3.5KVA Generator Prices in Nigeria (April 2024)

Having an alternative power supply in Nigeria is beyond an option, it is a necessity. This is largely due to the unstable power supply in the country. Imagine watching a live football match or your favourite show on TV and there is a sudden blackout. Power blackouts can occur at any time and having backup power is very crucial. The most common electricity backup people adopt today is the use of a generator.

Generators are regarded as one of the most dependable alternative electricity backups available. They are seen as the most affordable power backup options available today. Aside from the fact that they can be very convenient to use in houses and shops, their easy mobility makes them a perfect option to generate light for outdoor parties, camping, and other outdoor activities. The introduction of generators has made life easier in various spheres. With generators, you can be more relaxed you can continue watching your football match or favourite show even when there is a blackout.

3.5kva generator prices in nigeria

Generators come in different sizes, shapes, and most importantly, power capacities. While some generators offer less than 1KVA, some others have higher capacity. One of the most popular of these is the 3.5KVA capacity generator. These generators are widely preferred because they are adequate to power all electrical appliances and devices in the average Nigerian household or office at once.

Prices of 3.5KVA Generators in Nigeria

Nigeria is a large market for generators; one of which the most common is the 3.5KVA generator. They are readily available and stand up among the most sold types of generators to date. They can be obtained directly from manufacturers or local distributors all over the country. It is always advisable to get generators generally from brand dealers or local distributors as they will be easier to return whenever it gets faulty provided it is within the warranty period.

Here, we will take a look at common types and brands of 3.5KVA generators available in the market.

  • Lutian 3.5KVA Manual Starter Generator LT3600: This is one of the most highly-rated manual 3.5KVA generators available. Apart from its strong design, the Lutian manual 3.5KVA generator thrills the market with its efficiency and durability. It is designed with high-quality voltage regulators that allow for the safe running of sensitive electronic equipment and features a manual starter for an easy, simple, quick rope-pull mechanism for starting the generating set. It is one of the generators you will use and gives you value for your money. Its current market price ranges from N360,000.
  • Lutian 3.5KVA Generator with Key Starter: The major advantage this generator has over the first is the key starter this features. The key starter makes it easier to start the generator without any stress. Lutian 3.5KVA Generator is a high standard, low noise, fuel-efficient set. It ranges from N270,000 in the current market.
  • Elepaq 3.5KVA Generator: This is another powerful and dependable generator. Like Luitian, it is strong, reliable, and highly fuel efficient. It ranges from N350,000.
  • Honda 3.5KVA Generator: This is one of the most popular generator brands in the market. It is strong, efficient, and highly durable. Price range: From N295,000


Things to Consider Before Buying a 3.5KVA Generator

A 3.5KVA generator is always a great asset to acquire. Various brands, styles, designs and features available today have made it quite difficult to find the right one that meets your reason for buying one.  Although these generators have the same power capacity, there are still lots of differences between the various types available in the market. Understanding your needs and expectations will help you streamline the market and pick the right product.

It is imperative to choose a generator that offers great operation service and is economical. The most expensive generators are not necessarily the best ones and getting them might cause you future misgivings. There are some basic factors to consider when buying a 3.5KVA generator. Here are some of these factors.

  • Power Requirement: This is not about the generator (we are considering generators of the same power capacity); it is about the power capacity that will suffice for your purpose of buying the generator. You have to ask yourself what you need the generator for. Is it for your basic house use or for your store? Which electrical equipment will you be using with the generator? How many loads will be placed on the generator? After answering these questions, you may even discover you don’t need a 3.5KVA after all!
  • Ease of Use: This is another huge factor to consider. 3.5KVA generators come in different types and designs. Some come with a starter rope design while some feature a key ignition design. It is always preferable to go with the key ignition design as it makes the generator easier to start, although it costs more than the rope-started design.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity and Economy:5KVA generators vary in fuel tank size and fuel efficiency. You should enquire about the fuel tank space. As much as you want a generator that is fuel efficient, it should also hold a decent amount of fuel. Some generators adjust their RPM (engine speed) based on the load demand for greater fuel economy. Both fuel tank capacity and fuel efficiency will affect run time. The generator run time is always stated in the spec detail for each unit.
  • Noise Level: Except you don’t care about how noisy your generator is, you should consider the decibel level of the generator you are buying to ensure you don’t buy a generator that sounds like a V8 engine. The noise generator make can be annoying. Some generators are noisier than others. You should go for a less noisy 3.5 KVA generator.

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