500KVA Generators & Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Power supply is one of the issues that most businesses, corporate establishments, and even private abodes face in Nigeria. The situation seems to be getting worse in most parts of the country and it is stifling the growth of businesses. Because of this, many individuals have resorted to using alternative power sources like solar batteries, inverters, and generators.

If you run a very large establishment with several huge pieces of equipment, your only hope in this part of the world is a generator with a very high power capacity. Most companies and factories have resorted to using 500 KVA generators.

How much does a 500 KVA generator cost in Nigeria? What are the specifications of these generators? How do you maintain these large generators? Continue reading this post to find out the answers to these questions.

500KVA Generators and Prices in Nigeria

500KVA Generators & Prices in Nigeria

Once upon a time, generators were only for the affluent in society. Today, they have become so common because of how much value they provide. We use generators to produce power to run appliances and equipment in different kinds of establishments.

If you are a large power consumer, then you need to choose a high-power capacity generator to meet your needs. The market is filled with an array of products in this category. This post will focus on the 500 KVA generators and their prices in Nigeria. After surveying the market, we have come up with a list showing the most common products in this category and their prices:

  • FG Wilson 500 KVA Diesel Generator: From N56 million
  • 500 KVA Perkins 2800 series Generator: From N55 million
  • SHX 400 KVA 400 KW Diesel Power Generator: From N73.5 million
  • CW 500 KVA Power Generator Sound Proof: From N60 million
  • FG Wilson P500-P3 500 KVA Generator: From N87 million


These prices are not constant for several reasons such as fluctuations in exchange rates and customs duties. We will be on the lookout for price changes and update this post accordingly when we notice any. Also, you should know that the prices may vary slightly depending on your location or the vendor that you patronize.

Specifications of 500 KVA Generators in Nigeria

Knowledge of a generator’s specifications before purchase is very important. It gives you a picture of what the generator can and cannot do. You will also need this information to properly handle and maintain the generator. We have picked some of the generators from the list above and will show you their specifications in this section.

FG Wilson P500-P3 500 KVA Generator

  • Model: FG Wilson Generator
  • Prime Power (kW): 360
  • Prime Power (kVA): 450
  • Standby Power (kW): 400
  • Standby Power (kVA): 500
  • Noise: See data sheet dB
  • Warranty (yrs): 12 months
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): See datasheet
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Phase: 3
  • Hertz: 50 HZ
  • Starting Method: Electronic
  • Standby Power Rating: 550 kVA / 440 kW
  • Prime Power Rating: 500 kVA / 400 kW
  • Engine: Perkins 2506A-E15TAG2
  • Engine Governor: Electronic
  • Engine Speed: 1500 rpm
  • Alternator: Leroy Somer LL6114F
  • Voltage: 380-415V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Amps Per Phase: 792
  • Control Panel: PowerWizard 1.1+
  • Connection Type: Circuit Breaker
  • Circuit Breaker: 3 Pole MCCB
  • Exhaust Emissions Level: Unregulated
  • Base Fuel Tank Capacity: 888 Litres
  • Fuel Consumption: 98.5 litres per hour (at 100% load)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 3800mm x 1131mm x 2215mm
  • Dry Weight: 3,800kg
  • Additional Features: Battery Charger

CW 500 KVA Power Generator Sound Proof

  • Prime Power (kW): 364
  • Prime Power (kVA): 450
  • Standby Power (kW): 400
  • Standby Power (kVA): 500
  • Noise: 70DBA at 7M dB
  • Warranty (yrs): 12 months
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 4930 x 1658 x 2221
  • Dry Weight (KG): 5071
  • Fuel Capacity: TBC litres
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Phase: 3
  • Hertz: 50 HZ
  • Starting Method: Electronic
  • Engine brand: Caterpillar
  • Total coolant capacity: 20.8 L
  • Engine model: C15
  • Total lube oil capacity: TBC
  • Engine speed: 1500 RPM
  • Cooling airflow: TBC
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • In-Line Exhaust gas flow: 86.0 m³/min
  • Aspiration: Air to air after cooled
  • Exhaust gas temperature: 500°C
  • Displacement: 8.8 Litres
  • Governor type: Adem A4
  • Fuel cons. @ 100% Prime load: 112.5 l/hr
  • Fuel cons. @ 75% Prime load: 84.1 l/hr
  • Fuel cons. @ 50% Prime load: 59.1 l/hr
  • Cooling system: Water Cooled

500 KVA Perkins Soundproof 2800 series Generator

  • Model: Perkins Generator
  • Prime Power (kW): 400
  • Prime Power (kVA): 500
  • Standby Power (kW): 440
  • Standby Power (kVA): 550
  • Noise: 95db(A) @ 7m dB
  • Warranty (yrs): 18 months
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 4592 x 1540 x 2562
  • Dry Weight (KG): 5302
  • Fuel Capacity: 1020 litres
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Phase: 3
  • Hertz: 50 HZ
  • Starting Method: Electronic
  • Total coolant capacity: 58 Litres
  • Engine model: 2506C-E15TAG2
  • Total lube oil capacity: 62 Litres
  • Engine speed: 1500 RPM
  • Cooling airflow: 722 m³/min
  • Number of cylinders: 6
  • Exhaust gas flow: 98 m³/min
  • Aspiration: Turbo & Aftercooled
  • Exhaust gas temperature: 550°C
  • Combustion system: Direct injection
  • Displacement: 12.5 Liters
  • Cooling system: Water Cooled
  • Governor type: Electronic
  • Fuel cons. @ 110% standby load: 111 l/hr
  • Fuel cons. @ 100% Prime load: 100 l/hr
  • Fuel cons. @ 75% Prime load: 76 l/hr
  • Fuel cons. @ 50% Prime load: 53 l/h
  • Alternator brand: Leroy Somer
  • Number of wires: 12
  • Alternator model: LSA47.2M7
  • AVR model: R 250
  • Excitation: Self-excited
  • Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%
  • Insulation class: H
  • Total Harmonic distortion: < 2% on load
  • Drip-proof protection: IP23
  • Telephone interference: TIF < 50%
  • Winding pitch: 2/3 (N° 6 or N° 6S)
  • Flanges and shield: Cast Iron

Maintenance Tips for 500 KVA Generators

To ensure that your generator lasts, you need to carry out frequent maintenance procedures. These procedures will ensure that your generator provides power efficiently and runs without issues. Here are some maintenance tips to ensure that the generator lasts for a long time and performs efficiently:

  • Change the oil frequently.
  • Never let the fuel run out.
  • Use high-quality engine oil.
  • Run the engine for a few minutes a day when the generator is not in use.
  • Ensure that water is in the cooling system at all times.
  • Carry out routine checks frequently.