Gas Cylinder Prices in Nigeria (May 2024)

Gas Cylinders are used to store liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) also known as cooking gas. As the name implies, cooking gas is used for cooking however it can also be used in heating, refrigeration and lighting.

In fact, LPG has become an excellent and affordable alternative to electricity. Unlike petrol, the gas is non-toxic, clean-burning and doesn’t pollute the atmosphere.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the cylinders in which LPG is sold, their various sizes as well as their prices.

gas cylinder prices in nigeria

The sizes are highlighted below:

  • 3kg
  • 5kg
  • 10kg
  • 12.5kg
  • 50kg

The size used depends on the usage. The smaller cylinders are used domestically while the larger ones are used at the industrial scale.

At the larger scale, cylinders can be used to provide energy to industrial and agricultural facilities, public institutions, hotels, restaurants and catering units while at the smaller scale, they can be used for home-based baking, and cooking.

Gas Cylinder Prices in Nigeria

In recent times, gas cylinder manufacturers have become more safety conscious leading to the rollout of Lite Safe LPG Composite Cylinders. Although this type is not so common in the country, there are places you can buy it if you want. It comes at a higher price than the traditional ones but is expected to fall over the next few years as it replaces the conventional cylinder.

Just in case, you’re wondering what makes this new generation LPG cylinder the next big thing, here are a few things you should know about the features.

  • UV protected
  • Made with recyclable materials
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Explosion-proof
  • Translucent body
  • Lightweight and efficient
  • Non-corrosive and non-rust

The price range of the Lite Safe Cylinder is between ₦32,000 and N40000.

As a way of helping you make the right choice when selecting your ideal gas cylinder, we’ve compiled a list of the different sizes of a cylinder and their price range. We have also included the price of some of the accessories used with the cylinder.

  • 3 kg cylinder

In most cases, the 3kg gas cylinder usually comes with a burner. The cost ranges anything from N20,000.

  • 5 kg cylinder

The 5kg cylinder costs anything from N22000 but the option with a gas burner usually costs more. The range is between N28,000 and N30,000.

Generally, the average price for the refilling of a 5kg cylinder varies from state to state. The range is between N6,000 and N9,000.

Currently, the states with the highest average price for the refilling of a 5kg cylinder for LPG are Gombe (N4366.67), Bayelsa (N4325.00), and Adamawa (N4250.00).

On the other hand, the states with the lowest average price for the refilling of a 5kg cylinder for Liquefied Petroleum Gas are Yobe (N3200.00), Ogun (N3450.00), and Ondo (N3480.77).

  • 10 kg cylinder

This comes in the form of a stove and the price is anything from N35,000, depending on the brand. The cylinder has a stainless steel burner and it is good for family use and outdoor events like camping.

  • 12.5 kg cylinder

The 12.5 kg gas cylinder is designed and built with a brass valve which makes it very strong and durable and also ensures no leaks. It is made of high-quality reinforced metal

The gas cylinder costs anything from N35,000. As expected the cost of filling the cylinder depends on your location. However, the average price for the refilling of a 12.5kg cylinder for LPG costs anything from N16,250.

The states with the highest average price for the refilling of a 12.5kg cylinder for LPG are Osun (N8782.14), Oyo (N8400) and Katsina (N8300).

On the other hand, the states with the lowest average price for the refilling of a 12.5kg cylinder for Liquefied Petroleum Gas were Borno (N8100), Akwa Ibom (N8200), and Cross River (N8250).

  • 50 kg cylinder

When it comes to large-scale cooking, the 12.5kg cylinder may not suffice hence the need to go for a larger option like the 50kg cylinder. The average price of this cylinder is anything from N135,000.

Apart from the new cylinders, you can also buy the various gas cylinders at a cheaper rate if you buy the used ones.

For instance, you can buy a used 50kg gas cylinder for as low as ₦100,000. Also, there are used options for the 6.5kg cylinder which can be purchased at the rate of ₦35,000.

Imported gas cylinders are usually more expensive than locally made ones. If you’re a stickler for foreign products, below are the prices of the 12.5 kg imported gas cylinder

  • 12.5kg CEPSA stainless cylinder|From ₦33,000 (Used)
  • 12.5kg cylinder| From ₦53,000  (Brand new)

Below is a quick overview of the price range of the different sizes of gas cylinders

  • 3kg cylinder with burner | From ₦21,000
  • 5kg cylinder with Burner | From ₦28,000
  • 10kg cylinder with burner | From ₦32,000
  • 12.5kg cylinder | From ₦35,000
  • 50kg cylinders | From ₦135,000

The prices of the accessories used with the cylinder have also been highlighted below.

  • Anti-rust cylinder cover | From ₦2000
  • Gas cylinder hose (20 yards)|From ₦10,000
  • Gas cylinder hose (50 yards) | From ₦25,000
  • Anti-rust sitter with burner | From ₦3500

There’s also the anti-explosion gas cylinder. It is similar to the Lite Safe cylinder but it is only the upper part that is made of anti-explosive materials. The average cost of this cylinder for the 12.5kg size is ₦45,500.

Final words

If you’re looking to buy the conventional LPG cylinder, the size you select will be dependent on your frequency of use. The most common one for families is the 12.5kg gas cylinder. This is also our recommendation if you have more than one person living with you. Usually, if you’re buying the complete package which includes the metered regulator, the hose, and the cylinder, you’re expected to spend between N38,000 and N55,000. This price also includes the cost of filling the cylinder with LPG.


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