Jubaili Bros Generators & Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

When it comes to top quality heavy-duty generators in Nigeria, Jubaili Bros is one of the first names that would come anyone’s mind. The company deals in soundproof and fuel saving diesel generators that work perfectly on standby mode.

So, it’s no surprise that their generators are highly favored by individuals and businesses that want efficient generators that are cheap to maintain, not noisy, and highly efficient in all other aspects. In terms of power output, their generators range from 9KVA to 2500KVA.

Jubaili Bros deal in two lines of high-power generators: JET generators (powered by Perkins engines, which are assembled in the United Kingdom), and Marapco generators.

jubaili bros generators price in nigeria

The JET (Jubaili Engineering Technology) generators are powered by Perkins engines, and they pack other important components such as ABB components, deep sea controllers, and Leroy-Somer alternators. The Perkins engines are built to last by a reputable UK brand. They run at fixed speeds of either 1800 rpm or 1500 rpm. They are available in the following power outputs:

  • 5KVA
  • 15KVA
  • 20KVA
  • 30KVA
  • 45KVA
  • 60KVA
  • 80KVA
  • 100KVA
  • 135KVA
  • 150KVA
  • 180KVA
  • 200KVA
  • 230KVA
  • 250KVA
  • 275KVA
  • 300KVA
  • 350KVA
  • 400KVA
  • 455KVA
  • 500KVA
  • 600KVA
  • 650KVA
  • 750KVA
  • 800KVA
  • 1000KVA

The Marapco generators are powered by Perkins and MTU engines and have been designed and tested to the highest international standards. They have the advantage of being able to withstand different operational conditions. And in addition to all the above-listed outputs of JET generators, Marapco generators are also available in these higher power outputs:

  • 1100KVA
  • 1250KVA
  • 1500KVA
  • 1710KVA
  • 1850KVA
  • 2000KVA
  • 2250KVA

Jubaili Bros generators come with one year warranty and after sales support and maintenance services. And you won’t have to worry about spare parts whenever you need to replace them, as the company sells original spare parts.

Bear in mind, also, that Jubaili Bros do not sell petrol generators. Most of their generators run on diesel, which provides for cheaper long-term maintenance cost than petrol generators.

Prices of Used Jubaili Bros Generators in Nigeria

If you cannot afford to buy a brand new Jubaili Bros generator and would rather go for a used one that is still in very good condition, then look no further than sites such as Nairaland and Jiji.ng, where sellers post these items for sale on a frequent basis. Here are some of the price points you should expect for used Jubaili Bros generators:

  • Jubaili Bros 20KVA P20 Sound Proof Generator === From N2,550,000
  • Jubaili Bros 45KVA Generator === From N5,000,000
  • Jubaili Bros 30KVA Generator === From N4,000,000
  • Jubaili Bros 150KVA Generator === From N13,600,000
  • Jubaili Bros 250KVA Generator === From N25,000,000
  • Jubaili Bros 135KVA Generator === From N11,000,000


Note that the prices vary based on a number of factors. The most important factor that determines the price of a used generator is the number of years for which it has been used. That explains why a 45KVA generator that has been used for 5 years might cost significantly less than a 30KVA generator that has been used for only 6 months.

Prices of New Jubaili Bros Generators in Nigeria

Unfortunately, we were not able to get details on the prices of brand new Jubaili Bros generators. But we’d implore you to visit any of their offices nationwide or check their website for their contact details.

Alternatively, you can consider opting for Mikano generators instead. Just so you know, Mikano also offers generators that match (if not trump) Jubaili Bros generators in all aspects. Click here for full information on the current prices of Mikano generators in Nigeria.

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