Canon Printers & Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

When it comes to high-efficiency printers, it is difficult to look beyond Canon Printers. The brand has not only established itself among the most appreciated printer brands today, but they are also among the most popular in the Nigerian market. Their products are easily accessible and of great reputation.

Canon printers come in different categories, ranging from the basic Pixma series to more heavyweight image runners. Their image runner printers are their most expensive printer series, as they are the most powerful.

Let us now dive into the various Canon Printer series and how much various models cost in the market in Nigeria today.

Canon Printers & Prices in NigeriaPrice of Canon Printers in Nigeria

Canon Printers come in different types and classes. While they vary in print quality and overall delivery, all their printers maintain a great print quality for their respective levels. They also vary heavily in price. Here are the common canon printers available in Nigeria today and how much they sell for.

Canon Pixma Series Price in Nigeria

  • Canon Pixma G2411 All-In-One Printer – Print, Scan & Copy (LC) – From N169,900
  • Canon Pixma E414 Inkjet Photo Printer (All-In-One) Print, Scan & Copy (LC) – From N56,100
  • Canon Pixma E474 All In One Inkjet Photo Printer (LC) – From N72,000
  • Canon Pixma MG24540S Inkjet Printer (LC) – From N50,900
  • Canon Pixma Ip2840 A4 Single Function Inkjet Printer (LC) – From N50, 000
  • Canon G3410 Pixma Multi-Function (Print + Scan + Copy) Color Inkjet (LC) – From N265,000
  • Canon PIXMA G2400 All In One Printer – From N240,000
  • Canon Pixma G4400 Printer (LC) – From N152,000
  • Canon PIXMA All In One Wireless G3400 Printer (LC) – From N152,000

Canon Image-Runner Series Price in Nigeria

  • Canon Image Runner IR6555I Printer – From N2.9 million
  • Canon Colour Image Runner IRC3530i (EJ) Printer, scanner, and copier machine – From N1.281 million
  • Canon Image Runner Advance C3520i (EJ) Printer, scanner, and copier machine – From N2.877 million
  • Canon Image Runner C3525i (EJ) Printer, scanner, and copier machine – From N2.87 million
  • Canon IR 4245i Copier Machine, Printer, scanner, and copier machine Memory Size: 1.75 GB (EJ) – From N1.281 million
  • Canon Image Runner IR 4545I (EJ) Printer, scanner, and copier machine – From N3.15 million
  • Canon Image-runner 4245i + Dadf-Aa1 Document Feeder (LC) – From N1.029 million
  • Canon Image-Runner 2530i Copier (LC) – From N2.73 million
  • Canon Image-runner Ir2525 A3 Multifunction Printer/Copier (LC) – From N1,250,000
  • Canon Image Runner 2525 Photocopier (EJ) Printer, scanner, and copier machine – From N1,250,000
  • Canon Image-Runner 2206n Copier|50/60 Hz A3 and A4 (EJ) –From N388,500
  • Canon Image Runner IR2204N (Copier) LC – From N644,000

Canon I-SENSYS Series Price in Nigeria

  • Canon I-Sensys LASER LP 6030w (LC) – From N190, 000
  • Canon I-Sensys LBP611Cn (LC) – From N170, 000
  • Canon I-Sensys Mf231 Monochrome 3-In-1 Laser Printer (LC) – From N120,000
  • Canon I-Sensys  Lbp7018c Laserjet Colour Printer (LC) – From N115,000
  • Canon I-Sensys LBP214DW A4 Mono Laser Printer (LC) – From N120,000
  • Canon I-Sensys LBP 151 DW Laser Printer (LC) – From N175,000
  • Canon I-Sensys LBP251dw (LC) – From N198,400
  • Canon I-Sensys MF512x (LC) – From N785,670
  • Canon I-Sensys Lbp712cx Laser Printers (LC) – From N505,250
  • Canon I-Sensys Mf732cdw A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer (LC) – From N319,550
  • Canon MF232W Digital Multifunction Printer (LC) – From N100, 000

Canon Maxify Series Price in Nigeria

  • Canon Maxify Mb2140 Multifunction Inkjet Wireless Printer (LC)- From N138,200
  • Canon Maxify IB4140 Printer (LC) – From N85,000


Canon printers are among those printers you find almost everywhere. They are readily available and easily accessible. The prices highlighted above were obtained from the market at the time of this piece. While the prices are largely reliable as they are obtained from different sources, it is always advisable for people looking to purchase the printers to confirm the prices before they buy.

This is because prices could have changed as a result of say, fluctuation in the currency exchange rate at that period. Variation in prices is a result of various factors, which include place and period of purchase, and other related factors.

There are many Canon outlets in the country. This makes it even easier to access the printers. If you do not have any canon outlet around you, you can also get their products from various printer stores or computer gadget stores around you.

You can also easily get canon printers from various eCommerce channels you have access to. Delivery usually takes between 3 to 40 days depending on where you stay and the platform you are ordering from. It should be noted though, that products can be a bit more expensive when ordering from eCommerce stores. You should also budget for delivery charges, which vary depending on your location.

 What You Will Like About Canon Printers

Canon printers are one of the most rated in the printer industry and it is easy to see why. Apart from the fact that most of their printers are very easy to use as they are easy to configure and set up, the output of their printer is exceptional in terms of print quality.

They compete with the very best in this category and have been appreciated by many. Also, if you are one that is particular about design, then you will love Canon printers even more as they come in various lovely designs you can pick from.

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