Automatic Stoning Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Clothing is an essential need of man. However, we shouldn’t just wear clothes to cover our skin and protect ourselves from the elements. Dressing well makes us look good, improves our confidence levels, and is therapeutic. In recent times, we have seen more people adding rhinestones to their clothes to make them look more attractive.

Rhinestones are simply rock crystals that have iridescent effects on our clothes. When you attach these stones to fabrics it gives them a very stylish look. To attach rhinestones to fabrics, especially industrially, you need a stoning machine. There are different categories of stoning machines including automatic stoning machines.

This post will show you how much it costs to purchase an automatic stoning machine in Nigeria today. We will also share some important details about adding rhinestones to fabric materials.

Automatic Stoning Machine Prices in Nigeria

Automatic Stoning Machine Prices in Nigeria

Simply put, rhinestones are jewels that we place on our clothes. These jewels sparkle and look like diamonds, thus transforming the look of our clothes. When you wear clothes made from fabrics with rhinestones, you hardly need any extra jewelry to accentuate your looks.

As mentioned earlier, stoning machines help us to add rhinestones to our fabrics. The market is full of a wide array of automatic stoning machines. These machines come in different sizes, present different functions, and have varying durability levels. We have surveyed the market to find out the latest automatic stoning machine prices in Nigeria on your behalf. Check them out below:

  • Jukh Heat Transfer Stoning Machines: ₦155,000 – ₦165,000
  • Jukh Steam Press Stoning Machine: ₦140,000 – ₦150,000
  • Two Lion Heat Transfer Stoning Machines: ₦165,000 – ₦175,000
  • Two Lion Steam Press Stoning Machine: ₦80,000 – ₦100,000
  • Stones Or Rhinestone Applicator Hot Fix + Tips And Stones: ₦4,990 – ₦8,500
  • Heat Press Stoning Machine – Black: ₦160,000 – ₦175,000
  • Stones Or Rhinestone Applicator: ₦5,100 – ₦6,000
  • Whiskey Stones With WORDS Wooden Box Whisky Rocks: ₦15,599 – ₦17,920
  • Stones Or Rhinestone Applicator With 7 Tips: ₦4,880 – ₦34,000
  • Stones Or Rhinestone Applicator + Stone Picker: ₦4,900 – ₦9,000
  • Stones Or Rhinestone Applicator + Fabric Cutter: ₦5,200 – ₦7,000
  • Hotfix Applicator Automatically Pick Up Stone Hot Fix Rhinestone Setter Wand Tool Kit: ₦34,000 – ₦40,000
  • Cloth Fabric Stoning Machine OR Rhinestone Applicator Wand: ₦5,000 – ₦8,500
  • Universal Fabric Electrical Stoning Machine: ₦9,500 – ₦15,000
  • Industrial Steam Press And Stoning Machine 36″ – 1600W: ₦180,500 – ₦185,000
  • Industrial Steam Press And Stoning Machine 32″ – 240V: ₦170,500 – ₦175,000
  • Mini Electric Stoning Machine – Stone Applicator- Purple: ₦7,500 – ₦10,000


Fixing Rhinestones on Clothes/Fabrics

Do you love rhinestones on your fabrics? Sometimes, you may purchase a fabric that does not come with rhinestones, and you want to add yours to improve the looks. The good news is that you can achieve this from the comfort of your home with a few steps. These days, you can add rhinestones to your cloth collars, cuffs, scarf perimeters, waist ties, and so on. Doing this adds an unusual sparkle to the clothes to make them more attractive. Some people even add rhinestone chains to the borders of their dresses to enhance the fabric.

If you would like to add rhinestones to your dresses by yourself at home, you can follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase the rhinestones you need from the clothing store. Ensure that the colors match the color of your dress.

Step 2: Remove the protective foil covering the transfer sheet.

Step 3: Put the transfer sheet on the part of the cloth where you want to place the rhinestones.

Step 4: Lay a silicone, felt, or Teflon sheet over the transfer motif sheet.

Step 5: Ensure that you satisfy the predetermined set conditions then use the heat press to cover the sheet.

Step 6: Turn the fabric inside out and press it one more time.

Step 7: Take away the motif transfer sheet from the surface of the fabric panel once it cools down properly.

Step 8: Turn the fabric panel to the other side and process the washing or ironing as required.

The table below shows the conditions for pressing rhinestones onto your clothes:

ConditionsTop sideBottom Side
Condition for pressing mixed-type hot fix items
Pressure (kg)3.0 – 3.53.0 – 3.2
Temperature (C)150 – 170150 – 170
Time (seconds)10 – 1510 – 15
Condition for pressing Rhinestones
Pressure (kg)2.8 – 3.42.8 – 3.2
Temperature (C)150 – 170150 – 170
Time (seconds)15 – 2008 – 12
Condition for pressing Studs
Pressure (kg)2.8 – 3.42.8 – 3.2
Temperature (C)160 – 180160 – 180
Time (seconds)12 – 1608 – 12
Condition for pressing Glitters and Pearls
Pressure (kg)2.8 – 3.22.8 – 3.2
Temperature (C)190 – 180160 – 180
Time (seconds)12 – 1612 – 14


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Stoning Machine

As you would have seen earlier in this article, there are so many types of automatic stoning machines on the market. This makes it a lot more difficult when choosing one from the lot. We have put together a list of factors to consider when choosing an automatic stoning machine:


There are different types of rhinestones or jewelry that you can place on your clothes or fabrics. Not every automatic stoning machine can handle these different types of rhinestones. Some machines can handle just one or two types, while others can handle a wide variety. Of course, the latter is costlier initially but may end up saving you money in the long run. Determine how many types of rhinestones you need to fix on your clothes. Then figure out which machine can handle the fixing of these rhinestones.


When choosing an automatic stoning machine, you must figure out its durability. How long can the machine last, and how well can it withstand pressure? Check customer reviews before you make your purchase to answer this question. Also, ensure that there is a warranty on the item in case any eventualities occur.


Finally, you need to consider how much you are willing and able to part with for an automatic stoning machine at the moment. Ensure that you survey the market properly to find the best prices for you.