Electric Cooker Prices in Nigeria (December 2023)

Electric cookers are becoming more popular in Nigeria. This is because of their efficiency, durability, and other exciting advantages. While some Nigerians are skeptical about using electric cookers because of the cost of electricity and its erratic nature, these cookers present several exciting benefits.

Would you like to make the switch from gas to electric cookers? Are you planning to buy a new electric cooker in Nigeria? Then you should read this post as we will provide information regarding the latest electric cooker prices in Nigeria.

Electric Cooker Prices in Nigeria

Electric Cooker Prices in Nigeria

Electric cookers are more recent in the timeline of cookers. They present a wide array of benefits such as more efficient heating and better temperature consistency. While some of these cookers are small and have one or two faces, there are the large ones that also come equipped with ovens and grills.

Before choosing a new electric cooker, you need to find out the latest prices of these items on the market. The information you get from your market survey will determine if you will make a purchase or not and which item you will buy. Carrying out a market survey, especially for electric cookers can be quite tricky and difficult. This is why we did all the hard work on your behalf.

Check below to find out the latest electric cooker prices in Nigeria:

  • 8L Double-Layer Stainless Steel Mini Electric Pot Pan Cooker Cooking Fry Stew: ₦11,999 – ₦18,800
  • 1000W Electric Stove Adjustable Heating Oven Induction Cooker: ₦12,000 – ₦16,800
  • 2 Burner Electric Hot Plate Cooker+S/Pad+keyholder: ₦15,999 – ₦25,000
  • 2 Burner Table-Top Electric Fast Cooking Hot Plate: ₦15,999 – ₦18,000
  • 500W Electric Stove Hot Plate Burner Travel Warmer Cooker: ₦8,800 – ₦10,800
  • 60*90CM Maxi 4Gas 2Electric Wooden Gas Cooker: ₦218,000 – ₦226,800
  • Beko 60*60 Built in Hob 3G 1E: ₦212,800 – ₦219,800
  • Beko 60CM Vitro-ceramic Plate Hobs HCC64103: ₦224,300 – ₦228,800
  • Beko 90CM Wall Mounted T-Shape Cooker Hood BHCB93640B UK: ₦224,300 – ₦229,800
  • Beko BGS602 60X60 Freestanding Cooker Premium: ₦233,500 – ₦239,800
  • Beko Freestanding Cooker PREMIUM BGS601: ₦233,500 – ₦239,800
  • BEKO STANDING COOKER PREMIUM BGS904: ₦419,800 – ₦429,800
  • Century Double Burner Gas Cooker – CGS 201 A: ₦15,848 – ₦18,225
  • Century Electric Oven with Grill 20 Liters: ₦34,900 – ₦38,800
  • Crown Star Infrared Induction Electric Stove Cooker Hotplate: ₦38,800 – ₦44,000
  • Double Face Electric Hot Plate: ₦15,500 – ₦20,800
  • ELECTRIC COOKER DOUBLE-BLACK: ₦19,999 – ₦35,000
  • Electric Cooker Hot Plate-Double Burner: ₦28,500 – ₦32,800
  • Electric Cooker Hot Plate-Double Face: ₦14,900 – ₦20,000
  • Electric Cooker Hot Plate-Double Ring Face-White: ₦12,000 – ₦17,500
  • Electric Stove/Double Hot Plate: ₦12,900 – ₦19,800
  • Haier Thermocool STD G MY DIVA 604G OG 6840 INX: ₦197,800 – ₦209,800
  • Haier Thermocool STD MY DIVA 603G1E OGDC 6831INX: ₦212,800 – ₦268,000
  • Haier Thermocool STD-G D MADAME 905G OG 9850 INX: ₦417,500 -₦425,800
  • Hot Plate Single Burner: ₦7,566 – ₦8,800
  • JD SMP Single Electric Hotplate: ₦6,800 – ₦7,400
  • Master Chef 4Pcs Non-Stick Pots: ₦27,900 – ₦35,800
  • Master Chef Double Hot Plate -Black: ₦22,000 – ₦32,500
  • Maxi 60*60 3Gas+1Electric Gas Cooker – Wood: ₦117,600 – ₦127,800
  • Non-Stick Pot with Glass Cover Cookware Set: ₦21,900 – ₦27,800
  • Pyramid Double Burner Electric Hotplate: ₦16,500 – ₦24,800
  • Pyramid Double Burner Electric Ring Hotplate: ₦16,000 – ₦17,500
  • Pyramid Electric Hot Plate Double Burner: ₦13,400 – ₦15,000
  • Pyramid Electric Single Burner Hot Plate: ₦9,000 – ₦9,500
  • Pyramid Hot Plate Single Burner: ₦10,999 – ₦12,500 – ₦16,800
  • Saisho ELECTRIC COOKER DOUBLE-White: ₦13,500 – ₦19,500
  • Saisho Electric Hotplate -Double Burner: ₦13,400 – ₦15,000
  • Saisho Two Burner Electric Hot Plate: ₦12,999 – ₦19,600
  • Single Burner Hot Plate Cooker+Scouring Pad+keyholder: ₦11,999 – ₦20,500
  • Single Electric Hot Plate: ₦8,599 – ₦9,900
  • Sokany Electric Stove Hot Plate: ₦20,500 – ₦28,500
  • Sontec Induction Cooker: ₦27,500 – ₦39,800


Kindly note that these prices are not constant and there will be periodic fluctuations due to certain factors. We promise to continue checking the market and update this post once we notice price changes. Meanwhile, several factors may influence the current prices such that they differ slightly from what you find in this article. Some of these factors include the location of your purchase and the vendor you patronize.

Benefits of Using Electric Cookers

Now that you have an idea of the latest electric cooker prices in Nigeria, let’s discuss their benefits. As mentioned earlier in this post, several benefits accrue to using electric cookers. We will discuss some of the most prominent ones in this section.

Elegant and contemporary design

This is one of the top benefits of using electric cookers. One look at these machines and you will likely be blown away by their elegant and contemporary designs. They are quite different from gas cookers in that they have sleeker surfaces. As a result, they make your kitchen look more attractive. Electric cookers are great for minimalist homes and modern kitchens.

Safer for confined spaces

Experts consider electric cookers to be safer for confined spaces. Most people that use these cookers scarcely have issues with explosions as there is no risk of gas leaks. Also, most electric stoves do not feel hot when you touch them by hand directly. This makes them a lot safer than their gas counterparts.

Equipped with modern features

Asides from their modern and attractive designs, electric cookers also come with several modern features. This makes them a lot more versatile than their gas counterparts. If you are driven by modern features, then you should go for an electric cooker instead of a gas cooker.

Easy cleaning

If you are conversant with gas cookers, you will agree that they leave burn marks where they are installed. This means that you need to spend a lot of effort and time cleaning the area after using the cooker. The good news is that electric cookers don’t have the same issue. They hardly leave any marks and since they come with flat surfaces, they are far easier to clean and maintain.