10KVA Generator Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

To enjoy the best power supply in a country like Nigeria, having a generator is a necessity. Apart from the fact that power in the voltage supplied in major parts of the country cannot be depended on, sometimes, there is a total blackout. This has not only affected business, it can also be frustrating for young and old.

Imagine watching a live favourite show or watching your favourite football on TV and there is a sudden blackout. While this has been a recurring problem in the country over the years, some people have found a way to cope and curb the negative effect of a shortage of power supply with generators.

10kva generator price in nigeria

Generators are seen as one of the most reliable alternative electricity backups available. Although the introduction of inverters has raised big competition for generators in recent times, the importance of generators to businesses and homes cannot be overemphasized.

Aside from the fact that they are convenient and easy to use in houses and shops, they can be easily moved from one place to another, making them a perfect option for outdoor parties, camping, and other outdoor activities.

The demand for high-efficiency generators like the 10KVA has increased significantly in recent years. Emergency efficient generators can have significant benefits to individuals and businesses, helping to save lives, maintain food in the freezer, and make life more comfortable when there is a power outage.

Are you wondering how much generators go for in the market? You are on the right page. Here, we will take a look at the prices of various 10KVA generators in Nigeria today. We will also consider some things to keep in mind while buying a 10KVA generator.

Prices of 10KVA Generators in Nigeria

Generators are available in different sizes, shapes, and most importantly, power capacities. While some generators offer less than 1KVA, some others have higher capacities. One of the most popular of these is the 10KVA capacity generator. These generators are widely regarded as “heavyweight” generators with high enough voltage to power various electrical and electronic equipment.

10KVA generators are among the bestselling and most sought-after generators in the market today. Although there are few more powerful generators, the 10KVA generator is just enough to offer you almost everything you need in a generator.

Given the power supply condition in Nigeria, you would expect the generator market to boom in Nigeria. While the 10KVA generator is not the most sought-after, they are rated among the most reliable and are readily available. They can be obtained directly from manufacturers or local distributors all over the country. It is always advisable to get generators generally from brand dealers or local distributors as they will be easier to return whenever it gets faulty provided it is within the warranted period.

Here are some of the most common 10KVA generators in Nigeria today.

Elepaq 10KVA Generators & Price

When it comes to generators, it is only right to rate Elepaq among the very best and most reliable brands. Elepaq offers efficient generators that are relatively easy to maintain and come at competitive prices.

The generators are reliable and also boast great fuel economy. They are designed with high-quality voltage regulators that allow for the safe running of sensitive electronic equipment. The generator also features a manual starter for an easy, simple, swift rope-pull mechanism for starting the generating set.  You can be guaranteed adequate efficiency with the generator. They cost anything from N989,600.

Firman Soundproof 10KVA Generator & Prices

Firman is probably the most popular name in the generator industry today. Kudos to a brand that has consistently displayed quality in all forms of it. While some may argue the brand is the most reliable and still pocket-friendly, others believe there are some few brands that are better.

Regardless, the 10KVA soundproof generator beats most others easily. In terms of prices and quality, you can be sure to get the best value. On average, Firman 10KVa soundproof generators can be gotten for anything from N2,683,000.


Things to Consider Before Buying a 10 KVA Generator

A 10KVA generator is a great asset to have, especially if you run a business and require a steady power supply. While there are various types available in the country today, it is important to pick the specific type that answers your questions and fits your needs.

Although these generators have the same power rating and capacity, there are still lots of differences between the various types available. It is essential to understand what you want and answer some questions before going to the market to purchase one.

Here are some factors you should consider before choosing a particular 10KVA generator to purchase.

  • Ease of Use: This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a generator. As simple as this factor is, most people tend to ignore it and sometimes regret not considering it. Considering how easy the generator is to use will help you decide which type to go for. There are different types of generators and they vary in operation. Some start with key ignition while others feature starter ropes. It is always preferable to go with the key ignition design as it makes the generator easier to start.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity and Economy: 10KVA generators vary in fuel tank capacity. To be on the safer side, it is better to go for generators with larger tank capacity as they will be able to contain more amount of fuel. Also, it is essential to enquire about the fuel economy state of the generator. Some generators regulate their engine speed based on the load demand for greater fuel economy. Both factors will affect run time. Check the generator runtime before you decide.
  • Noise Level: This is one factor that is as important as the other two. If you do not care about how deafening your generator is, you should consider the noise level of the generator you decide to buy to ensure you don’t buy a generator that would disturb you. Buying a soundproof generator is always a great idea.

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