Prices of Small Generators in Nigeria (June 2024)

Ever heard the phrase “I beta pass my neighbour”? It is a colloquial term given to those small power generators humming loudly along our corridors and windows. The term came from a feeling that those who own the generator are merely trying to oppress their neighbours; first with the deafening noise and as a show of economic class.

Generators have become increasingly popular in Nigeria in the last few decades. This is a result of the worsening electricity situation in the country. Buying a generator seems to be the easiest way to avoid darkness. However, while it is expensive to get big generators, lots of people have rather opted for a more economical, convenient and affordable option in small generators. Although these generators are not as strong and do not have as much power capacity as bigger ones, they can be extremely useful. They are reliable, dependable, comfortable, and, most of the time, fuel-efficient.

small generator prices in nigeria

Since their introduction to the Nigerian market, small generators have bloomed amazingly, proudly standing among the most sought-after generators in the country. They may not be the most powerful and efficient of generators, but they sure stand as a perfect backup when needed and have served even far more than expected. Small generators, to date, remain the most popular generators in the country.

Prices of Small Generators in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the largest markets for small generators in the world. This is largely down to the epileptic power condition in the nation. With the demand for small generators still rising by the day, we take a look at the prices of common brands of small generators available in the market today.

It should be noted that the variation in the prices listed below is largely due to some factors including the currency exchange rate, customs charges and the place of purchase.

  • Tiger Generator TG1200/1550: The Tiger generator is the most common small generator in the country. It originated with the “I beta pass my neighbour” nickname. It is regarded as one of the most durable and fuel-efficient generators of all time. Its new design features a fuel gauge to enable you to monitor fuel usage. It can be gotten anything from N120,000 in the current market.
  • Firman 0.9kva Spg1200 (Manual) Generator: This is another well-known small generator. It has a little more power output than the Tiger generator. As expected, it goes for a higher price in the market as well. It costs anything from N80,000.
  • Elepaq 1.8Kva Generator: This is one of the new generation small generators. They come in different power capacities. They are fuel efficient, easy to start and convenient to use. They cost anything from N190,000 depending on the power capacity


Things to Consider When Buying a Small Generator

Gone are the days when there was only one popular type of “I beta pass my neighbour”. You can be sure to see different types of small generators in the market today. They vary in style, features, colours, design and brand. Some are even more silent than others and slightly vary in power output.

The high demand for small generators opened the market for products. Different manufacturers had to come up with different creative designs to meet the people’s needs and attract them. Most of them were largely successful. Despite “medium-sized” generators gradually taking over the market, the place for small generators still remains undoubtedly solid.

The various types and classes of small generators in the market today have made it a little more difficult for people to choose which to buy. Like any other product, some small generators are better than others. It is always important to pick a generator according to one’s needs. You don’t have to buy the overall best generator but you need to buy the best generator that suits you and meets your needs.

There are some essential factors to consider when buying a small generator. Let us take a look at some of these factors.

  • Power Output: Small generators are not just called “small” for fun. They actually have the lowest power capacity of generators. Before you get one, it is always essential to consider what you need the generator for and whether the small generator will suffice for the purpose. You won’t expect to use a deep freezer with a small generator. The same goes for other heavy-duty electrical equipment. Small generators also come in different power outputs. Although the differences are not always noticeable, it is still better to go for small generators with bigger power output.
  • Brand: Whether you believe it or not, brand matters. Some brands have longed to develop a reputation of reliability and dependability while some others are yet to be proven. Although it is not bad to go for brands that are not too known (as they might also offer quality operation), it is always safer to stick with an already proven reputation. Some brands also offer warranty and can be fixed easily when need be. Don’t go too complex, go for brands you can trust.
  • Ease of Use: Some brands of small generators are difficult to start and regulate. Although most small generators operate with the starter rope design, some require more force to pull than others. Choose one that starts with a simple attempt. Some brands are known to have more easily started mechanisms than others.
  • Durability: When it comes to durability, small generators are known to be number one. They are so strong that they can last decades without totally packing off. However, small generators vary in durability. While some can last decades and go years without the need to fix them, some require consistent servicing for them to perform at the highest level. It is better to go for small generators with a warranty of over a year. Those ones can be sure to last decades and maintain smooth operation.
  • Fuel Economy: Small generators are the most fuel-efficient generators available. In fact, this is one of the main reasons people opt for this type of generator. With different types and brands of small generators now available in the market, small generators now have varying fuel capacity and economy. When buying a small generator, considering the fuel economy is always necessary.

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