Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Are you in the market for a new generating set? One of the products you will likely come across is Sumec Firman. This brand of generator has been around for a while and is regarded by many as one of the top three in the country. Sumec Firman has gained so much popularity for several reasons including the quality of its products, affordability, and durability.

One of the product lines from this company is the Sumec Firman SPG3000E2. This product presents you with a lot of value for money and it comes in different capacities. In this post, we will discuss the current cost of Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generators in Nigeria and provide some other important details that you should know. Let’s get started.

Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 Prices in Nigeria

Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 Prices in Nigeria

There are several reasons why you should consider buying any of the Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generators on the market. These reasons include affordability, durability, and some of the features of the generator like built-in AVR, wheels, recoil start, overload protection, and optional key start.

You can purchase these generators from several locations that we will discuss later in this post. Finding out the current prices of Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generators can be quite difficult. We understand this and took it upon ourselves to survey the market on your behalf. That being said, check the list below to find out the prices of the different Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generators available in Nigeria currently:

  • Sumec 2.8KVA SUMEC FIRMAN SPG3000E2 100% COPPER: From ₦420,000
  • Sumec Firman 100% Copper Key Start Generator – SPG3000E2: From ₦420,000
  • SUMEC FIRMAN 2.5kva 100% Copper Key Start Generator – SPG3000E2: From ₦401,000
  • Sumec Firman 2.5kva Key start Generator – SPG3000E2: From ₦401,000
  • Sumec Firman 4.5kva 100% Copper Key Start Generator – SPG3000E2: From ₦450,000
  • Sumec Firman 4.5KVA Key Start Generator – SPG3000E2 100% Copper: From ₦450,000
  • Sumec Firman 4KVA 100% Copper Key Start Generator – SPG3000E2: From ₦420,000
  • Sumec Firman 5.5kva 100% Copper Key Start Generator SPG3000E2: From ₦927,000


Note that these prices are subject to change depending on several factors. Some of these factors include the naira-dollar exchange rate, customs duty, location of purchase, and the vendor you patronize. We will continue to check the market so that we can update this post with the latest prices if we notice any price change.

Top Selling Point of Sumec Firman SPG3000E2

One would wonder, why should I purchase a Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generator? If you have this question on your mind, you are not alone. This is why we have put together this section to discuss the main selling point of Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generators.

For almost every customer, the main selling point of these generators is their affordability. It is no secret that the cost of everything seems to be skyrocketing over the last few years. However, Sumec Firman has found a way to keep its products affordable for the common man. If you compare the products from this brand to similar products from other companies, you will notice a considerable difference.

Other major selling points of Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 include ease of use and reliability. These generators are easy to switch on. You can either switch on the generator with the rope or the key start option. The good news is that you don’t need to exert much strength like you would with products from other brands.

Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generators are very easy to move around because they come with wheels and, in some cases, handles. All you need to do is extend the handles and pull the generator along.

Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 Generator Features

Below are some of the features of different Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generators:

Automatic Voltage Regulation

This is also known as AVR and it helps the user to regulate both the voltage frequency and output to ensure that they are stable. The reason for this is to prevent fluctuation of the voltage from the generator to protect the appliances connected. Every Sumec Firman generator from SPG 1800 is equipped with this feature.

Fuel and tank capacity

Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 runs on unleaded gasoline, that’s the same as what we call petrol in this part of the world. According to the manufacturer, the best kind of fuel for these generators is petrol having an octane rating of 86 or higher. To save you the trouble, simply visit a filling station close by and purchase regular petrol.

Note that you shouldn’t mix petrol with engine oil like you would for smaller generators. There is a separate compartment for the engine oil. Ensure that the petrol you pour into the tank is void of water, engine oil, dirt, or other impurities. The Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generators come with a fuel tank capacity of 15 litres.

Engine oil and oil capacity

Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 works with 4-stroke automotive detergent engine oil. As such, the manufacturer recommends that you use engine oil under the SF class or higher. For general use, you can also work with SAE 10W-30 engine oil.

Always check the engine oil crankcase to be sure that the oil is properly gauged before switching on the generator. The engine oil crankcase has a capacity of 0.6 litres.

Low oil warning system

Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generators come with a low oil warning system. This system switches off the generator once the engine oil is low to protect the engine from getting knocked. Without engine oil, your generator engine is at risk and could break or pack up.

Circuit breakers

Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 generators are equipped with both AC and DC circuit breakers. These circuit breakers trip when there is an overload or a short circuit in the system. If you notice this issue, you should switch off all appliances before attempting to switch on the generator.

Other features of Sumec Firman SPG3000E2 Generators include:

  • Battery: 12v, 7.5Ah
  • Brush type Alternator
  • Electric Starter with key
  • Engine model: SPE 200E – 6.5hp 196cc engine
  • Float Carburetor
  • Fuel meter
  • Portability Kit with handle and wheels
  • Power factor: 1
  • Volt meter