variety of amenities, it’s always a good idea to carry essentials like water and snacks, especially if you’re particular about brands or have dietary restrictions.

warri to itakpe trains

Warri Itakpe Train Service: Historical Background

The Warri-Itakpe Train Service is a remarkable rail network in Nigeria, linking Warri, a bustling port city, to Itakpe, an inland town known for its mineral resources.

The rail line’s journey began back in 1987, primarily to transport essential raw materials like iron ore and coal to the Ajaokuta Steel Mill. It was a long-awaited project, taking over three decades to come to fruition, finally making its debut in 2020. Today, it proudly serves both freight and passenger needs.

Initially, the rail’s purpose was to facilitate the movement of iron ore to the steel mill. However, recognizing its broader potential, the rail line was expanded to reach Warri. This expansion was a game changer, enhancing the rail line’s scope and utility.

In 2017, the project saw renewed momentum, thanks in part to the involvement of the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation. This collaboration was instrumental, and by 2020, the Warri-Itakpe Train Service was up and running, offering both passenger and freight services.

Looking ahead, plans are ongoing to extend the railway even further, connecting it to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. This extension is part of the larger Lagos-Kano Standard Gauge Railway project, a visionary initiative set to revolutionize transportation connectivity across Nigeria.

Warri-Itakpe Train Service – FAQs

  1. Are there any luggage restrictions on the Warri-Itakpe train? Yes, there are luggage restrictions, but they are quite generous. It’s advisable to check the latest guidelines on the official website or at the station.
  2. Is the train service available every day? Yes, the train runs every day, providing consistent and reliable service for passengers.
  3. Are there any facilities for people with disabilities? The train coaches are designed to be accessible, with facilities to accommodate passengers with disabilities.
  4. Can I get a refund if I miss the train? No, there are no refunds. However, it’s better to double-check at the station, as these policies change from time to time.


The Warri-Itakpe train service is a significant step forward in Nigeria’s transportation sector. With its modern facilities, punctual service, and affordable pricing, it offers a reliable and comfortable travel option for those journeying between Warri and Itakpe.

This train service not only connects cities but also provides a glimpse into the future of train travel in Nigeria, a future that looks promising and exciting.